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10th Floor, South Tower
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5J 1V6
Phone: 416-645-6600

John Mendlein, chairman and CEO
Privately Held


Integrative Proteomics Inc. uses a proprietary combination of technologies, including mass spectrometry, NMR spectroscopy and X-ray crystallography, to build an integrated platform for high-throughput pharmaceutical target function and structure interrogation. IPI was formed in August 2000 through the merger of Chalon Biotech Inc., which focused on structural proteomics and purified proteins production, and Borealis Biosciences Inc., which focused on protein-protein interaction.

The Pharmaceutical Proteomics Platform consists of the ProteoWorks Platform for rapid, parallel production of recombinant proteins; the ProteoActive Platform for protein-protein interactions and therapeutic relevance whose data is compiled in a database used to prioritize targets for drug discovery; and the ProteoVision Platform for the acceleration of protein structure determination to guide small-molecule design.

In May 2001, IPI said it completed a first-pass interrogation of proteins responsible for intracellular functions in staphylococcus. The company analyzed more than 1,700 genes and manufactured nearly 1,000 different bacterial proteins in sufficient quantity and quality to interrogate their function and structure.


Functional mapping of bacterial proteomes: University of Toronto.

Collaboration and license agreement to generate a set of about 3.5 million “data points”: Aurora Biosciences Corp.

Strategic alliance of several technology development and collaboration agreements focusing on multidisciplinary proteomics technologies: Bruker AXS Inc., Bruker Daltonics Inc. and Bruker Instruments Inc., members of the Bruker BioSpin Group.