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The Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF; Santa Monica, California) reported 19 Young Investigators Awards for 2008. Designed to encourage the most innovative research thinkers to continue their careers in prostate cancer research, the awards provide recipients with $75,000 annually for three years to support specified research programs.

These awards, totaling $225,000 each, are matched by the recipients' institutions. This round of Young Investigator Awards represents a new $4.3 million commitment by the PCF to the global cancer research community.

The PCF's Young Investigator awards are inspired by Donald Coffey, PhD, prostate cancer research director at Johns Hopkins (Baltimore) for 40 years. He has mentored more than 50 scientists and physician-scientists and trained more than 30 of today's leading prostate cancer researchers.

These awards provide career and project support for young (generally 35 and under), proven investigators who have already achieved junior faculty positions and are committing their lives to the field of prostate cancer.

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