Total Value in 2020: $27,828.97M (292 deals)

Deal title Principal company Partner company Value (US$M) Start date


Abcam to distribute Bit Bio's induced pluripotent stem cell-derived functional human cells for research and screening applications Abcam plc Bit Bio Payment unspecified 2/25/20
Sihuan to acquire all intellectual property rights of Achaogen's plazomicin in the greater China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Achaogen Inc. Sihuan Pharmaceutical Holdings Group Ltd. Payment unspecified 2/20/20
Daewoong and ADM Korea to sign memorandum of understanding for the development of new drugs worldwide ADM Korea Inc. Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Payment unspecified 2/11/20
Afaxys to distribute Therapeuticsmd's Annovera through expand access in the U.S. Public Health Sector Afaxys Inc. Therapeuticsmd Inc. Payment unspecified 2/13/20
AGC Biologics to manufacture and supply Trefoil Therapeutics' TTHX-1114 for corneal diseases AGC Biologics Trefoil Therapeutics LLC Payment unspecified 2/4/20
Nestle Health Science further invested in Aimmune to launch Palforzia for peanut allergy in the U.S. Aimmune Therapeutics Inc. Nestle Health Science $200.00 2/4/20
Allied and Hollister to sign non-binding letter of intent to establish joint venture for development and launching of veteran-focused products, including Tactical relief branded products for post-traumatic stress Allied Corp. Hollister Biosciences Inc. Unknown 2/7/20
Applied Biomath to provide model services to Gritstone's clinical candidate selection against solid tumors Applied Biomath Inc. Gritstone Oncology Inc. Payment unspecified 2/3/20
Applied DNA Sciences expanded agreement to include the preclinical development of a linear DNA vaccine against 2019-nCoV Applied DNA Sciences Inc. Takis Biotech Srl Payment unspecified 2/7/20
Medexus acquires Aptevo's Ixinity for hemophilia B Aptevo Therapeutics Inc. Medexus Pharmaceuticals Inc. $41.00 2/28/20
Grifols to acquire Aradigm's assets and intellectual property related to lipoquin, free ciproflaxcin, apulmiq and any derivatives for respiratory diseases Aradigm Corp. Grifols SA $6.25 2/21/20
Arecor and undisclosed pharmaceutical company to develop Arestat based liquid formulation with an option to license worldwide rights Arecor Ltd. Undisclosed pharmaceutical company Payment unspecified 2/14/20
Collegium to acquire the U.S. rights for Nucynta Franchise from Assertio Assertio Therapeutics Inc. Collegium Pharmaceutical Inc. $375.00 2/6/20
Redhill Biopharma to acquire Astrazeneca's Movantik worldwide, excluding Europe, Canada and Israel Astrazeneca plc Redhill Biopharma Ltd. $67.50 2/25/20
Atreca and Merck to identify antibody targets in oncology Atreca Inc. Merck & Co Inc. Payment unspecified 2/5/20
Aurigene amended the collaboration with Curis to conduct a phase IIb/III randomized study in approximately 240 patients with non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer Aurigene Discovery Technologies Ltd. Curis Inc. Payment unspecified 2/5/20
Shenzhen Kangtai and Advaccine to develop DNA vaccine for the treatment of coronavirus (2019-ncov) infection Beijing Advaccine Biotechnology Co. Ltd. Shenzhen Kangtai Biological Products Co. Ltd. Payment unspecified 2/9/20
Genscript to use Berkeley's Beacon optofluidic platform to screen blood samples for antibodies discovery against coronavirus (COVID-19) in China Berkeley Lights Inc. Genscript Biotech Co. Payment unspecified 2/28/20
Bicycle Therapeutics and Genentech to develop and commercialize immuno oncology therapeutics for cancer using bicyclic peptide technology worldwide Bicycle Therapeutics Ltd. Genentech Inc. $1,720.00 2/21/20
Brickell Biotech and Bodor Laboratories amended the agreement related to the development of sofpironium bromide to treat hyperhidrosis Bodor Laboratories Inc. Brickell Biotech Inc. $3.50 2/18/20
Wize Pharma acquires minority stake in Bonus Biogroup Bonus Biogroup Ltd. Wize Pharma Inc. $16.40 2/20/20
Cannabics and RCKMC to sign memorandum of understanding to develop cannabis chemovars targeted for gastrointestinal cancers Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc. RCK Medical Cannabis Payment unspecified 2/11/20
