Total Value in 2019: $152,032.55M (1,544 deals)

Deal title Principal company Partner company Value (US$M) Start date


3P Biopharmaceuticals to develop In3bio’s IN-02 against cancer 3P Biopharmaceuticals In3bio Ltd. Payment unspecified 11/28/19
ABL Bio to use GenScript's sdAb and mAb targeting tumor antigens and SMAB Platform for development of bispecific antibody molecules for immuno-oncology and neurodegenerative diseases ABL Bio Inc. Genscript Biotech Co. Payment unspecified 11/18/19
Accord to market, commercialise and sell Adienne's Tepadina against hematological diseases and solid tumors in Europe and India Adienne Pharma & Biotech SA Accord Healthcare Inc. Payment unspecified 11/18/19
Simcere Pharmaceutical to develop and commercialize Aeromics' AER-271 against stroke and other indications in Greater China Aeromics LLC Simcere Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Payment unspecified 11/4/19
Biosyent to license and supply AFT Pharmaceuticals’ pain management products in Canada AFT Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Biosyent Inc. Payment unspecified 11/25/19
Urogen to develop and commercialize Agenus' zalifrelimab in combination with UGN-201 through intravesical delivery for urinary tract cancers, worldwide ex-Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela Agenus Inc Urogen Pharma Ltd. $210.00 11/11/19
Aker Biomarine to supply Acasti's Capre for severe hypertriglyceridemia Aker Biomarine Antarctic As Acasti Pharma Inc. Payment unspecified 11/4/19
Yas Holding to commercilize Alvogen's generic pharmaceuticals portfolio for autoimmune and inflammation and blood diseases in Middle East and North Africa Alvogen Inc. Yas Holding Payment unspecified 11/25/19
Yas Holding to commercialize three Alvotech's biosimilars in Middle East and North Africa Alvotech Yas Holding $45.00 11/4/19
Alvotech and Stada to commercialize seven biosimilars in EU and selected markets outside EU for autoimmunity, oncology, ophthalmology and inflammatory conditions Alvotech ehf Stada Arzneimittel AG Payment unspecified 11/6/19
Revolution to evaluate RMC-4630 in combination with Amgen's AMG-510 in a phase Ib KRASG12C mutant advanced solid tumor study Amgen Inc. Revolution Medicines Inc. Payment unspecified 11/4/19
Brii to develop and commercialize AN2's clinical-stage antibacterial compound for tuberculosis in China An2 Therapeutics Inc. Brii Biosciences Payment Unspecified 11/21/19
Idorsia and Antares to develop drug-device product combining selatogrel for acute myocardial infarction worldwide Antares Pharma Inc. Idorsia Ltd. Payment unspecified 11/19/19
Zambon to develop and commercialize Aquestive Therapeutics' Riluzole oral film against amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in Europe Aquestive Therapeutics Inc. Zambon SpA Payment unspecified 11/13/19
Ardelyx and Kyowa Kirin to identify and design compounds against two undisclosed targets Ardelyx Inc. Kirin Holdings Co. Ltd. $540.50 11/25/19
Ardena to support manufacturing feasibility and capacity of Hillstream's quatramer portfolio, including HSB-1216 for small cell lung cancer Ardena Holding NV Hillstream Biopharma Inc. Payment unspecified 11/4/19
Brii Bio to develop and commercialize Artizan's three portfolio programs for infectious diseases in China Artizan Biosciences Inc. Brii Biosciences Payment Unspecified 11/21/19
Woolsey Pharmaceuticals to develop and commercialize Asahi Kasei's fasudil against neurodegenerative diseases in the U.S., Europe and all other territories outside of Japan, China, South Korea and Taiwan Asahi Kasei Pharma Corp. Woolsey Pharmaceuticals Inc. Payment unspecified 11/25/19
Antengene to develop and commercialize Astrazeneca's AZD-0364 against cancer worldwide Astrazeneca plc Antengene Corp. Payment unspecified 11/7/19
Abbisko to develop Astrazeneca's AZD-4547 for treatment of FGFR-driven cancers Astrazeneca plc Abbisko Therapeutics Co. Ltd. Payment unspecified 11/6/19
Ningbo Tai Kang Medical Technology to develop and commercialize Astrazeneca’s AZD-3229 for the treatment of gastrointestinal stromal tumors worldwide Astrazeneca plc Ningbo Tai Kang Medical Technology Co. Ltd. Payment unspecified 11/8/19
