Details (Date)

Aclara BioSciences Inc. (ACLA)

Cell Signaling Technology Inc.*

CST reagents in conjunction with Aclara's eTag Assay System

Companies signed a supply and license agreement under which Aclara can use and resell the reagents (12/4)

Avid Bioservices Inc. (subsidiary of Peregrine Pharmaceuticals Inc.; PPHM)

Undisclosed company

Agreement for manufacturing a recombinant protein for use in upcoming clinical trials

Avid also will provide regulatory support; terms and details were not disclosed (11/24)

Avid Bioservices Inc. (subsidiary of Peregrine Pharmaceuticals Inc.; PPHM)

Medipharm Biotech Co. Ltd.* (China)

Agreement for manufacturing of Medipharm's tumor necrosis therapy antibody

Avid will provide process development and manufacturing services to support launch of radiolabeled product in China (11/18)

Avid Bioservices Inc. (subsidiary of Peregrine Pharmaceuticals Inc.; PPHM)

Undisclosed company

Agreement to manufacture monoclonal antibodies for upcoming clinical trials

Avid also will provide the undisclosed firm regulatory support for submission of an IND for clinical trials (10/29)

Barrier Therapeutics Inc.*

Alliance Pharmaceuticals Ltd.* (UK) and Neopharm Ltd.* (Israel)

Marketing, sales and distribution agreements for Barrier's initial products

Alliance would sell products in the UK and Scandinavia, and Neopharm would sell in Israel and Turkey; initial efforts focus on Zimycan, a product being developed for Candida-associated diaper dermititis (12/9)

Biobase GmbH* (Germany)

Molecular Connections* (India)

Molecular Connections' NetPro protein-interaction database

Biobase will distribute NetPro on a worldwide, nonexclusive basis (12/5)

BioVest International Inc.*

BioE Inc.*

Supply agreement on antibodies for BioE's stem cell isolation system

BioE will provide cell lines, which BioVest will optimize for growth and antibody production; terms were not disclosed (10/28)

Cangene Corp. (Canada; TSE:CNJ)

BioGeneriX AG* (Germany)

Cangene's recombinant human growth hormone

BioGeneriX will be the sole distributor of the product in Europe; terms were not disclosed (10/29)

Cambrex Corp. (NYSE:CBM)

Ortec International Inc. (OTC BB:ORTN)

Ortec's tissue-engineered product, OrCel

Cambrex will provide manufacturing services for the product under a six-year deal (10/30)

Epitomics Inc.*

Ventana Medical Systems Inc. (VMSI)

Epitomics will create rabbit monoclonal antibodies for Ventana

The antibodies are expected to be used in reagents for diagnostic applications; terms were not disclosed (11/18)

GenoMed Inc. (OTC BB:GMED)

PhenoMed* (Malaysia)

Agreement under which PhenoMed will market GenoMed's medical genomics services in the Asia-Pacific region

The partnership is designed to expand GenoMed's ability to market services in the region (10/24)

NeoPharm Inc.* (NEOL)

Avanti Polar Lipids Inc.*

NeoPharm's cardiolipin-based transfection reagents, NeoPhectin and NeoPhectin-AT

Avanti will market the line of products to its customers worldwide; terms were not disclosed (11/21)

Oxford Gene Technology* (UK)

Amersham plc (USK: LSE:AHM)

Agreement expanding the scope of Amersham's rights to OGT's DNA microarray patents

Amersham gets rights to patents in sequence variation and analyzing poly- nucleotide sequences; Amersham also can sublicense the technology

Protein Polymer Technologies Inc. (OTC BB:PPTI)

Spine Wave Inc.*

Amendment of relationship calls for PPTI to supply product for clinical trials and prepare for commercial manufacturing

The product is an injectable protein-based formulation for the repair of spinal discs; PPTI said it would receive about $1.2M under the revised deal (12/12)

Sirna Therapeutics Inc. (RNAI)

Archemix Corp.*

ARC183, an antithrombin aptamer

Sirna will manufacture and supply the product for preclinical development through Phase IIa trials (10/27)

Transgenomic Inc. (TBIO)

Intercell AG* (Austria)

Contract for production of an Intercell immune-stimulating oligonucleotide that is a vaccine component

Transgenomic will provide various services under the contract, including manufacture of preclinical material (11/18)


# The information in the chart does not cover agricultural agreements.

* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.

Unless otherwise noted, stock symbols listed are on the Nasdaq market.

LSE = London Stock Exchange; NYSE = New York Stock Exchange; OTC BB = Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board; TSE = Toronto Stock Exchange.