As society continues to re-open and biopharma companies move back toward a business-as-usual approach, the number of clinical trials affected by the COVID-19 pandemic has plummeted with only 12 reporting delays or disruptions in the month of June. This compares to 171 in April and 71 in May.

Although the deadly infection was responsible for about 57% in April and 30% in May of the phase I through phase III news flow, it accounted for only about 13% of that in June.

And while clinical trial announcements tracked by BioWorld dropped by 11% from April to May, they bounced back in June with a total of 380 news items vs. 336 in May and 378 in April.

Of the 13% of news related to COVID-19, 37 were for vaccines and therapeutics focused on fighting the disease. That is down from last month, 10% vs. 12%, although up from the 9% in April. When looking at the numbers, however, the opposite is seen, showing it is up from the 31 in May and down from the 44 in April.

The 380 entries of clinical data collected in June consisted of phase I data (122), phase II data (140) and phase III data (118).

Most of the COVID-19 clinical trial entries are focused on therapeutics entering trials. Foster City, Calif.-based Gilead Sciences Inc.’s remdesivir did have a data readout from its second Simple study showing that moderate COVID-19 pneumonia patients in a five-day treatment group were 65% more likely to  have clinical improvement at day 11 vs. standard of care (p=0.017).

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