Cannabics Pharmaceuticals and Newcanna Hub to conduct a research on anti-tumor effects of cannabinoid profiles to treat gastrointestinal cancer Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc. Newcanna Hub Payment unspecified 2/25/20
Cannvalate to distribute Impression Healthcare's medicinal cannabis products in Australia Cannvalate Impression Healthcare Ltd. Payment unspecified 2/13/20
Catalent to manufacture Zumutor’s ZM-008 for the treatment of solid tumors including prostate cancer Catalent Inc. Zumutor Biologics Inc. Payment unspecified 2/11/20
Cellectis amended the agreement granting exclusive worldwide license to Servier for the development and commercialization of all gene-edited allogeneic CAR T-cell products targeting CD19, UCART19/ALLO-501including ALLO-501A Cellectis SA Les Laboratoires Servier SAS $437.60 2/19/20
Astrazeneca and Cellink to discover therapeutic targets using 3D-bioprinting for oncology, respiratory, cardiovascular, renal and metabolic diseases Cellink AB Astrazeneca plc Payment unspecified 2/3/20
Charles River and Karuna Therapeutics to discover next generation central nervous system therapeutics Charles River Laboratories International Inc. Karuna Therapeutics Inc. Payment unspecified 2/6/20
Core-Mark to distribute Solari Hemp's hemp-derived cannabidiol products in North America Core-Mark International Inc. Solari Hemp Payment unspecified 2/5/20
Corerx to formulate and manufacture Janone's TV-1001sr for the treatment of peripheral artery disease associated pain Corerx Inc. Janone Inc. Payment unspecified 2/6/20
Releaf to use Cure Pharmaceutical's encapsulation technology for certain oral and topical cannabis products in the Netherlands Cure Pharmaceutical Inc. Releaf Europe Payment unspecified 2/5/20
Cytodyn and Longen China to sign nonbinding letter of intent for the development and commercialization of leronlimab against cancer and COVID-19 coronavirus in China Cytodyn Inc. Longen China Group Payment unspecified 2/12/20
M8 Pharmaceuticals to commercialize Daewoong's Fexuprazan for gastroesophageal reflux disease in Mexico Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. M8 Pharmaceuticals Inc. Payment unspecified 2/11/20
Lung Cancer Initiative of J&J to research, develop and commercialize therapies within DNX's portfolio against lung cancer DNX Biopharmaceuticals Inc. Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS Payment unspecified 2/18/20
Eyepoint to develop and commercialize Equinox's Vorolanib using Durasert technology against wet age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and retinal vein occlusion worldwide, excluding China, Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan Equinox Science LLC Eyepoint Pharmaceuticals Inc. $51.00 2/3/20
Aelian to use ERS Genomics' intellectual property related to CRISPR/Cas9 portfolio for genomic screening platform ERS Genomics Ltd. Aelian Biotechnology GmbH Payment unspecified 2/11/20
Omass acquires Excellerate's pharmacology assets and capabilities Excellerate Biosciences Ltd. Omass Therapeutics Ltd. Payment unspecified 2/25/20
Vision Center Network of America to purchase Eyepoint Pharmaceuticals' Dexycu (dexamethasone intraocular suspension) for ocular inflammation associated with cataract surgery Eyepoint Pharmaceuticals Inc. Vision Center Network of America LLC Payment unspecified 2/18/20
PDS Biotechnology to develop a TB immunotherapy based on Farmacore’s TB antigens and its Versamune platform in an amended agreement Farmacore Biotecnologia Limitada PDS Biotechnology Corp. Payment unspecified 2/27/20
Seattle Genetics to develop and commercialize antibody-drug conjugate therapies using Five Prime's monoclonal antibodies against cancer worldwide Five Prime Therapeutics Inc. Seattle Genetics Inc. $530.00 2/19/20
FSD Pharma and Solarvest Bioenergy amended their collaboration and development agreement to develop cannabidiol from algae FSD Pharma Inc. Solarvest Bioenergy Inc. Payment unspecified 2/4/20
FSD Pharma sold 12% equity interest in Cannara Biotech to a consortium of buyers FSD Pharma Inc. Consortium of buyers $7.70 2/20/20