Novoheart and Astrazeneca to codevelop invitro human heart-in-a-jar model of heart failure Astrazeneca plc Novoheart Ltd. Payment unspecified 11/26/19
Asuragen to develop and commercialize companion diagnostics for Wave's Huntington's disease therapeutics Asuragen Inc. Wave Life Sciences Ltd. Payment unspecified 11/25/19
Avantgen and an undisclosed biopharmaceutical company to develop anti-cancer antibody therapeutic using natural killer cell engager technology worldwide Avantgen Inc. Undisclosed Payment unspecified 11/7/19
Wellmarker to use Azoth Bio's AI-powered platform to develop cancer drugs Azoth Bio Inc. Wellmarker Bio Co. Ltd. Payment unspecified 11/4/19
Samsung Biologics to use Berkeley's Beacon Optofluidic platform for cell line development Berkeley Lights Inc. Samsung Biologics Co. Ltd. Payment unspecified 11/26/19
Ananda Scientific to develop and commercialize BGN Technologies' topical cannabinoid products for psoriasis and other skin disorders BGN Technologies Ananda Scientific Inc. Payment unspecified 11/19/19
Torii to commercialize Biocryst's BCX-7353 for hereditary angioedema attacks in Japan Biocryst Pharmaceuticals Inc. Torii Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. $42.00 11/5/19
Coherus to distribute Bioeq’s biosimilar for retinopathies in the U.S. Bioeq IP AG Coherus Biosciences Inc. Payment unspecified 11/6/19
Abcam to develop conjugation-ready recombinant products using Brickbio's site-selective protein modification platform Brickbio Inc. Abcam plc Payment unspecified 11/8/19
Pfizer and Bristol-Myers Squibb to conduct GUARD-AF to evaluate the effect of atrial fibrillation screening on health outcomes in older population Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. Pfizer Inc. Payment unspecified 11/15/19
Exactus to supply hemp-derived CBD oil resins to Canntab's hard pill formulations for therapeutic applications in the U.S. Canntab Therapeutics Ltd. Exactus Inc. Payment unspecified 11/20/19
Catalent to manufacture Beigene's Brukinsa in the U.S. Catalent Inc. Beigene Co. Ltd. Payment unspecified 11/21/19
Skyhawk Therapeutics and Celgene to discover and develop small molecules that modulate RNA splicing for autoimmune disorders, oncology and immuno-oncology Celgene Corp. Skyhawk Therapeutics Inc. $80.00 11/13/19
Pfizer to use Centogene's data repository for discovery and validation of therapies against rare diseases Centogene Gmbh Pfizer Inc. Payment unspecified 11/13/19
Pond's Chemical to commercialize CJ Heathcare's K-Cab for gastroesophageal reflux in Thailand CJ Healthcare Corp. Pond's Chemical Co. Ltd. Payment unspecified 11/20/19
CNS Pharmaceuticals to grant Berubicin related patent rights to WPD Pharmaceuticals in Eastern Europe and Central Asia CNS Pharmaceuticals Inc. WPD Pharmaceuticals Sp. z o.o. $2.00 11/26/19
Iconovo and Crystecpharma to develop dry powder inhaler (DPI) products for pulmonary fibrosis, cystic fibrosis and pulmonary arterial hypertension Crystecpharma Ltd. Iconovo AB Payment unspecified 11/5/19
CS Bio to manufacture Nervgen Pharma's NVG-291 for spinal cord injury and multiple sclerosis CS Bio Co. Nervgen Pharma Corp. $1.50 11/18/19
Transgene and CTI Biotechnology to develop 3D bioprinted preclinical models of liver metastases against liver cancer CTI Biotechnology Co. Ltd. Transgene SA Payment unspecified 11/6/19
Cyclica and Enamine to identify novel molecules using Ligand Design and REAL Technologies Cyclica Enamine Ltd. Payment unspecified 11/5/19
Atai Life Sciences and Cyclica to form joint venture, Entheogenix Biosciences to design and discover small molecule compounds against mental health disorders Cyclica Atai Life Sciences AG Payment unspecified 11/11/19
Yuhan and Cyclica to develop lead-like molecules using Cyclica's ligand design and ligand express in two oncology research projects Cyclica Inc. Yuhan Pharmaceuticals Corp. Payment unspecified 11/7/19
Daewoong to sell Merck’s Concor for cardiovascular disease treatment in Korea Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Merck Biopharma Co. Ltd. Payment unspecified 11/5/19
