Bio-Interfaces Inc. (BII) has sold 265,000 shares of the330,000 shares of stock it received from Lifecore BiomedicalInc. of Chaska, Minn., as payment for Lifecore's acquisition ofBII's dental implant technology. The sale of stock liquidates$2.05 million of Lifecore's debt to BII. In the original purchasetransaction, the debt was scheduled to be liquidated in periodiccash payments through 1995, but the agreement wasrenegotiated to allow Lifecore (NASDAQ:LCBM) to substitutecommon stock for cash. Under the terms of the new agreement,when BII's remaining 65,000 shares are sold prior to March 1,1993, up to $526,000 will accrue to Lifecore. Lifecore developsand markets sterile surgical medical devices. The company'sstock closed Tuesday at $8.13, up 75 cents a share.

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