251 Attwell Drive
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M9W 7H4
Phone: 416-644-5100

Frank Gleeson, president and CEO
Majority-owned subsidiary of MDS Inc.


MDS Proteomics Inc. focuses on proteomics-enabled drug discovery using its proteomics systems, supercomputing and drug design competencies to bridge the gap between gene discovery and therapeutic development. The company’s platform integrates mass spectrometry, cell signaling, high-performance supercomputing and drug discovery to understand the complexity of human biology and exploit that knowledge.

MDS Proteomics is working in functional proteomics to map cellular pathways, identifying proteins for later use in collaborations for drug discovery and development. Its research programs are identifying, selecting and validating protein targets for both antibody and small-molecule therapeutics, with a focus on the receptors and cell pathways in oncology.


MDS Proteomics has a collaboration with the IBM Life Sciences Unit to develop solutions to computationally intensive biotechnology problems. In addition, the company has a partnership with Abgenix Inc. to develop and commercialize antibodies against a range of diseases. The Abgenix collaboration calls on MDS Proteomics to use its proteomics systems to identify up to 150 targets for antibody development.

MDS Proteomics also has partnerships with other companies to improve its technologies and develop new products to identify protein-protein interaction and protein analysis. Partners include Agilent Technologies Inc., CRS Robotics Corp., MDS PharmaServices Inc., MDS Sciex, Partners HealthCare and Zyomyx Inc.