A Medical Device Daily

Strategic Healthcare Group (Indianapolis) reported a significant expansion in its agreement with the American Red Cross (ARC; Washington) to provide Strategic Blood Management consultation services to over 100 American Red Cross client hospitals across the U.S.

This broadened agreement follows successful Strategic Blood Management program implementations at the University of Alabama Birmingham Hospital and Baptist Hospital (Pensacola, Florida).

"We are very pleased to further our relationship with Strategic Healthcare Group," said Scott Buker, director of national accounts, biomedical services, at ARC. "Their Strategic Blood Management system brings tremendous value to hospital clients of the American Red Cross by promoting the appropriate use of blood products."

He added, "As hospitals use blood more wisely they benefit from more efficient operations as well as improved care and patient safety. Strategic Healthcare Group has become an important partner in our ongoing efforts to promote appropriate blood use."

According to Richard Benjamin, MD, chief medical officer of the American Red Cross Biomedical Services, evidence-based utilization of blood products is essential to the organization's mission as a steward of the nation's blood supply.

"Strategic Blood Management focuses on the appropriate utilization of blood products, which the American Red Cross strongly supports," he said. "This approach is consistent with our mission to provide the best possible service to our client hospitals and optimal outcomes for their patients."

In other agreements/contracts news:

• Endocare (Irvine, California) said it has entered into an agreement with its former CEO Paul Mikus that terminates his indemnification agreement in exchange for Endocare's waiver of certain severance and legal fee reimbursement rights. As a result of this new agreement, Endocare is no longer obligated to pay any future legal costs for Mikus.

Endocare made a similar agreement with its former CFO.

• Premier Purchasing Partners (San Diego) reported a new agreement for hyperbaric chambers with Sechrist Industries (Anaheim, California).

Effective Oct. 1, the 24-month agreement is available to acute-care and continuum-of-care members of the Premier healthcare alliance.

• Sound Surgical Technologies (Louisville, Colorado) said it has formed a distribution partnership with Shippert Medical Technologies (Centennial, Colorado) to expand the company's aesthetic product line to include fat transfer products and supplies.

Sound Surgical CEO Dan Goldberger said, "Shippert's Tissu-Trans Fat Transfer products are the best on the market and Sound Surgical Technologies is pleased to add this new line to our expanding product offerings. Our partnership with Shippert positions us as a 'one-stop shop' for physicians looking for advanced body sculpting devices and supplies."

• BK Medical Systems (Wilmington, Massachusetts) has signed a new three-year, product line agreement with Amerinet (St. Louis). Amerinet partners with more than 27,000 healthcare providers nationwide to reduce costs and improve quality. This agreement makes BK Medical's surgical ultrasound systems, related accessories and supplies available to Amerinet members.