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Smart Disc (Allen Park, Michigan) a company focused on the development of new spine products, reported that it has been awarded Patent US 7,407,513 B2 for Smart Disc's artificial spinal disc technology.

Smart Disc's spinal replacement disc for the spine mimics the functionality of the patient's own intervertebral disc and can be put into place by the surgeon via a posterior application (thereby avoiding the need to go through the front of the patient, as is the current standard practice in disc replacement). The prosthesis is intended to maintain the normal movement between the vertebral bodies and prevent them from collapsing and thereby irritating or damaging the nerve root by maintaining the disc space height between the bones.

"Being issued this patent is a significant step forward for Smart Disc," said M. Ross Simmonds, who sits on Smart Disc's board. "The patent claims now enable Smart Disc to move toward bringing the surgical community a viable new alternative."