Biotech Co.*

Pharma Co.

Type/Product Area

Terms/Details (Date)

Ablynx NV*

Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Ablynx will use its Nanobody platform to discover and develop candidates against a GPCR target specified by P&G

Ablynx gets R&D funding and potential milestone and royalty payments; P&G is responsible for any development and sales (7/19)


Elan Corp. plc (Ireland)

Acorda acquired U.S. rights to Zanaflex (tizanidine), a drug marketed for spasticity

The deal includes a newer, approved capsule formulation; Elan will supply the capsule, and retains its manufacturing rights; terms of the deal were not disclosed (7/28)


Nycomed Group (Denmark)

Nycomed got European rights to AI-700, an ultrasound contrast agent in Phase III trials

Acusphere gets $12M in up-front and research payments over two years and up to $58M in regulatory and sales milestones, as well as royalties on any sales (7/7)


Eli Lilly and Co.

Advancis acquired U.S. rights to the Keflex brand of cephlexin, an antibiotic with 2003 sales of $4M

Advancis paid Lilly $11M for the exclusive rights; it plans to apply its Pulsys delivery technology to develop the product further (7/1)


Merck & Co. Inc.

Deal to develop and sell RNAi therapeutics for ocular diseases, the second collaboration between the companies

Alnylam gets an up-front payment and milestones totaling up to $19.5M; they will share costs and revenues; Alnylam has a co-promotion option for the U.S. (6/30)

Biosciences Corp.*

F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. (Switzerland)

Roche will use Ambit's kinase- screening platform to profile and select small-molecule kinase inhibitors

Ambit could receive milestone payments and royalties on resulting drugs; concurrently, Roche led Ambit's $21M Series C financing (8/26)


F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. (Switzerland)

Anadys will apply its drug discovery capabilities to help advance an undisclosed Roche compound

Under the third deal between the companies, Anadys will get R&D funding and potential milestones and royalties on the product (7/29)


Ortho Neutrogena Division (unit of Johnson & Johnson)

Exclusive worldwide deal on Anika's hyaluronic acid-based cosmetic tissue-augmentation therapy

Anika gets $1M up front and milestones upon approval in the U.S. and Europe, as well as for hitting sales and development targets; Anika also would get royalty and transfer payments; Ortho will fund the ongoing Phase III trial and other R&D (7/26)

Antisoma plc

EMD Lexigen Research Center Corp. (affiliate of Merck KGaA; Germany)

Antisoma gained exclusive rights to BC1-IL12 after acquiring EMD's half-stake

Antisoma plans to accelerate development of the preclinical cancer drug, which now will be known as AS1409; terms were not disclosed (7/26)

Aphton Corp.

Daiichi Pure Chemicals Co. Ltd. (Japan)

Collaboration to develop and sell gastrin-related diagnostic kits for gastrointestinal cancers

Daiichi will develop the kits and have worldwide manufacturing and supply rights; Aphton has commercialization rights outside Asia (6/23)


Besins International Holdings

Ascend got exclusive North American rights to Andrin (transdermal dihydrotesosterone gel)

Andrin, which is being tested for low testosterone levels in older men, uses Ascend's EHG gel technology; terms were not disclosed (7/7)

Nordic A/S

GlaxoSmithKline plc (UK)

GSK will manufacture and market Bavarian's Imvamune smallpox vaccine to most international markets

Bavarian retains responsibility for a contract with the NIH; the companies will collaborate on future U.S. government programs; terms were not disclosed (7/15)

Benitec Ltd.
(Australia; ASX:BLT)
and Promega

Merck & Co. Inc.

Merck got a nonexclusive worldwide research license to practice DNA-directed RNAi technology

The license does not cover downstream commercial rights for therapeutic development; terms were not disclosed (7/5)


Sigma-Tau SpA (Italy)

Understanding on deal for Sigma-Tau to use BDSI formulation and delivery technology with different compounds, with a focus in oncology

Under the proposed license, BDSI would get $250,000 up front and $750,000 for milestones leading to the first IND; BioDelivery then could earn milestones and royalties on sales (7/28)


Siemens AG (Germany)

Collaboration in the area of gene- expression modeling and simulation

They are combining Siemens' BioSim product with Biomax's BioXm expression analysis tool; terms were not disclosed (8/18)


Pfizer Inc.

