After a year of intense biopharma research, an increasing arsenal of answers is bolstering the fight against COVID-19.

The percentage of phase I, II and III clinical readouts and other news for pandemic vaccines and therapeutics continues to climb, with 66 entries in February focused on the SARS-CoV-2 virus, representing about 21% of the total items reported.

This compares with 18% for both January 2021 and December 2020, as well as 17% for both November and October of last year. COVID-19 efforts represented 16% of the clinical data in September, and 15% in August.

Of the 142 clinical entries so far in March, 39 are related to COVID-19, representing about 26%.

The amount of clinical data tracked by BioWorld rose slightly in February to 307 items, from 295 in January, which was the lowest amount in several months. Compared with February of 2020 (237), however, it is an increase of about 30%.

Clinical news during the fourth quarter of 2020 was heavy, with 405 items in October, 388 in November and 364 in December. The year finished with 3,895 entries, which is 24% higher than the 3,152 in 2019.

Of the news reported in February, 119 items involved phase I data, while another 119 were for phase II and 69 were for phase III. Those figures were 112, 133 and 61 for January, but only 99, 79 and 59 for February 2020.

All 744 items of clinical data collected this year through mid-March 2021 can be found within BioWorld Snapshots.