Company* (Country; Symbol)

Company* (Country; Symbol)


Terms/Details (Date)

Acambis plc(UK; ACAM)

Bharat Biotech International Ltd.* (India)

Manufacturing and marketing deal relating to Acambis' ChimeriVax-JE vaccine against Japanese encephalitis

Bharat will be responsible for end-stage fill/finish processing and would market the vaccine in India and neighboring countries; terms were not disclosed (11/8)

Cell Genesys Inc. (CEGE)

Genzyme Corp. (GENZ)

Genzyme acquired CellGenesys' manufacturing operation in San Diego to support its gene therapy programs

Cell Genesys gets $3.2M in cash in the deal; most of the approximately 40 employees there have become Genzyme employees

Cobra Bio-manufacturing plc (UK; AIM:CBF)

Advaxis Inc. (OTC BB:ADXS)

Cobra will manufacture experimental and commercial supplies of Advaxis' Listeria cancer vaccines

The deal supersedes a prior agreement; the initial product will be the Lovaxin C vaccine; terms of the deal were not disclosed (11/7)

CombiMatrix Group (CBMX)

Cold Spring Biotech* (China)

Cold Spring will distribute CombiMatrix products and services in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong

Cold Spring will market CustomArrays and CatalogArrays under undisclosed terms (1/12)

CombiMatrix Group (CBMX)

Novavax Inc. (NVAX)

Collaboration to develop an improved process for producing Novavax's H5N1 bird flu vaccine

They will use CombiMatrix's technique for in-process monitoring of vaccine production in the effort, terms of which were not disclosed (11/9)

CombiMatrix Group (CBMX)

CyGenics Ltd. (Australia; ASX:CYN)

Nonexclusive deal for the distribution of CombiMatrix products and services

CyGenics subsidiary Cell Sciences Pte. Ltd. will sell CustomArrays and CatalogArrays in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Hong Kong and Indonesia (11/30)

Deltagen Inc. (PK:DGEN)

Charles River Laboratories International Inc. (NYSE:CRL)

Charles River will exclusively supply Deltagen's knockout mice repository

Charles River will be the sole-source provider of the materials on a worldwide basis (1/9)

Dendritic Nano-technologies Inc. *

Lumera Corp. (LMRA)

Deal to develop surface chemistries suitable for applications on Lumera's label-free array reader

The deal focuses on Lumera's Proteomic-Processor product; terms were not disclosed (11/10)

Gen-Probe Inc. (GPRO)

Molecular Profiling Institute Inc.*

Deal to accelerate development of cancer diagnostic products from Gen-Probe

Molecular Profiling will help validate and commercialize up to four products, and provide certain contract research services; Gen-Probe acquired a minority interest in Molecular Profiling (10/26)

GenTel BioSurfaces Inc.*

Abnova Corp.* (Taiwan)

Deal to develop custom multiplex immunoassays

GenTel's PATH Protein Microarray System will be used in the effort; terms of the deal were not disclosed (11/9)

Omnia Biologics Inc.*

Lentigen Inc.*

Nonexclusive deal regarding the manufacturing of clinical-and research-grade lentiviral vectors

Each may refer clients to the other party for its respective services; additional terms were not disclosed (12/6)

Paladin Labs Inc. (Canada; TSE:PLB)

Nuvo Research Inc. (Canada; TSE:NRI)

Paladin acquired additional rights in Canada to the oseoarthritis product Pennsaid

Paladin subsidiary Squire Pharmaceuticals Inc. is making an up-front payment to Nuvo, providing ongoing royalties, and investing C$0.5M through a three-year convertible note (1/17)

Pluristem Life Systems Inc. (Israel; OTC BB:PLRS)

Biological Industries Ltd.* (Israel)

Deal for the global distribution of joint serum-free media products designed for hematopoietic and mesenchymal stem cells

They will use Pluristem's PluriX bioreactor in the effort; Pluristem gets a license fee equal to 5% of sales of serum-free media for seven years (10/20)

Strand Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.* (India)

Stratagene Corp. (STGN)

Deal to develop a suite of next-generation bioinformatics software tools

Stratagene will exclusively market resulting products, which will use Strand's Avadis technology (12/8)

Third Wave Technologies Inc. (TWTI)

Genzyme Corp. (GENZ)

They formed a preferred marketing agreement for Third Wave's Invader UGT1A1 Molecular Assay

Genzyme Genetics will provide testing for colorectal cancer patients in North America who may or are taking the cancer drug Camptosar; terms were not disclosed (10/27)

Three Rivers Pharmaceuticals LLC*

Samaritan Pharmaceuticals Inc. (AMEX:LIV)

Samaritan got rights to distribute the amphotericin B product Amphocil in Greece and Cyprus

Amphocil is indicated for the treatment of invasive aspergillosis; terms of the deal were not disclosed (12/14)

Tripos Inc. (TRPS)

InforSense Ltd.* (UK)

Companies will integrate drug discovery platforms

Terms of the deal were not disclosed (12/12)


* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.

Unless otherwise noted, stock symbols listed are on the Nasdaq market.

AIM = Alternative Investment Market; AMEX = American Stock Exchange; ASX = Australian Stock Exchange; NYSE = New York Stock Exchange; OTC BB = Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board; TSE = Toronto Stock Exchange;

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