Biovation will apply its immunogenicity technology to drugs designed by Pfizer

Biovation will receive research revenues; further terms were not disclosed (8/12)


Roche Diagnostics (Switzerland)

Bioventix licensed sheep monoclonal antibodies to Roche

Roche will use the antibodies in the development of diagnostic products; terms were not disclosed (8/18)**

(joint venture of
Celera Genomics
Group and Applied
Biosystems Group)

Merck & Co. Inc.

Deal to identify novel targets for drug discovery and diagnostic markers related to Alzheimer's disease

Merck will fund research at Celera and make certain clinical milestone payments, as well as royalties on any resulting sales; Merck gets rights for therapeutic applications in Alzheimer's disease and for certain other neurological disorders, while Celera retains diagnostic rights (7/28)

Genomics Group
(NYSE:CRA) and
Celera Diagnostics

General Electric Co.

Collaboration to accelerate discovery and development of products for personalized medicine

The first project supports GE's development of imaging agents for cancer, and the second is in bioinformatics; specific terms of the deal were not disclosed (7/12)


Abbott Laboratories

Deal to develop antibodies and small molecules against overexpressed cell-surface proteins associated with cancer

Abbott will screen protein antigens identified by Celera; the companies would either jointly share costs and revenues, or work under a milestone and royalty structure; Celera also could get milestone payments (7/7)


Strakan Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (UK)

Strakan gained responsibility for registering and selling the transdermal testosterone gel Tostrex in Europe

Cellegy could receive up to $5.75M in up-front and milestone payments, along with a double-digit royalty on sales; the product is being reviewed in Sweden (7/13)

Cellomics Inc.*

GE Healthcare
(unit of General Electric Co.)

Deal to develop an interface that permits high-content screening analysis

Cellomics will develop and sell software that combines GE's subcellular imaging instruments and Cellomics' high-content informatics platform (6/29)

Cellomics Inc.*

GE Healthcare (unit of General Electric Co.)

Nonexclusive worldwide license deal covering Cellomics' high- content screening technology

They also entered a limited-term deal under which GE will broker sublicense deals for the technology; terms were not disclosed (6/22)

Cepheid Inc.

Roche Diagnostics (Switzerland)

Cepheid gets nonexclusive worldwide rights to PCR-related patents in the field of in vitro human diagnostics

Roche gets a license fee and royalties on any covered products; the deal excludes human identity testing and detecting pathogens for blood-bank screening and plasma fractionation (6/24)

Cerus Corp. (CERS) and
Baxter International Inc.

BioOne Corp.

Definitive agreement under which BioOne will commercialize the Intercept Blood System for platelets in Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore

Baxter and Cerus each received an up-front payment of $2.5M, and each would get Baxter another $7.5M upon approval of the deal by BioOne shareholders, as well as contingent milestones and royalties; as part of the deal, Cerus made a $1.2M equity investment in BioOne (7/29)

Diversity Labs

Merck KGaA (Germany)

CDL was selected as the preferred provider for screening libraries of lead-like small compounds

The deal through 2006 has an extension option; they will determine compounds to be synthesized by CDL for early screening at Merck; terms were not disclosed (7/6)

Systems Inc.
(Canada; TSE:CHR)

Centocor Inc. (unit of Johnson & Johnson)

Chromos will develop cell lines for potential use in the clinical and commercial manufacture of two therapeutic proteins

Chromos will use its Artificial Chromosome Expression System in the effort; Centocor will have the option to use the cell lines after the deal's research phase; terms were not disclosed (8/19)

Codexis Inc.*

Pfizer Inc.

