An improved version of Oncor's B/T Gene Rearrangement TestSystem, used in the diagnosis and monitoring of leukemia andlymphoma, has received Food and Drug Administrationmarketing approval, the company announced Monday.

The company's technology extracts DNA from the white bloodcells of a blood sample. DNA probes then allow the clinician touse genetic markers to identify a population of cancerous cellsand distinguish whether leukemias and lymphomas are of B orT cell origin.

"This uses non-isotopic probes and an easier chemistry, and wewill begin marketing it in March," said Stephen Turner,chairman and CEO.

The second-generation system will replace the originaltechnology, which has produced more than $500,000 in salessince marketing began last year.

"It's actually the first DNA-based cancer test system to beapproved by the FDA," said Turner. -- Jeffrey M. Freedman

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