Eisai to develop and commercialize Fuji Yakuhin’s dotinurad for hyperuricemia and gout in China Fuji Yakuhin Co. Ltd. Eisai Co. Ltd. Payment unspecified 2/25/20
Genesiscare to supply Noxopharm’s Veyonda and 177Lu-PSMA for metastatic prostate cancer patients in Australia Genesiscare Noxopharm Ltd. Payment unspecified 2/18/20
Genetron Health to provide companion diagnostic development services and clinical sample testing services for Innocare's biomarker-driven oncology drug development Genetron Health (Beijing) Co. Ltd. Innocare Aps Payment unspecified 2/20/20
Clover to combine GSK's adjuvant system with coronavirus vaccine candidate Glaxosmithkline plc Clover Biopharmaceuticals Inc. Payment unspecified 2/24/20
Evotec and GSK to develop pan-TB drug regimens for the treatment of tuberculosis Glaxosmithkline plc Evotec SE Payment unspecified 2/27/20
Hikma to commercialize Glenmark's Ryaltris for the treatment of seasonal allergic rhinitis in the U.S. Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Hikma Pharmaceuticals plc Payment unspecified 2/24/20
Neuraxpharm acquired Glenmark's central nervous system product portfolio of 20 products in Poland Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Neuraxpharm Arzneimittel GmbH & Co. Payment unspecified 2/25/20
Holista to produce nasal sanitising balm using GICC's Path-Away to test coronavirus infection worldwide Global Infection Control Consultants LLC Holista Colltech Ltd. Payment unspecified 2/20/20
Hanmi and GC Pharma to sign memorandum of understanding to develop and commercialize drugs for the treatment of lysosomal storage disease Hanmi Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. GC Pharma Payment unspecified 2/26/20
Sihuan Pharmaceutical and Hetero to develop and commercialize product pipeline Hetero Labs Ltd. Sihuan Pharmaceutical Holdings Group Ltd. Payment unspecified 2/12/20
Ibio and CC-Pharming to develop and test plant-derived 2019-nCoV vaccine Ibio Inc. CC-Pharming Ltd. Payment unspecified 2/3/20
Ligand Pharmaceuticals to acquire Icagen's core assets, partnered programs and ion channel technologies Icagen Inc. Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc. $40.00 2/11/20
Imidomics and Gossamer Bio to develop therapeutic treatments for immune mediated inflammatory diseases patients Imidomics SL Gossamer Bio Payment unspecified 2/3/20
Immatics and GSK to develop and commercialize T-Cell receptor therapeutics against multiple cancer indications worldwide Immatics Biotechnologies GmbH Glaxosmithkline plc $600.01 2/20/20
Certara acquires In-Silico's modeling and simulation platform for neurodegenerative diseases In-Silico Sciences Inc. Certara Inc. Payment unspecified 2/25/20
Izasa Scientific to distribute Nanoview's Exoview platform in Spain and Portugal Izasa Scientific Slu Nanoview Biosciences Payment unspecified 2/27/20
Nippon to copromote Janssen's abiraterone acetate against prostate cancer in Japan Janssen Pharmaceutical KK Nippon Shinyaku Co. Ltd. Payment unspecified 2/7/20
Promedico to commercialize Karyopharm's Selinexor for cancer in Israel and the Palestine Karyopharm Therapeutics Inc. Promedico Co Ltd. Payment unspecified 2/11/20
Kissei to distribute MSD's Marizev tablets for treatment of type-II diabetes in Japan Kissei Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. MSD Japan Payment unspecified 2/3/20
Lunac Therapeutics and Domainex to discover anticoagulant therapies to inhibits protease target, activated Factor XII for reduced risk of bleeding Lunac Therapeutics Ltd. Domainex Ltd. Payment unspecified 2/25/20
Cipla Medpro to distribute Luye Pharma's Seroquel and Seroquel XR for central nervous system disorders in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana Luye Pharma Group Ltd. Cipla Ltd. Payment unspecified 2/10/20
OSE Immunotherapeutics to use Mabsilico's artificial intelligence-based solutions for therapeutic monoclonal and bispecific antibody drug development Mabsilico OSE Immunotherapeutics Payment unspecified 2/12/20
Tetra Bio-Pharma and Makscientific to codevelop next generation Rx drugs to treat cancer, pain and inflammation as well as other targets Makscientific LLC Tetra Bio-Pharma Inc. Payment unspecified 2/27/20
