Mycogen Corp. stock gained $1.50 on Monday after thecompany announced that its scientists have discovered diversestrains of the Bacillus thuringiensis bacterium that expand therange of pests that can be treated by Bt-based products.

Leo Kim, executive vice president of research and chieftechnical officer, said the discoveries offer the prospect of Btproducts controlling a number of pests that plague animals andhumans, including the common adult house fly, flatworms andprotozoa.

The company identified thousands of strains of the bacteria,which occur naturally in soil. Its toxins are specific forhundreds of pests.

Kim said the San Diego company (NASDAQ:MYCO) expects thisyear to get 10 to 12 additional patents covering the discoveriesannounced Monday. Mycogen shares closed at $15.50. -- SU

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