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Phase Forward (Waltham, Massachusetts), a provider of data management solutions for clinical trials and drug safety, reported a multi-year, multi-million-dollar agreement with contract research organization Everest Clinical Research Services (Toronto).

The agreement extends a contract signed in 2007 and calls for Everest to leverage both Phase Forward's InForm Integrated Trial Management (ITM) and its hosted Central Designer module Electronic Data Capture (EDC) solution.

"EDC technology is a key enabler of our core clinical data management service," said Irene Zhang, president/CEO of Everest. "Phase Forward's Central Designer study design He said that the adoption of Phase Forward's Central Designer study will enable it "to bring even greater efficiencies to the management of clinical trial data for our trial sponsors."

Mike Davies, VP of global CRO partnerships at Phase Forward, said, "We work with CROs of all sizes and profiles, mindful of the unique needs of small- to medium-sized CROs like Everest, and are committed to working together to bring the benefits of EDC to their customers. We are focused on both the operational and commercial success of Everest."

In other agreements and contracts news:

• Inclinix (Wilmington, North Carolina) has entered into a spartnership with Datatrak International (Cleveland) to offer enrollment services available to pharma, biotech and medical device companies.

Inclinix said it will leverage Datatrak's eClinical platform to enhance its services as an enrollment CRO and "offers the first-ever enrollment solution that delivers seamless integration and execution of services, reducing a sponsor's need to outsource to multiple vendors for successful trial completion.

• TelaDoc Medical Services (Dallas) said it is partnering with Quinnian Health (Minneapolis) to provide medical consults through telephonic encounters. TelaDoc is a national network of physicians providing cross coverage consultations 24/7 to diagnose and recommend treatment.

Quinnian Health's Rapid Influenza Response Module provides employers immediate access to Quinnian Health's Qhealth Platform, offering participants with education, health assessments, and prescriptions needed for medical countermeasures.

• AMDL (Tustin, California) reported signing Precision Diagnostic Laboratory (PDL; New Holland, Pennsylvania) as its first customer to offer the AMDL DR-70 (FDP) in vitro cancer test to patients and doctors in the U.S.

AMDL said it expects to expand product distribution and sales to at least 10 worldwide markets for up to $5 million in DR-70 sales in FY09.

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