Manf Therapeutics to transfer baculovirus and CHO related Manf therapeutic protein to Dyadic for evaluating C1 biologics production platform Manf Therapeutics Inc. Dyadic International Inc. Payment unspecified 2/6/20
Shijiazhuang Yuanmai to register, manufacture and market Medivir's Xerclear for labial herpes in China Medivir AB Shijiazhuang Yuanmai Biotechnology Co. Ltd. Payment unspecified 2/24/20
Mycenax Biotech and Hummingbird Bioscience to produce material for the phase I clinical trial of HMBD-002 program Mycenax Biotech Inc. Hummingbird Bioscience Pte Ltd. Payment unspecified 2/20/20
Beximco to distribute Mylan’s portfolio of monoclonal antibodies including, Ogivri in Bangladesh for various medical conditions Mylan NV Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Payment unspecified 2/24/20
Nanostring to conduct research on Jounce's vopratelimab against solid tumors Nanostring Technologies Inc. Jounce Therapeutics Inc. Payment unspecified 2/6/20
Levena and Navrogen to develop antibody drug conjugates to treat humoral immunosuppressed cancers Navrogen Inc. Levena Biopharma Co. Ltd. Payment unspecified 2/4/20
Nimble and Genentech to discover and develop peptide-based therapeutics for a range of diseases Nimble Therapeutics Inc. Genentech Inc. Payment unspecified 2/19/20
Lakepharma and NJ Bio to provide streamlined antibody drug conjugate development solutions NJ Biopharmaceuticals LLC Lakepharma Inc. Payment unspecified 2/11/20
Swixx Biopharma to distribute Norgine's Plenvu in Central and Eastern Europe Norgine BV Swixx Biopharma Payment unspecified 2/12/20
Pharmacare to distribute Norgine's Plenvu in the Republic of South Africa, Lesotho, Eswatini, Botswana and Namibia Norgine BV Pharmacare Ltd. Payment unspecified 2/12/20
Faes Farma to distribute Norgine's Plenvu in Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, ElSalvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama and Peru Norgine BV Faes Farma SA Payment unspecified 2/12/20
Oxford Nanopore to use Nuprobe's blocker displacement amplification technology for cancer research worldwide Nuprobe Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd. Payment unspecified 2/27/20
China Grand Pharmaceutical and Sirtex Medical to invest in Oncosec to help fund its ongoing KEYNOTE phase II study of Tavo (plasmid-based interleukin-12) with Keytruda to treat metastatic, chemotherapy-refractory triple-negative breast cancer Oncosec Medical Inc. China Grand Pharmaceutical and Sirtex Medical US Holdings Inc. $30.00 2/10/20
Orsini Pharmaceutical to distribute Sarepta Therapeutics' eteplirsen and golodirsen against Duchenne muscular dystrophy in the U.S. Orsini Pharmaceutical Services Sarepta Therapeutics Inc. Payment unspecified 2/5/20
Oblato to develop Auditus' NHPN-1010 against hearing loss worldwide Otologic Pharmaceutics Inc. Oblato Inc. Payment unspecified 2/11/20
Almirall to develop and commercialize Paratek's Seysara for acne in greater China Paratek Pharmaceuticals Inc. Almirall Prodesfarma SA Payment unspecified 2/24/20
Advaxis to use Personalis' Immunoid Next technology for evaluating phase I/II study of ADXS-503 alone and in combination with pembrolizumab against non-small-cell lung carcinoma Personalis Inc. Advaxis Inc. Payment unspecified 2/11/20
Strides to purchase 18 ANDAs from Pharmaceutics International in the U.S. and to market levothyroxine sodium Pharmaceutics International Inc. Strides Pharma Global Pte. Ltd. $6.10 2/7/20
Phoenestra and Cytonus to develop combined intellectual property assets and pipeline of products Phoenestra GmbH Cytonus Therapeutics Inc. Payment unspecified 2/10/20
Inceptua to distribute Portola Pharmaceutical's Ondexxya against uncontrolled bleeding in Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal and Spain Portola Pharmaceuticals Inc. Inceptua SA Payment unspecified 2/7/20
Premier to supply Corvert and Vincristine to Pfizer through Providegx program Premier Inc. Pfizer Inc. Payment unspecified 2/19/20
Probiogen to provide development and large-scale GMP manufacturing projects using Directedluck Transposase technology for Immunos Probiogen AG Immunos Therapeutics Payment unspecified 2/25/20