Nonexclusive collaboration involving process R&D for some of Pfizer's small-molecule human therapeutics

The multiyear deal includes up-front payments, technology-access fees and milestones that could total $40M; Pfizer also is making a $10M equity investment; the deal involves multiple projects per year, each of which could generate additional payments to Codexis (7/26)

Crucell NV
(the Netherlands;


Wyeth licensed Crucell's PER.C6 cell line for preclinical adenoviral vector-based research and development

Crucell gets an up-front payment and annual maintenance fees; further details were not disclosed (8/25)

Crucell NV (the Netherlands; CRXL) and DSM Biologics (the Netherlands)

GlaxoSmithKline plc (UK)

GSK licensed Crucell's PER.C6 technology for preclinical use related to recombinant monoclonal antibody products

Crucell and DSM get an up-front payment and annual maintenance fees; further terms were not disclosed (8/13)


Abbott Laboratories

Option and license deal for development of vitamin D receptor activators (VDRAs) for treating renal disease

The deal continues a 20-year partnership in the area between Abbott, Hector DeLuca (now president and CEO of Deltanoid) and the University of Wisconsin; Abbott got rights to a new generation of VDRAs (7/22)

Diversa Corp.

GlaxoSmithKline plc (UK)

Diversa will develop chemistry processes required to advance a GSK anti-infective compound into clinical development

GSK gets an option to further develop the compound and obtain exclusive worldwide rights in exchange for milestone payments, option and license fees, and royalties to Diversa; if the option is not exercised, Diversa would pay royalties on any sales (7/19)


Merck & Co. Inc.

Deal covering DOV's triple-uptake inhibitors being developed for depression and related psychiatric disorders

Merck licensed exclusive worldwide rights to DOV 21,947, which is in Phase I, for all indications and to DOV 216,303 for depression, anxiety and addiction; DOV gets $35M up front, up to $300M in milestone payments and up to $120M for reaching sales thresholds, as well as royalties on any sales (8/5)


Shionogi & Co.
Ltd. (Japan)

Collaboration to develop and sell Enanta's EP-013420 for respiratory tract infections in Japan and certain other countries in Asia

Enanta gets an up-front payment and equity investment, and could earn undisclosed milestone and royalty payments; Enanta retains rights in the rest of the world to the compound, which is nearing Phase I trials (7/27)

Enzo Biochem

plc (UK)

GSK gets a nonexclusive license to RNA/DNA labeling, detection and amplification technology

The deal was made with Enzo subsidiary Enzo Life Sciences for generating genomic information; terms were not disclosed (7/20)


Altana Pharma AG (Germany)

Deal to evaluate approaches to molecular profiling of tissue specimens from cancer patients

Europroteome will use its collection of purified human cancer cells in the deal, terms of which were not disclosed (7/1)

Evotec OAI

Seikagaku Corp. (Japan)

Collaboration to identify small- molecule therapeutics against Seikagaku targets in inflammatory diseases

Evotec will develop assays and screen compounds, and further characterize those that are active; further details were not disclosed (8/11)


Chiesi Farmaceutici SpA (Italy)

GB licensed worldwide rights to Chiesi's CHF3381, which is being developed for treating neuropathic pain

Phase II trials are expected to begin in 2Q:05; terms of the deal were not disclosed (8/10)



Collaboration to discover and develop biomarkers for diagnostic and therapeutic applications in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

GenData is providing access to its biomedical research repository; terms were not disclosed (8/12)

GeneGo Inc.*

Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.

BMS licensed GeneGo's MetaCore data-mining suite

Terms of the deal were not disclosed (8/10)

Gene Logic

NV Organon (the Netherlands)

Organon will use Gene Logic's toxicogenomics platform to help assess and prioritize its preclinical pipeline

Gene Logic will provide services for 18 months; Organon previously had licensed use of Gene Logic's GeneExpress System database (7/28)


Sejong Capital plc (South Korea)

Entered letter of intent to form joint venture to sell Generex's Oralin and the RapidMist diabetes management system in India, China and Australia

Sejong is investing $25M in the venture and purchasing $5M of Generex stock at $2.50 per share; Generex will own 51% of the joint venture (6/24); Sejong (now Charmed Capital plc) increased its equity commitment to $6M (8/25)

Geron Corp.

