BALTIMORE -- Following are highlights of Wednesday's sessionof the 16th annual Alex. Brown & Sons Health Care Seminar.


Henri Termeer, chief executive officer of the Cambridge, Mass.,company, predicted total 1991 sales of at least $100 million.Termeer said Genzyme's sales of Ceredase, which was approvedin April to treat Type 1 Gaucher's disease, are running at $20million on an annual basis. Genzyme expects to earn $100million from the first-generation product and to introduce asecond-generation product in early 1993.

Genzyme expects to begin this year clinical trials of Thyrogen, arecombinant form of thyroid stimulating factor, to treat thyroidcancer. The company also plans to begin clinical trials later thisyear of Vianain, an enzymatic method of cleaning severe burns.Both of these products are funded through Neozyme Corp.,Genzyme's shell company.


The Cambridge, Mass., company said it is beginning Phase IIclinical trials of Oncolysin B, its monoclonal antibody conjugatedwith a ricin toxin, in patients with B-cell lymphomas andlymphocytic leukemias. Oncolysin B has orphan drug status forthis indication.


The San Diego company's ESA (exercise simulating agent)system will begin Phase II clinical trials in the United Statesand Europe in the second half of 1991. ESA is a stress test thatuses the drug arbutamine to simulate stress on the heart forpatients unable to use treadmill tests. The company estimates amarket opportunity of more than $300 million.


Company President Sim Fass said BTGC hopes to announce aprivate placement of stock next week. Fass gave no details ofthe deal.

The New York company anticipates marketing approval of itshuman growth hormone in Europe in June and in Canada laterthis year. BTGC estimates that the European market will reach$300 million to $500 million within the next two to three years.Fass said SmithKline Beecham, BTGC's marketing partner, willgarner 30 percent of that market. BTGC will receive a 30percent royalty on SKB sales. -- Steve Usdin

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