Selected patents issued March 5 by the U.S. Patent andTrademark Office

U.S. Class: 424-88Patent Number: 4,997,647Assignee: New York University and Chiron Corp.Claims/description: 2 claims for a malaria sporozoite peptidevaccine.

U.S. Class: 435-172.3Patent Number: 4,997,763Assignee: U.S.A. as represented by the the Secretary ofAgricultureClaims/description: 4 claims for vectors to insert foreign genesinto avian germ line cells.

U.S. Class: 435-240.27Patent Number: 4,997,764Assignee: New York UniversityClaims/description: 5 claims for a method to cause human cellsto continuously produce human monoclonal antibodies

U.S. Class: 435-320.1Patent Number: 4,997,766Assignee: American Home Products Corp.Claims/description: 10 claims for a poly-kringle plasminogenactivator and its DNA sequence.

U.S. Class: 435-320.1Patent Number: 4,997,767Assignee: The Chemo-Sero-Therapeutic Research Institute ofJapanClaims/description: 4 claims for a yeast shuttle vector.

U.S. Class: 530-389Patent Number: 4,997,913Assignee: OncogenClaims/description: 25 claims for pH-sensitiveimmunoconjugates that deliver a chemotherapeutic agent totumor tissues.

U.S. Class: 530-399Patent Number: 4,997,916Assignee: Bio-Technology General Corp.Claims/description: 20 claims for a method to recover purifiedanimal growth hormones from bacterial cells.

U.S. Class: 536-27Patent Number: 4,997,929Assignee: Synergen Inc.Claims/description: 3 claims for a ciliary neurotrophic factorand its expression in recombinant animal cells.

U.S. Class: 536-27Patent Number: 4,997,930Assignee: Ciba-Geigy Corp.Claims/description: 4 claims for a DNA sequence encodingmaize nitrate reductase.

U.S. Class: 536-27Patent Number: 4,997,932Assignee: Boehringer Mannheim Corp.Claims/description: 27 claims for a method and kit to purifynucleic acids.

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