SAN FRANCISCO – Among the hot areas of growth in the device industry, according to Boston Scientific 's Doug Godshall, are a number of sectors beyond the traditional cardiovascular growth driver that has dominated the med-tech sector for the past decade or more.

During his discussion of innovation and relationships between the small companies that are the initiators of what's new and the large companies that often help bankroll their growth and eventually acquire them, Godshall cited neurostimulation as one of the hottest areas of growth.

He also cited ophthalmology, which he characterized as a “once-sleepy sector,“ as “a fairly hot space for start-ups,“ with perhaps 30 to 35 young companies active in developing new products.

Other growth sectors cited by Godshall include obesity, sleep apnea and aesthetics, all areas where his firm, easily the leading acquirer of new companies in this decade, is not involved.

Jim Stommen, Executive Editor