Immunomedics Inc. of Morris Plains, N.J., said it has hadfavorable results from its monoclonal antibody-based imagingagents to detect colorectal cancers, lung cancers andlymphomas, the company said Thursday.

ImmuRaid-CEA identified occult cancers in more than 70percent of patients in whom tumors were strongly suspectedand pinpointed the most likely sites of tumors in more than 40percent of the cases.

A second study provided enhanced cancer detection in 50percent of patients and reinforced clinical findings that theproduct did not stimulate the development of human anti-mouse antibodies, the company said.

Further trials showed that ImmuRaid-CEA could identify morethan two-thirds of all tumor sites in patients with lungcancer. In addition, the company's lymphoma imaging product,ImmuRaid-LL2, had no side effects and allowed physicians tomore accurately stage the disease in more than 30 percent ofpatients.

The trials were conducted at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Centerin Houston, the University of Miami Center, New YorkUniversity Medical Center, Humana-Michael Reese Hospital inChicago and at the University of Frankfurt, Germany.

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