Dewpoint and Bayer to develop treatments for cardiovascular and gynecological diseases using compound library & biomolecular condensates Dewpoint Therapeutics Inc. Bayer AG $100.00 11/14/19
Dicerna and Novo Nordisk to discover, develop, commercialize RNAi therapies using Galxc RNAi technology with options for liver and cardio-metabolic diseases Dicerna Pharmaceuticals Inc. Novo Nordisk A/S $657.50 11/15/19
Dragonfly Therapeutics and Abbvie to develop novel natural killer cell engager-based immunotherapies for autoimmune and oncology indications Dragonfly Therapeutics Inc. Abbvie Inc. Payment unspecified 11/20/19
Editas Medicine amended the collaboration with Celgene to research, develop and commercialize autologous and allogeneic alpha-beta T-cell medicines for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases Editas Medicine Inc. Celgene Corp. $70.00 11/12/19
Royalty Pharma to purchase Eisai's royalties on worldwide sales of tazemetostat against cancer Eisai Co. Ltd. Royalty Pharma $330.00 11/5/19
Evotec and Vifor Pharma to launch joint venture to discover and develop new therapeutics for kidney diseases Evotec SE Vifor Pharma Group $27.60 11/6/19
Excelra and Maruho to discover and develop therapeutic hypotheses in Dermatology Excelra Maruho Co. Ltd. Payment unspecified 11/20/19
Allergan to discover and develop spherical nucleic acid (SNA) based treatments for hair loss using Exicure's SNA technology Exicure Inc. Allergan plc $770.00 11/13/19
Eyepoint’s Dexycu to be available for Vizient’s member network for ophthalmic use in the US Eyepoint Pharmaceuticals Inc. Vizient Inc. Payment unspecified 11/1/19
Finch Therapeutics and Takeda Pharmaceutical expanded the collaboration to develop microbiome-based therapeutics using Finch's Human-First Discovery platform to include Crohn's disease Finch Therapeutics Group Inc. Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Payment unspecified 11/13/19
Fresenius to supply protamine, phenylephrine, oxytocin, thiamine and magnesium sulfate Vizient Fresenius Kabi AG Vizient Inc. Payment Unspecified 11/21/19
Appili to develop and commercialize Fujiflim's T-2307 for drug-resistant fungal infections worldwide, ex-Japan Fujiflim Toyama Chemical Co. Ltd. Appili Therapeutics Inc. Payment Unspecified 11/21/19
Siemens to use Galectin's data for regulatory filings of the ADVIA Centaur test against nonalcoholic steatohepatitis and liver fibrosis Galectin Therapeutics Inc. Siemens Healthineers Inc. Payment unspecified 11/11/19
Twist Biopharma to use Genedata's Genedata Biologics software platform to advance antibody lead identification and optimization Genedata AG Twist Bioscience Corp. Payment unspecified 11/8/19
Simcere to develop and commercialize GI Innovation's GI-101 against solid tumors in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan GI Innovation Inc. Simcere Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. $796.00 11/28/19
Innovax and GSK Biologicals to develop and commercialize adjuvanted HPV vaccine against cervical cancer worldwide Glaxosmithkline plc Xiamen Innovax Biotech Co. Ltd. Payment unspecified 11/6/19
Zelluna Immunotherapy and Glycostem Therapeutics to develop and manufacture allogeneic TCR guided NK cell therapies (TCR-NKs) for cancer Glycostem Therapeutics BV Zelluna Immunotherapy A/S Payment unspecified 11/19/19
Gossamer and Merck to evaluate the combination of GB-1275 and keytruda for selected advanced solid tumors Gossamer Bio Inc. Merck & Co. Inc. Payment unspecified 11/12/19
Enochian Biosciences to develop and commercialize G-Tech Bio's hepatitis B virus therapies G-Tech Bio LLC Enochian Biosciences Inc. Payment unspecified 11/25/19
Haliodx to conduct translational investigation of immune biomarkers of phase III study of OSE Immunotherapeutics' Tedopi in non-small-cell lung cancer Haliodx OSE Immunotherapeutics SA Payment unspecified 11/27/19
Abbvie to develop and commercialize Harpoon's HPN-217 for multiple myeloma worldwide Harpoon Therapeutics Inc. Abbvie Inc. $510 11/20/19