Procter & Gamble Co.

P&G got a nonexclusive license to human telomerase reverse transcriptase technology

The license covers research applications; P&G will study the regulation of cell function and develop biological assays for screening; terms were not disclosed (7/7)

Therapeutics Inc.

Baxter Healthcare Corp.

Baxter will sell Enhanze SC, Halozyme's recombinant human hyaluronidase enzyme, for certain indications in the U.S. and Puerto Rico

They would be equal partners in the commercialization of the product, for which an NDA filing is expected in 1Q:05 for use as a spreading agent; they may negotiate on other territories; terms were not disclosed (8/16)

Icagen Inc.*

McNeil Consumer & Specialty Pharmaceuticals (unit of J&J)

Deal to jointly develop and sell ICA-7043, which has completed Phase II trials in sickle cell disease

Icagen gets an up-front payment and potential milestones; they will share expenses and profits in the U.S., and Icagen would get royalties on any non-U.S. sales (6/29)

Icon Genetics

Berlex Inc. (unit of Schering AG; Germany)

Deal to evaluate expression levels and quality of certain Berlex preclinical proteins

The candidates will be expressed in transgenic plants using Icon's magnICON bio-manufacturing platform technology; terms were not disclosed (8/17)


Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Japan)

Deal to develop drugs for high blood pressure, building on work against hypertension targets discovered in Lexicon's Genome5000 program

Takeda gets exclusive access to all drug targets from the program that control blood pressure, and takes over all development work and costs; Lexicon gets $12M for the original three-year term; Lexicon also can get research, development and launch milestones for each product, as well as royalties on sales (7/28)


Undisclosed pharmaceutical company

The company subscribed to LifeSpan's DrugTarget Database

The deal is valued at $2M; the subscriber will nominate 50 additional genes for study and inclusion in the expanded database over a two-year period (8/23)


Procter & Gamble

Collaboration to design new drugs for treating diabetes, based on a P&G target

Locus gets an up-front fee and research support to fully identify and characterize all binding sites on the target protein; Locus will design molecules, to which P&G could gain rights in exchange for milestones and royalties (7/26)

Medinox Inc.*

PUMC Pharmaceutical Co. (China)

PUMC will be responsible for selling NOX-100 for treating septic shock patients in China and South Korea

Medinox could receive milestone payments and royalties on any sales; the product, also named Norathiol, has completed Phase I/II trials (8/16)


F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. (Switzerland)

Extended by two years their PDE4 collaboration that began in 2002

Under the extension, Roche committed at least 18 months and $5.25M in research funding for Memory (8/10)


Kirin Brewery Co. Ltd. (Japan)

Collaboration to develop dendritic-cell vaccines in multiple indications, starting with cancer and HIV

Kirin made an equity investment in Merix; they will jointly develop products and would share profits; Merix would market products in the U.S. and Kirin in Asia, with Europe to be decided (6/22)

Biosystems Inc.
(Canada; TSE:MBX)

GE Healthcare (UK)

Microbix will develop recombinant adenoviruses for use with GE's subcellular imaging systems

Terms of the contract were not disclosed (7/26)

Biotech Inc.
(Canada; TSE:MBI)

Strata Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Deal to develop MBI-226, a compound in Phase III trials for preventing catheter- related infections

Strata gets exclusive rights in North America and Europe; Micrologix gets $2M up front and up to $30M in milestones, as well as a double-digit royalty on any sales; Strata takes over responsibility for further development and manufacturing (8/3)


Merck & Co. Inc.

Merck got a research license to patents on single-chain antibodies held by Micromet and Enzon Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Micromet gets an up-front payment and annual maintenance fees, which will be shared with Enzon (7/15)


GlaxoSmithKline plc (UK)

GSK will exclusively market Integrilin in Europe, following reacquisition of those rights from Schering-Plough Corp.

