Zoll Medical (Chelmsford, Massachusetts), a manufacturer of non-invasive cardiac resuscitation devices, reported an agreement with the American Red Cross (Washington) to make Zoll's existing automated external defibrillator (AED), the AED Plus, more accessible to the public and businesses nationwide through the Red Cross network of local chapters, as an accessory to cardiopulmonary resuscitation and AED training.

The Red Cross will focus on increasing defibrillation awareness by providing access to AEDs and AED ancillary items in conjunction with its mission to provide lifesaving CPR/AED training.

Richard Packer, Zoll's president and CEO, said, “Working with the Red Cross affords Zoll, and other AED manufacturers, the opportunity to potentially educate thousands of people about defibrillation and allows us to increase the number of defibrillators available to the public.“

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