CellPro Inc. was to announce today that its Ceprate SC Stem CellConcentration System will be used in a gene therapy trialdesigned to cure adenosine deaminase deficiency.

The trial, approved last month by the Recombinant DNAAdvisory Committee of the National Institutes of Health, willpurify stem cells from the peripheral blood of patients usingthe CellPro system. Ceprate concentrates stem cells usingmonoclonal antibodies that bind to stem cells bearing the CD34marker molecule. Those stem cells can generate the entire setof blood cells.

The ADA gene will be inserted into the stem cells using GeneticTherapy Inc.'s retroviral vectors and injected into the patient,where it is hoped they will enable the immune system toreconstitute itself.

CellPro (NASDAQ:CPRO), based in Bothell, Wash., has completedPhase I/II trials of the system in autologous bone marrowtransplantation for patients with breast cancer and lymphoma.Phase III trials will begin this spring. CellPro shares rose 75cents to $14.75 on Friday. -- KB

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