U.S. Class: 424--93Patent No.: 5,063,055Assignee: Agricultural Genetics Co. Ltd., Cambridge, EnglandClaims/Description: 4 claims for Bacillus thuringiensis strainsthat are better able to kill butterflies and moths.

U.S. Class: 435--5Patent No.: 5,063,150Assignee: U. of California, BerkeleyClaims/Description: 27 claims for peptides similar to regions ofHTLV-I or HTLV-II that are associated with transformation ofhuman cells.

U.S. Class: 435--24Patent No.: 5,063,152Assignee: Nitto Boseki Co. Ltd., Fukushima, JapanClaims/Description: 3 claims for the use of a peptide substrateto determine the amount of trypsin or alpha-1-anti-trypsin ina serum sample.

U.S. Class: 435--69.1Patent No.: 5,063,154Assignee: Whitehead Institute for Biomedical ResearchClaims/Description: 33 claims for yeast expression vectors inwhich foreign gene expression is induced by yeast matingpheromones.

U.S. Class: 435--252.3Patent No.: 5,063,158Assignee: Eli Lilly & Co.Claims/Description: 31 claims for expression vectors withspecific sequences that activate transcription and translation offoreign genes.

U.S. Class: 514--8Patent No.: 5,063,204Assignee: Nordisk Gentofte A/S, Gentofte, DenmarkClaims/Description: 12 claims for the use of growth hormoneand gonadotrophins to treat infertility in female mammals.

U.S. Class: 514--16Patent No.: 5,063,206Assignee: U.S. Department of Health and Human ServicesClaims/Description: 11 claims for the use of specific peptides totreat mental disorders not caused by HIV infection.

U.S. Class: 514--44Patent No.: 5,063,209Assignee: HEM Research Inc.Claims/Description: 20 claims for the use of double-strandedRNA to treat retroviral or T-cell lymphotropic viral infectionssuch as AIDS.

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