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AstraZeneca plc (UK)

5.5-year deal to co-promoteAbraxis' approved cancer drug Abraxane in the U.S.; also, Abraxis acquired Astra's U.S. anesthetic and analgesic injectable portfolios

Abraxis gets $200M up front in the co-promotion deal, while Astra will share equally in certain costs; Astra will get a 22% com- mission on sales; in the other deal, Abraxis is paying Astra $275M up front and $75M more in one year (4/26)@

Advanced Cell

Kirin Brewery Co. Ltd. (Japan)

Kirin got rights to use technology in connection with development of polyclonal antibodies in nonhuman mammals

Also, ACT got rights to technology for the reprogramming of cells, for use in human cell products, and ACT sold to Kirin all of its interests in Hematech LLC, an indirect subsidiary of Kirin (5/12)

Advitech Inc.
(Canada; CDNX:

Yusheng Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Taiwan)

Yusheng subsidiary Enbio-Life got rights in Taiwan to market products using Advitech's Dermylex

The product is being developed for psoriasis; Advitech gets an option payment and would sell product to Yusheng, as well as getting royalties on sales (4/27)

AlphaRx Inc.

Undisclosed Chinese marketing company

They formed a joint venture to manufacture and market AlphaRx's line of products in Asia

The Chinese firm is providing $31M to fund the venture; AlphaRx will contribute products to the venture and develop new ones, in exchange for a 30% stake and royalties of 5% (5/1)


Mayne Pharma Ltd. (Australia)

Mayne got rights to market the cancer drug Evoltra (clofarabine) in Australia and New Zealand

Bioenvision is entitled to milestone payments and a percentage of sales by Mayne, which assumed regulatory responsibilities in those countries (5/16)


Genencor International Inc. (unit of Danisco A/S)

Deal under which Genencor will perform contract research services for BioMarin

Genencor will use its assay platform to determine the potential immunogenicity of a preclinical therapeutic protein candidate at BioMarin (4/28)

BioSeek Inc.*

Boston Scientific Corp.

Nonexclusive deal under which BioSeek will profile compounds from BSC for therapeutic uses

The deal expands an earlier agreement between the companies; BioSeek will screen and evaluate a series of compounds under undisclosed terms (5/17)

Pharma A/S*

F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. (Switzerland)

Roche got exclusive rights to Trimeric Apo A-I, Borean's lead candidate for atherosclerosis

Roche is acquiring all assets related to the preclinical Apo A-I program; terms of the deal were not disclosed (5/8)


Enamine Ltd. (Ukraine)

Collaboration to discover and develop compounds against a targeted kinase in the area of cancer

Enamine will develop libraries against the target and Carna will screen them; they intend to license out resulting compounds (5/17)

Cerep SA*

AstraZeneca plc (UK)

AstraZeneca acquired a license to Cerep's BioPrint database

AstraZeneca gets nonexclusive access to compounds and informatics tools to use in drug discovery; Cerep received a license fee (5/11)


Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Co. Ltd. (Japan)

Chelsea licensed rights outside Asia to L-Threo DOPS (Droxidopa), which is sold in Japan for treating neurogenic orthostatic hyptotension

The synthetic amino acid generates annual revenue of about $50M in Japan; terms of the deal were not disclosed (5/30)

Crucell NV
(the Netherlands;

BIOA&D Co. Ltd. (South Korea)

BIOA&D got rights to use PER.C6 technology in the production of adenoviral vectors expressing ceNOS, for treating cardiovascular diseases

Separately, BIOA&D got rights to use Crucell's ceNOS gene therapy technology; ceNOS is an enzyme that produces nitric oxide; Crucell gets a signing fee, annual maintenance fees and potential milestone payments (5/22)


Biomet Inc.

Biomet got nonexclusive rights to use Cytomedix's autologous platelet gel technology

Cytomedix gets $1.4M up front and another $1.2M over three years; it also gets royalty-free licenses to certain Biomet patents related to platelet gel products (5/22)

Entelos Inc.

Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.

Deal under which Entelos will conduct biosimulation research to predict the effects of a drug on pathways and/or biomarkers

The two-year research program focuses on metabolic diseases; Entelos is entitled to R&D funding and milestone payments in the deal (5/24)

Evotec AG
(Germany; FSE:

Daiichi Sankyo Co. Ltd. (Japan)

Evotec will help identify small-molecule therapeutics for Sankyo discovery projects

Evotec will identify active molecules from its library that interact with targets selected by Sankyo; terms were not disclosed (4/27)

Evotec AG
(Germany; FSE:

F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. (Switzerland)

The companies extended two contracts under which Evotec provides drug discovery support to Roche

They extended medicinal chemistry deal from May 2004 another 12 months and a medicinal chemistry collaboration in oncology from October 2003 for another two years; terms were not disclosed (4/25)@

FibroGen Inc.*

Astellas Pharma Inc. (Japan)

Astellas got rights to certain hypoxia- inducible factor prolyl hydroxylase inhibitors for treating anemia in Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Middle East and South Africa