Health House to distribute Zelda's medicinal cannabis products in Australasia and the U.K. Health House International Pty Ltd. Zelda Therapeutics Pty Ltd. Payment unspecified 11/21/19
Heidelberg and undisclosed French and German investors to form Emergence Therapeutics to develop antibody targeted amanitin conjugates Heidelberg Pharma AG Undisclosed French and German investors Payment unspecified 11/20/19
Leo Pharma and Hitgen expanded their collaboration with a license to develop a novel class of drugs for a dermatology indication Hitgen Inc. Leo Pharma A/S Payment unspecified 11/12/19
Altoida and Hope Biosciences to conduct phase I/II clinical trial on HB-adMSCs for Alzheimer’s disease Hope Biosciences Inc. Altoida AG Payment unspecified 11/20/19
CNS Pharmaceuticals to acquire rights to develop Houston's Berubicin against brain cancer worldwide Houston Pharmaceuticals Inc. CNS Pharmaceuticals Inc. Payment unspecified 11/19/19
CPI to develop heat-stable formulation for ImmunoBiology's Pnubiovax against pneumococcal diseases Immunobiology Ltd. Centre for Process Innovation Payment unspecified 11/28/19
Avion and Immunpharma to jointly develop Lupuzor and Avion to gain exclusive rights to commercialize the drug for systemic lupus erythematosus in North America Immupharma plc Avion Pharmaceuticals LLC $100.00 11/28/19
Inceptua to supply Bendalis's generic oncology drugs for their use in clinical trials worldwide Inceptua Group GmbH Bendalis GmbH Payment unspecified 11/25/19
Tris Pharma to market, sell and distribute Intellipharmaceutics International's Venlafaxine ER for depression, generalized anxiety, social anxiety and panic disorder in the U.S. Intellipharmaceutics International Inc. Tris Pharma Inc. Payment unspecified 11/25/19
Iovance and Lytix to study LTX-315 in combination with TIL therapy for cancers Iovance Biotherapeutics Inc. Lytix Biopharma AS Payment unspecified 11/4/19
Aspen Neuroscience to develop iPS Academia's iPS cell-derived dopamine neural progenitors worldwide iPS Academia Japan Inc. Aspen Neuroscience Inc. Payment unspecified 11/28/19
Isotherapeutics to manufacture Q Biomed's Strontium-89 Chloride USP for cancer bone pain Isotherapeutics Group LLC Q Biomed Inc. Payment unspecified 11/20/19
Vifor and Janssen to jointly commercialize Invokana for diabetic kidney disease in the U.S. Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc. Vifor Pharma Group Payment unspecified 11/4/19
Kadmon and Bio Nova to form BK Pharmaceuticals to develop and commercialize KD-025 for the treatment of graft-vs.-host disease in Republic of China Kadmon Pharmaceuticals LLC Bionova Pharmaceuticals Ltd. $45.00 11/7/19
Amneal to develop and commercialize Kashiv’s K-127 for myasthenia gravis in the U.S. Kashiv Biosciences LLC Amneal Pharmaceuticals Inc. $18.00 11/6/19
Jeil Pharmaceutical to develop and commercialize Kyorin’s vibegron for overactive bladder in Korea Kyorin Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Jeil Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Payment unspecified 11/7/19
Talem Therapeutics to use Ligand's OmniAb platform to discover human antibodies worldwide Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc. Talem Therapeutics Payment unspecified 11/5/19
Navrogen and Lonza Pharma & Biotech to produce biotherapeutics using GS Xceed expression system Lonza Pharma & Biotech AG Navrogen Inc. Payment unspecified 11/20/19
Shanghai Pharmaceutical to develop and commercialize Lumosa's LT-3001 for ischemic stroke in China Lumosa Therapeutics Co. Ltd. Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group Corp $41.05 11/6/19
Vor Biopharma to use Maxcyte's technologies to develop engineered hematopoietic stem cells for hematological cancers Maxcyte Inc. Vor Biopharma Inc. Payment unspecified 11/21/19
Intellistem and Medimabs to develop platform for generation of monoclonal antibodies Medimabs Inc. Intellistem Technologies Payment unspecified 11/18/19
Evotec SE to use and commercialize Milliporesigma's CRISPR genome-editing technology to create edited cell lines Merck Millipore Evotec SE Payment unspecified 11/12/19
