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Health and Human Services (HHS; Washington) Secretary Mike Leavitt reported a $15 million collaboration with the Atlantic Philanthropies (New York) to improve the health and quality of life for older Americans at the community level.

“This collaboration, led by the Administration on Aging (AoA) and involving several HHS agencies, states and various public and private organizations at the community level, will empower older people to take more control of their own health through life style and behavioral changes that have proven effective in reducing the risk of disease and disability among the elderly,“ Leavitt said. “Simply put, this collaboration will put the results of our research investments into the hands of older people so they can use it to improve the quality of their lives.“

Older Americans are disproportionately affected by chronic diseases and conditions such as arthritis, diabetes and heart disease, as well as by disabilities that result from injuries such as falls. Chronic conditions currently limit activities for 12 million older persons living in communities. These conditions collectively account for seven out of every 10 deaths, and more than three-quarters of all health expenditures in the U.S.

The HHS research has generated a growing body of scientific evidence on the effectiveness of interventions that can help older people to improve their health status by better managing their chronic diseases, improving their nutrition and diet, exercising more, and avoiding injuries such as falls.

Building on that knowledge base and subject to the availability of funding, HHS will support efforts over three years in up to 12 states to mobilize public/private collaborations that will support the delivery of evidence-based programs for seniors at the community level.

These programs will be administered at the community level through non-profit aging services provider organizations, such as senior centers, nutrition programs, senior housing projects and faith-based organizations.

At least 30 local communities will have programs up and running within a year. HHS is providing support to the Center for Healthy Aging at the National Council on Aging (NCOA) to provide technical assistance to the state grantees and local projects.

Through a grant of up to $5 million to the Center for Healthy Aging, the Atlantic Philanthropies will provide additional financial support and technical assistance in up to five states that show significant potential in developing systems to reach large numbers of older adults.

In other grants/contracts news:

AMI Semiconductor (Pocatello, Idaho), a manufacturer of integrated mixed-signal and structured digital products, reported that it has been selected by Interton (Bergisch-Gladbach, Germany), a hearing system manufacturer, to develop advanced wireless capabilities in hearing aid devices through an ultra low-power radio frequency subsystem.

Summit Corporate Services (Bozeman, Montana), a provider of customized business and outsourcing services for the medical device industry, and Mag-Tec (Pittsburgh), a developer of technologies used in orthopedic and dental procedures, have reached an agreement for ongoing product development, inventory management and logistical services related to Mag-Tec's PSR product line.

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