Celgene Corp. (NASDAQ:CELG) announced Tuesday at the H&Qconference that it has formed a strategic alliance with BetzLaboratories (NYSE:BTL) of Trevose, Pa., to commercializeCelgene's technology for treating toxic industrial wasteeffluents.

Betz, which specializes in the chemical treatment of water,waste water and process systems, will commercialize Celgene'sbiological treatment systems, which use naturally occurringmicrobes, for reducing levels of specific pollutants in individualprocess waste streams. Betz will have exclusive responsibilityfor sales and marketing, and installation and service, whileCelgene will be responsible for continuing technology,development and support.

Celgene used its biological treatment system to reducemethylene chloride emissions at a major plastics resin facilityin 1991. And last November, the Warren, N.J., chemicalbiotechnology company announced the introduction of a newbiotreatment system to treat effluents containing toluene,phenol and other aromatic compounds.

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