Shanghai Fosun to develop and commercialize Mimivax's SurvaxM for glioblastoma in China Mimivax LLC Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Industry Development Co. Ltd. $148.00 11/18/19
Vertex and Molecular Templates to discover and develop targeted conditioning regimens for hematopoietic stem cell transplants Molecular Templates Inc. Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc. $560.00 11/18/19
Navidea and IMV to conduct preclinical study to evaluate the combination of macrophage targeting therapeutics with DPX-based immunotherapies against cancer Navidea Biopharmaceuticals Inc. IMV Inc. Payment unspecified 11/7/19
Autolus to use Noile-Immune's proliferation-inducing and migration-enhancing technology to develop CAR T cell therapies for solid tumors Noile-Immune Biotech Inc. Autolus Therapeutics plc Payment unspecified 11/13/19
Allogene and Notch to research and develop new induced pluripotent stem cell-based CAR T therapies products for initial application in non-Hodgkin lymphoma, leukemia and multiple myeloma worldwide Notch Therapeutics Inc. Allogene Therapeutics Inc. $309.25 11/5/19
Jiangsu to develop and market Novaliq's Cyclasol and NOV-03 for the treatment of dry eye disease in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan Novaliq GmbH Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine Co. Ltd. $165.00 11/7/19
Knight to commercialize Onconova's Rigosertib against myelodysplastic syndrome in Canada Onconova Therapeutics Inc. Knight Therapeutics Inc. $25.81 11/20/19
Tmunity Therapeutics to use Oncora Medical’s real-world data platform to support future trials with CAR T-cell therapy for cancer patients Oncora Medical Inc. Tmunity Therapeutics Inc. Payment unspecified 11/4/19
CKD to develop and commercialize OSE's Tedopi against cancer, including non-small cell lung cancer in Korea OSE Immunotherapeutics Chong Kun Dang Pharmaceutical Corp. $6.11 11/7/19
OWC and Stenocare to sign memorandum of understanding for development and commercialization medical cannabis products in Denmark, Ireland and new territories OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp. Stenocare Payment unspecified 11/13/19
Parexel Biotech to conduct phase II to evaluate pharmacotherapeutics for posttraumatic stress disorder using Cohen Veterans' adaptive platform trial Parexel Biotech Cohen Veterans Bioscience Payment unspecified 11/11/19
Sentinel to accelerate preclinical development and IND enabling studies of Phoremost's SOL-686 for glioma Phoremost Ltd. Sentinel Oncology Ltd. Payment unspecified 11/4/19
Black Belt and Praxis to discover and develop small molecule therapeutics to undisclosed targets for the stress response in cancer Praxis Biotech LLC Black Belt Therapeutics Ltd. Payment unspecified 11/5/19
Carina Biotech and Prescient Therapeutics to develop CAR-T cell combination therapies for solid and blood tumours Prescient Therapeutics Ltd. Carina Biotech Pty Ltd. Payment unspecified 11/18/19
Proderm to conduct phase IIa clinical study for Follicum's FOL-005 for alopecia Proderm GmbH Follicum AB Payment unspecified 11/12/19
Promega and Merck to develop microsatellite instability companion diagnostic for Keytruda against solid tumors worldwide Promega Corp. Merck & Co Inc. Payment unspecified 11/6/19
Puma and Pierre Fabre extended their agreement to commercialize Nerlynx in additional countries including the Middle East, South Africa, Sudan and Turkey Puma Biotechnology Inc. Pierre Fabre SA $7.00 11/25/19
Labcorp to use Qiagen's Human Gene Mutation Database along with QCI platform for inherited disease mutations Qiagen NV Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings Payment unspecified 11/20/19
PT Biofarma to develop and commercialize Quratis' tuberculosis vaccine in Indonesia Quratis Co. Ltd. Bio Farma $1,004.40 11/28/19
Repertoire to provide access to new technologies to Qiagen for the development of T-cell/B-cell receptor assays for use in next-generation sequencing system Repertoire Genesis Inc. Qiagen NV Payment unspecified 11/5/19