Caribou Biosciences to develop CB-011 using Promab's humanized single-chain variable fragment against multiple myeloma Promab Biotechnologies Inc. Caribou Biosciences Inc. Payment unspecified 2/19/20
Q Biomed and Mannin Research to develop adjunct therapies for vascular diseases in infectious disease patients Q Biomed Inc. Mannin Research Inc. Payment unspecified 2/4/20
Red Light Holland to supply strain of truffles to Revive for research and development on suitability and implementation of cannabinoid delivery technology for truffles and its extracts Red light holland financing Inc. Revive Therapeutics Ltd. $0.30 2/10/20
Spring Bank Pharmaceuticals and Roche to evaluate SB-11285 with atezolizumab for advanced solid tumors in the U.S. Roche Holding AG Spring Bank Pharmaceuticals Inc. Payment unspecified 2/25/20
Biogen and Sangamo to develop ST-501, ST-502 and additional undisclosed targets for neurological diseases Sangamo Therapeutics Inc. Biogen Inc. $2,720.00 2/27/20
Codagenix and Serum Institute of India to co-develop a live-attenuated vaccine against coronavirus Serum Institute of India Ltd. Codagenix Inc. Payment unspecified 2/13/20
Inprother to use Sirion’s adenovirus technologies to cancer vaccines encoding ERV antigens for active immunotherapy Sirion Gmbh Inprother ApS Payment unspecified 2/4/20
Sonoma and Lyell to enhance durability, stability and specificity of cell therapies Sonoma Biotherapeutics Lyell Immunopharma Payment unspecified 2/6/20
Stemirna Therapeutics and Shanghai Yinuosi Biotechnology to develop LPP-mRNA vaccine targeting SARS-CoV-2 Stemirna Therapeutics Co. Ltd. Shanghai Yinuosi Biotechnology Payment unspecified 2/28/20
Mablytics to use Trianni's mouse for the discovery of monoclonal antibody discovery research against oncology Trianni Inc. Mablytics Inc. Payment unspecified 2/4/20
Artizan to use Trianni's Trianni Mouse platform to discover monoclonal antibodies for antibody therapeutics Trianni Inc. Artizan Biosciences Inc. Payment unspecified 2/25/20
Boehringer Ingelheim to use Trutino’s on-demand-cytokine platform for the development of three cancer immunology compounds worldwide Trutino Biosciences Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH Payment unspecified 2/27/20
An undisclosed U.S. based virology laboratory to test the Innovation's Brilacidin antiviral activity against SARS-CoV-2 Undisclosed U.S. based virology laboratory Innovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. Payment unspecified 2/24/20
M8 Pharmaceuticals to register and commercialize Vectans Pharma's Loramyc for oropharyngeal candidiasis in Mexico and Brazil Vectans Pharma M8 Pharmaceuticals Inc. Payment unspecified 2/18/20
Fresenius Kabi and Vifor Pharma to form joint venture to market the intravenous iron portfolio in China Vifor Pharma Group Fresenius Kabi AG Payment unspecified 2/20/20
Vifor Pharma to sell priority review voucher to undisclosed company Vifor Pharma Group Undisclosed Payment unspecified 2/18/20
Vir Biotechnology and Wuxi Biologics to develop and commercialize human monoclonal antibodies for COVID-19 worldwide Vir Biotechnology Inc. Wuxi Biologics Co. Ltd. Payment unspecified 2/25/20
Tetra Bio-Pharma to use Vitiprints' 2D patented technology for the production of Caumz and HCC-011 Vitiprints LLC Tetra Bio-Pharma Inc. Payment unspecified 2/13/20
Dr Reddy's to acquire Wockhardt's domestic branded business Wockhardt Ltd. Dr Reddy's Laboratories Ltd. $260.00 2/12/20
ALK-Abello and X-Chem to screen and discover small molecule drug products using DEX screening platform for allergies worldwide X-Chem Inc. ALK-Abello Payment unspecified 2/5/20
Aimmune to develop and commercialize Xencor's XmAb-7195 against food allergy worldwide Xencor Inc. Aimmune Therapeutics Inc. $395.00 2/4/20
Faes Farma to develop and commercialize Zeria's Acofide tablets 100 mg for functional dyspepsia in Latin America (13 countries including Brazil and Mexico) Zeria Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Faes Farma SA Payment unspecified 2/6/20
ZY Therapeutics and Guanhao Biotech to co-develop mRNA vaccine for 2019-nCoV infection Zy Therapeutics Inc. Guanhao Biotech Co. Ltd. $3.00 2/2/20

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