Isis Pharmaceuticals of Carlsbad, Calif., announced Tuesday thatJacqueline Siegel has joined the company as vice president andchief financial officer. Siegel was senior biotechnology analystat the investment firm Hambrecht & Quist in New York.

Siegel will be responsible for all of Isis' corporate financialtransactions, financial reporting and investor relations.

"Jacqueline's combination of biotechnology and financeexperience and her wealth of knowledge of the industry makesher a tremendous asset to our management team," said StanleyCrooke, Isis' president and chief executive officer.

Siegel's ability to "communicate with The Street and explain theIsis science" is also a plus, B. Lynne Parshall, Isis' vicepresident and general counsel, told BioWorld.

Siegel told BioWorld that she has wanted to make the moveinto industry for quite some time. "I wanted to stop being anobserver," Siegel said. And the move to Isis "is a greatopportunity to start with an early-stage company."

She believes that biotech is changing the face of medicine, andas such sees her new position as "a chance to build somethingreally important."

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