A Diagnostics & Imaging Week

Guardian Technologies International (Herndon, Virginia), a developer of intelligent imaging informatics solutions, said that, on March 30, it entered into a distributor agreement with EGC International (Pompano Beach, Florida).

EGC will act as exclusive distributor of Guardian Technologies' PinPoint and FlowPoint software products in South America and as a nonexclusive distributor in Spain, Portugal and Southern France. EGC is an international systems integrator specializing in information technology.

"The addition of EGC to our international distributor network broadens our marketing and sales reach, moves us one step further in our international growth strategy, and provides us access to the largely underserved Latin American marketplace," said Michael Trudnak, Guardian's CEO. "Our market research pointed to Latin America as a key international target and EGC as the partner to represent our products."

EGC is authorized to distribute and license Guardian Technologies' Pinpoint and FlowPoint products to end-users in the authorized areas. EGC is responsible for the licensing and distribution of such products, as well as on-site installation and product support services. The agreement contains minimum revenue requirements as follows: for the twelve month period commencing six months after the date of the agreement, the minimum amount is $2 million; for the next succeeding 12-month period, the minimum amount is $3 million; and for the second succeeding 12-month period and each subsequent 12-month period, the minimum amount is $5 million.