Without the COVID-19 pandemic, projected values of biopharma nonprofit collaborations and grants would be 72% and 30% below last year’s levels, although it is impossible to know what deals may have come to fruition in a world absent of the disruptive SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Nevertheless, it is clear that the bulk of the money flowing into the industry from these two sources is targeted toward supporting therapeutics and vaccines to fight the infection. A total of 301 bio/nonprofit deals worth $7.9 billion, as well as 193 grants valued at $9.99 billion, are focused on COVID-19 research. Collectively, the values represent 86% of the totals for 2020.

July is the top month for the year, having recorded $2.9 billion in nonprofit deals and $5.3 billion in grants for the industry. Most of the money for the year has arrived during the nearly complete third quarter with about $6.19 billion and $6.13 billion, respectively.

BioWorld has tracked a total of 648 bio/nonprofit deals with $9.4 billion in projected values in 2020. On top of that, 497 grants worth $11.53 billion have been recorded. Both have significantly exceeded what was seen in 2019: 545 bio/nonprofit collaborations worth $5.18 billion and 346 grants valued at $2.18 billion.

A listing of biopharma deals with nonprofit and government entities, as well as grants awarded to the industry, are updated through late September and can be found within BioWorld Snapshots.