Company Product Description Indication Status
Biodesix Inc., of Boulder, Colo. COVID-19 algorithm Artificial intelligence (AI)-based algorithm for use in clinical decision support systems; developed using Biodesix's Diagnostic Cortex AI platform Helps predict risk of severe outcomes for patients hospitalized for COVID-19 infection Study used the algorithm to predict the outcomes of 559 patients (229 patients who were hospitalized with COVID-19 were used in algorithm development and 330 patients with COVID-19 in a blinded, independent validation); using 26 obtainable variables, such as patient characteristics, vital signs, and readily available laboratory test values, the study showed that the AI-based algorithm accurately segmented patients into those who will likely need intervention and those who will not; findings were published on medRxiv
Foundation Medicine Inc., of Cambridge, Mass. Foundationone Liquid Cdx Liquid biopsy test Provides comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) in patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) Researchers profiled the landscape of genomic alterations detected in circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) and assessed concordance with tissue-based CGP; using Foundation Medicine's liquid biopsy test, study investigators detected 93% of the BRCA1/2 mutations that had also been detected using tissue CGP; found that ctDNA harbored some BRCA1/2 alterations not identified by tissue testing; concluded that the large percentage of mCRPC patients in the study with rich genomic signal from ctDNA, and the sensitive, specific detection of BRCA1/2 alterations, positions liquid biopsy as a compelling clinical complement to tissue CGP for these patients; study was published in Clinical Cancer Research
Medtronic plc, of Dublin Nellcor Bedside SpO2 patient monitoring system For monitoring heart rate in newborns Reported results from a prospective observational study comparing the efficacy and reliability of Nellcor and Masimo Radical-7 Pulse CO-Oximeter; found a stable signal was obtained from all 60 newborns with the Nellcor pulse oximeter but from only 55 newborns with the Masimo pulse oximeter; of the 55 newborns with stable signals from both monitors, the mean time to stable signal with the Nellcor pulse oximeter was 15 seconds vs. 27 seconds with the Masimo pulse oximeter; the average difference of 12 seconds between the monitors was statistically significant (P <0.001); results were published in the Journal of Perinatology


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