Biontech Diagnostics GmbH (Mainz, Germany) and Shuwen Biotech Co. Ltd. (Deqing, China) reported a partnership to commercialize Biontech's molecular breast cancer stratification test Mammatyper in China. Shuwen will undertake clinical studies for regulatory approval of Mammatyper in China, and will become the exclusive distributor in China.

Biontech's Mammatyper test is a molecular diagnostic test for stratification of breast cancer by molecular subtyping of routine tumor tissue samples. Based upon precise measurements of gene expression by RNA analysis, Mammatyper has the potential to significantly improve the standard of diagnosis and ultimately treatment of breast cancer patients, claims Biontech.


Guided Therapeutics Inc. (Norcross, Ga.) has shipped the first 10,000 Luviva advanced cervical scan single-patient-use cervical guide disposables for the Turkish Ministry of Health contract.

The $14 million contract calls for 25 Luviva units and 40,000 disposable cervical guides before the end of 2015. Four Luviva units and 10,000 cervical guides have been shipped, with the remainder scheduled for December 2015. In 2016, the contract stipulates 150 Luviva units and 275,000 disposable cervical guides.

Luviva is a diagnostic device that scans the cervix with light and uses spectroscopy to measure how light interacts with the cervical tissue. Spectroscopy identifies chemical and structural indicators of precancer that may be below the surface of the cervix or misdiagnosed as benign. This technique is called biophotonics.

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