The deal includes the clinical-stage candidates FG- 216 and FG-4592; FibroGen gets a $300M licensing fee and up to $465M in development milestones, plus development support; Astellas, which already had rights in Japan, will make a $50M equity investment in FibroGen (4/28)

Ilypsa Inc.*

Astellas Pharma Inc. (Japan)

Astellas got exclusive rights in Japan to ILY101, a drug for hyperphosphatemia

Ilypsa gets $22M up front and up to $92M in the deal, as well as mid-teen royalties on any resulting sales (4/27)

Therapeutics Inc.*

Abbott Laboratories

ImaRx acquired the approved thrombolytic drug Abbokinase (urokinase)

Abbokinase is approved for the lysis of acute massive pulmonary embolism; it has been on the market more than 20 years; terms were not disclosed (5/8)


UCB SA (Belgium)

UCB got worldwide rights to epratuzumab for all auto- immune disease indications; it is in a Phase III trial in lupus

Immunomedics gets $38M up front and up to $145M in cash and $20M in equity investments if milestones are reached; it also would get royalties on sales and bonuses if sales reach certain levels (5/10)

Intercell AG

Merck & Co. Inc.

Merck exercised an option to gain worldwide rights to develop antibodies against antigens discovered by Intercell

The focus is on infections caused by S. aureus; Intercell gets an option-exercise fee along with potential milestone and royalty payments (5/11)


GE Healthcare

Isogenica will use its CIS display technology to select peptide ligands to two disease targets to be identified by GE

GE then would have an option to develop any resulting imaging agents; terms of the deal were not disclosed (5/8)


Novartis AG (Switzerland)

The companies entered a second, broader agreement in the area of antibody engineering

The deal followed one in which KaloBios successfully “humaneered" an antibody for Novartis; it is entitled to research, milestone and royalty payments (5/31)

Kamada Ltd.
(Israel; TEL:

Undisclosed European company

The European firm got an option to license rights in Europe to an alpha-1 proteinase inhibitor

The first step will be a feasibility test for the manufacturing of the product from the European company's raw materials, using Kamada's manufacturing process (5/8)

Genetics Inc.
Squibb Co.


They extended for two years the target-discovery term of funding over the extended research term, their neuroscience collaboration

Lexicon will get $20M more in research which begins in January 2007; Lexicon remains entitled to milestone and royalty payments (5/31)


Pfizer Inc.

Nonexclusive collaboration to make Monogram's HIV Co-Receptor Tropism Assay available for patient use on a global basis

Tropism information helps identify patients most likely to respond to CCR5 antagonists; Pfizer is investing $25M in Monogram through a convertible note, payable in May 2010 (5/8)


Schering-Plough Corp.

Schering-Plought gained two-year access to HuCAL GOLD technology for use in discovery of therapeutic antibodies

Schering-Plough also got an option to develop HuCAL- derived antibodies against up to 10 disease-related targets; MorphoSys gets an up-front payment and annual user fees and is eligible to receive license, milestone and royalty payments on resulting products (5/17)

Novavax Inc.

Esprit Pharma Inc.

Deal to develop and sell Novavax's micellar nano- particle testosterone agent, which is in Phase II trials for female hypoactive sexual desire disorder

Esprit gets exclusive rights in North America; Novavax is entitled to milestone and royalty payments in the deal, which is similar to one they signed in 2005 covering Novavax's Estrasorb estrogen therapy (5/19)


PPD Inc.

PPD will use molecular profiling to discover biomarkers for PDL

PPD will examine specified sample sets using its DeepLook technology; terms were not disclosed (5/2)

Sciences plc*

BioMerieux (France)

License agreement covering Proteome's biomarkers for use in stroke diagnostics

BioMerieux will test the biomarkers for a stroke diagnostic panel across a large patient population; terms of the deal were not disclosed (5/23)


First Horizon Pharmaceutical Corp.

Deal to develop a controlled- release version of First Horizon's hypertension drug Sular (nisoldipine)

SkyePharma gets $1M up front, R&D funding and up to $4M more if a product gains FDA approval; it also would get mid-single-digit royalties on resulting sales (5/22)

pulmonary disease

Kos Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Kos got exclusive rights in the U.S. to market Flutiform, a combination product for asthma and chronic

SkyePharma gets $25M up front and up to $140M in regulatory and revenue milestone payments, as well as royalties starting in the mid-teens on any resulting sales (5/8)

Biotech plc
(Ireland; TRIB)


Trinity is acquiring the Coagulation diagnostics product line from BioMerieux

Trinity will pay $40M at closing and up to $11.9M more over two years for the product line (5/25)


Schering-Plough Corp.

XOMA will work to discover therapeutic antibodies against one or more targets selected by Schering-Plough Research Institute

XOMA get an up-front payment and R&D funding, as well as potential milestone and royalty payments on resulting products (5/23)

XstalBio Ltd.*

Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH (Germany)

BI got access to XstalBio's protein-coated microcrystal technology

XstalBio is entitled to milestone payments and manufacturing rights; the technology is used for protein formulation and delivery (5/16)


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