WARREN, N.J. -- Immunomedics Inc. said Wednesday that itagreed to negotiate with Boehringer Ingelheim GMBH ofGermany a pact for exclusive distribution and manufacturing inEurope of several of Immunomedics' in vivo products.

Immunomedics (NASDAQ:IMMU) aims to co-market itsproducts in the United States, but has yet to find a partner, saidAmy Factor, Immunomedics' vice president of finance. Thecompany is developing several imaging agents.

Under the Boehringer pact, Immunomedics would receive non-refundable licensing fees and royalties on product sales, Factorsaid. The deal might also be extended to markets beyondEurope. Responsibility for gaining product approval in Europewill also be discussed. The level of research funding and otherdetails were not disclosed.

Immunomedics is preparing to file with the Food and DrugAdministration early this year a product license application forImmuRAID-CEA, its first in vivo imaging product. ImmuRAID-CEA images colorectal cancer.

Three other imaging products are in Phase I/II clinical trials:ImmuRAID-AFP for liver cancer, ImmuRAID-LL2 forlymphoma, and ImmuRAID-MN3 for infectious diseases. Theimaging agents consist of a monoclonal antibody fragmentlinked with technetium-99m. Immunomedics is enrollingpatients in Phase I/II clinical trials for ImmuRAIT-LL2, atherapeutic for lymphoma. -- Karen Bernstein

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