Millennium is entitled to license fees, milestone payments and royalties on sales in Europe; the terms with Schering-Plough remain in place outside Europe (6/23)

Technologies Inc.

Guidant Corp.

Collaboration on Miravant's PhotoPoint cardiovascular programs

Guidant is providing $3M up front and up to $7M in support, as well as milestones through Phase I trials; details on rights were not disclosed (7/6)

ML Laboratories

Unnamed company

Deal to develop a combination of two established respiratory medications in ML's C200 dry-powder inhaler

ML's respiratory division Innovata Biomed could get £7.5M (US$13.7M) in access fees and milestones; it also could get £9M in development fees, as well as royalties on sales (6/24)


Centocor Inc. (unit of Johnson & Johnson)

Centocor exercised an option to retain a commercial license for HuCAL antibodies directed against a Centocor target in inflammatory diseases

MorphoSys gets an undisclosed license payment; the collaboration began in December 2000 and includes a Centocor option on development of antibodies against up to 30 different target molecules (8/25)


Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH (Germany)

Deal to develop a therapeutic antibody against an undisclosed target molecule involved in cardiovascular diseases

MorphoSys will generate the antibody, which BI will develop and market; MorphoSys can get milestone and royalty payments; BI exercised its option to use MorphoSys technology under a February 2003 deal (8/16)

Morphotek Inc.*

Baxter Healthcare Corp.

Baxter will support development and manufacturing of a Morphotek antibody

The product is Morphotek's lead cancer therapeutic antibody, MORAb-003; terms of the deal were not disclosed (8/10)


DSM Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Nabi exercised its option to acquire full rights to Aloprim

The intravenous form of allopurinol is marketed to help control elevated uric acid levels; Nabi has had U.S. distribution rights since 1999 (6/30)

Nektar Therapeutics (NKTR)

Pfizer Inc.

Pfizer will apply Nektar's pegylation technology to a product under development

Nektar will receive milestone and manufacturing payments, as well as royalties on any sales; Enzon Pharmaceuticals Inc. would get a share of any Nektar royalties or profits (8/2)

NexMed Inc.

Schering AG

Schering got rights to Alprox-TD in Europe, Russia, Australia, the Middle East, South Africa and New Zealand

NexMed is eligible to receive milestone payments and to share revenue from any sales of the erectile dysfunction cream treatment in the covered territories (7/6)

NicOx SA
(France; Nouvea

Pfizer Inc.

Pfizer gained an option to license worldwide rights to early stage nitric oxidedonating compounds in an undisclosed field

NicOx gets €1M up front and another €1M in six months; it would get €35M in milestone payments if a product is commercialized, as well as royalties on sales (8/26)

Norak Biosciences

H. Lundbeck A/S (Denmark)

Lundbeck exercised its option to screen another GPCR target of interest using Norak's Transfluor technology

The option was covered in their December 2002 agreement; terms were not disclosed (8/10)


Nippon Shinyaku Co. Ltd. (Japan)

Optimer acquired exclusive rights to develop and sell prulifloxacin in the U.S.

Prulifloxacin is a fluoroquinolone antibiotic on the market in Japan; terms of the deal were not disclosed (6/28)

Paion GmbH*

Forest Laboratories Inc.

Deal covering the U.S. and Canada for Paion's plasminogen activator desmoteplase, which has completed Phase II trials

Paion got an up-front payment and could get milestones and royalties; Forest will fund development in its licensed countries; Paion retains rights in the rest of the world (7/6)


King Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Deal to commercialize Palatin's Phase II product PT-141 for treating male and female sexual dysfunction

Palatin gets $20M up front, including a $5M equity investment, and up to $100M in development and regulatory milestones; another $130M could be paid if sales targets are met; they will share costs and revenues in North America, and share any revenues from collaborators elsewhere (8/13)

ProMetic Life
Sciences Inc.
(Canada; TSE:PLI)

plc (UK)

