Genta Inc. of San Diego has brought on William Bliss aspresident and acquired Virna Pharmaceuticals Inc., which Blissfounded in 1990 to in-license products for the treatment ofdermatological disease.

"Virna products will provide a source of income prior to theapproval of Genta's first products using antisense technology,which are expected in 1995-96," said Thomas H. Adams, Gentachairman and chief executive officer. "Also, Virna is workingon several new drug delivery systems that may be used inother Genta products."

Virna has in-licensed nine products, sharing three patentedtechnologies. Its first product, a topical agent to treatpsoriasis, is expected to begin clinical trials this summer andreach the market by the end of 1993.

Virna, which was acquired in an exchange of stock, will bebased in San Diego and operate under the Genta name. Bliss,who will head operations at privately held Genta, formerly wasvice president of business development and licensing at RorerGroup.

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