Cyberonics (Houston) said that, based on an initial assessment, its corporate headquarters in Houston, Texas incurred no damage as a result of Hurricane Ike.

However, the facility could remain without power for several more days. Therefore, the company is currently operating out of its disaster recovery facility.

Cyberonics maintains sufficient product inventory to meet its anticipated needs for approximately the next two months. The company expects to resume emergency shipments of its Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) Therapy system on Sept. 17th, and anticipates resuming standard shipments of the product on Sept. 22nd. In addition, Cyberonics intends to resume production activities as soon as power is restored at its headquarters.

The company does not expect any material impact on its business as a result of the current circumstances brought about by Hurricane Ike.

CSMG Technologies moves to larger quarters

CSMG Technologies (Corpus Christi, Texas), a technology management company, said it is moving its home office, expanding into larger office space in order to accommodate additional personnel, and to support growth of its Live Tissue Connect subsidiary in Santa Barbara, California.

The new address is 500 North Shoreline, Suite 1005, Corpus Christi, Texas, 78471.

Applied NeuroSolutions hires Williams Blair & Co.

Applied NeuroSolutions (Vernon Hills, Illinois), a company specializing in products for the early diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer's disease, said it has engaged William Blair & Co., in connection with the company's ongoing process to explore strategic alternatives to enhance shareholder value.

Concurrent with this strategic effort and its therapeutic research development collaboration with Eli Lilly and Co., Applied NeuroSolutions is focusing on the advancement of its serum and CSF diagnostic programs. Significant program milestones have been achieved throughout 2008 and APNS is on target to determine feasibility of serum-based diagnostic tests for Alzheimer's disease by year-end.