Oncology Pharma to use Ribera Solutions' clinical trials platform for human studies for drug development, clinical trials, personalized oncology and therapeutics worldwide Ribera Solutions LLC Oncology Pharma Inc. Payment unspecified 11/7/19
Biogen to commercialize Samsung Bioepis' SB-11 and SB-15 against age-related macular degeneration worldwide, including the U.S., Canada, Europe, Japan, and Australia and with an option for three biosimilars in China Samsung Bioepis Co. Ltd. Biogen Inc. $370.00 11/6/19
Samsung Biologics to manufacture Ichnos’s ISB-830 for a phase III clinical trial Samsung Biologics Co. Ltd. Ichnos Sciences Payment unspecified 11/4/19
Beigene to develop and commercialize Seattle Genetics' advanced preclinical antibody product for treating cancer worldwide except in the Americas, Europe and Japan Seattle Genetics Inc. Beigene Co. Ltd. $160.00 11/5/19
Scohia and Seedsupply to discover and develop drug candidates for unidentified diseases worldwide Seedsupply Co. Ltd. Scohia Pharma Inc. Payment unspecified 11/25/19
Ascentage to conduct clinical study of APG-2575 in combination with Henlius' HLX-01 for chronic lymphocytic leukemia Shanghai Henlius Biotech Co. Ltd. Ascentage Pharma Group Corp. Ltd. Payment unspecified 11/4/19
Artios Pharma to develop Shangpharma's small molecule ATR inhibitor against cancer worldwide Shangpharma Innovation Inc. Artios Pharma Ltd. Payment unspecified 11/6/19
Gilead to reduce momelotinib commercial royalty rates in exchange for equity in Sierra related to amendment in asset purchase agreement Sierra Oncology Inc. Gilead Sciences Inc. Payment unspecified 11/8/19
SQZ Biotechnologies and Askbio to develop tolerizing antigen carriers containing AAV components for treatment of patients' immune systems generating neutralizing antibodies toward therapeutic AAVs SQZ Biotechnologies Inc. Asklepios Biopharmaceutical Inc. Payment unspecified 11/7/19
Qiagen to license novel mRNA gene expression signatures from Stratifyer Molecular Pathology for treatment decisions in bladder cancer and urothelial cancers Stratifyer Molecular Pathology GmbH Qiagen NV Payment unspecified 11/5/19
Sarepta Therapeutics and Stridebio to develop in vivo AAV-based therapies for up to eight central nervous system and neuromuscular targets worldwide Stridebio LLC Sarepta Therapeutics Inc. $90.50 11/14/19
Astrazeneca to distribute Sun Pharma’s cancer products in China Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. Astrazeneca plc Payment unspecified 11/6/19
Stada Arzneimittel to acquire Takeda's over-the-counter and prescription pharmaceutical assets in Russia, Georgia and some countries from the Commonwealth of Independent States Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Stada Arzneimittel AG $660.00 11/5/19
Teijin Pharma and Veritas In Silico to discover small molecule products targeting nucleic acids Teijin Pharma Ltd. Veritas In Silico Inc. Payment unspecified 11/5/19
Nanoviricides to develop Theracour Pharma's VZV-binding nanomicelle candidate against chickenpox Theracour Pharma Inc. Nanoviricides Inc. $4.00 11/5/19
Novo Nordisk to develop UBE Industries’ UD-014 for the treatment of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis worldwide UBE Industries Ltd. Novo Nordisk A/S Payment unspecified 11/7/19
NEC and Vaximm to develop novel personalized neoantigen cancer vaccines worldwide, except for China and other Asian territories outside of Japan Vaximm AG NEC Corp. Payment unspecified 11/11/19
Regeneron and Vyriad to develop vesicular stomatitis virus based oncolytic virus treatments against cancer Vyriad Inc. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. Payment unspecified 11/6/19
Quest acquires sun recovery product brands from Welmedix Welmedix Consumer Healthcare Quest Products Inc. Payment unspecified 11/5/19
Meiji Seika to develop and commercialize Zeria's Acofide for functional dyspepsia in Thailand and Indonesia Zeria Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Meiji Seika Pharma Co. Ltd. Payment unspecified 11/1/19

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