ProMetic will provide GSK access to its affinity purification technology

ProMetic will develop affinity materials and purification process steps for proteins of interest to GSK; terms were not disclosed (7/6)

Replidyne Inc.*

Daiichi Suntory Pharma (Japan)

Replidyne obtained rights to faropenem daloxate, a clinical compound for bacterial infections

Daiichi gets undisclosed up-front and potential milestone and royalty payments; Replidyne's rights are exclusive in the U.S. and Canada, and it has an exclusive option to everywhere else but Japan (8/17)

unit of Sangui
International Inc.;

German pharmaceutical company

Companies intend to develop a hemoglobin wound spray for chronic wounds based on Sangui's artificial oxygen carrier

The deal was expected to be signed in August; the pharmaceutical company would market the product worldwide and pay BioTech royalties on any sales (6/21)

GenomiX Inc.*

Shire Biochem Inc. (Canada)

SGX acquired worldwide rights to Troxatyl, an agent in Phase I/II trials for acute myelogenous leukemia

SGX will make an undisclosed up-front payment, and make potential milestone and royalty payments; it plans to move into Phase II in early 2005 (7/29)


Merck & Co. Inc.

Collaboration to discover oral drugs for viral infections; Sunesis will supply a series of compounds for the effort

Sunesis gets an up-front payment and annual license fees, as well as potential milestones and royalties; Merck gets worldwide rights and is responsible for development (7/27)

SurroMed Inc.*

Merck & Co. Inc.

SurroMed will analyze pre-clinical samples from Merck using proteomics technology

The companies expanded and extended the previously undisclosed deal on biological marker discovery; terms were not disclosed (7/7)


Eli Lilly and Co.

TransForm will use its informatics technologies to conduct formulation work on preclinical candidates

TransForm will retain rights to use any new tools developed in the work; terms of the deal were not disclosed (7/28)


Novo Nordisk
A/S (Denmark)

Novo exercised its option from November 2003 to license Transition's Islet Neogenesis Therapy for diabetes

Transition gets a $4.6M equity investment and up to $48M in up-front and development milestone payments, as well as potential commercial milestones and royalties; Novo gets worldwide rights (8/23)


Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research Inc.

Novartis exercised its option to license exclusive worldwide rights to Vernalis' Hsp90 oncology program

Novartis will pay $1.5M up front and make a $9M equity investment for about 4.6% of Vernalis; including milestones, total payments to Vernalis could exceed $75M if two products reach market; it also would get royalties on sales (8/9)


Merck & Co. Inc.

Global deal to develop and sell VX-680, Vertex's lead Aurora kinase inhibitor, which is nearing clinical trials in cancer

Vertex gets $20M up front, $14M in research funding over two years, and up to $350M in milestones, including $130M for approval in the first cancer indication; Merck had development and marketing responsibilities and would pay royalties; Vertex has a co-promotion option; they also will research follow-on compounds and applications outside oncology (6/22)


Schering-Plough Corp.

Schering-Plough exercised its option to license pleconaril in the U.S. and Canada for treatment of the common cold

ViroPharma gets a $10M license fee and up to $65M in regulatory and commercial milestone payments, as well as royalties on any sales; the option stems from a November 2003 deal on an intranasal form of the drug (8/23)


Novo Nordisk A/S (Denmark)

Novo licensed rights outside the U.S. to interleukin-28A, IL-29 and IL-31, under an existing option agreement

ZymoGenetics gets license fees along with undisclosed potential milestone and royalty payments; the technology could have applicability in viral infections and cellular infiltration and inflammation (7/6)


# The information in the chart does not cover agricultural agreements or those between biotech companies.

* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.

** Denotes date item ran in BioWorld International.

Unless otherwise noted, stock symbols listed are on the Nasdaq market.

AMEX = American Stock Exchange; ASX = Australian Stock Exchange; CSE = Copenhagen Stock Exchange; FSE = Frankfurt Stock Exchange; LSE = London Stock Exchange; NYSE = New York Stock Exchange; OTC BB = Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board; TSE = Toronto Stock Exchange.

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