Cor Therapeutics Inc. said Thursday that it has started Phase IItrials of its first product, Integrelin, to treat unstable angina.

Unstable angina is a severe cardiovascular condition caused bya transient blockage of a coronary artery as a result ofthrombosis, and can lead to a heart attack. It affects more than500,000 people annually in the United States.

Integrelin acts as an anti-thrombotic compound by inhibitingplatelet aggregation. The peptide is a rapidly reversible blockerof GPIIb-IIIa, a receptor found on platelets.

South San Francisco, Calif.-based Cor (NASDAQ:CORR) isdeveloping platelet aggregation inhibitors with Eli Lilly and Co.Integrelin is excluded from that agreement, but Lilly has rightsof first negotiation or refusal on the drug if Cor decides to seeka partner.

Cor shares rose $1 to $14.13. -- KB

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