Total: $59.8M

Company (Symbol)#

Type Of Financing

Number Of Shares, Units Or Warrants (M)

Amount Raised (M)

Investors; Placement Agents; Details (Date)@

Advanced Viral Research Corp. (OTC BB:ADVR)

Credit line financing



Company said the original deal for a $20M equity line of credit was increased to $50M; the credit line was constructed by The May Davis Group (2/16)

Antares Pharma (Switzerland; MEDJ)

Private placement of common shares

1.2S (plus warrants to purchase 0.3S)


Antares Pharma completed a US$7M private placement; participants included several banks and institutional investors (2/6)

BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. (BMRN)

Equity financing



BioMarin entered into an agreement with Acqua Wellington North American Equities Fund Ltd. for equity funding of up to $50M over the next 20 months; the agreement includes an initial purchase of $1M of common stock by Acqua Wellington (2/1)

BioPulse International Inc. (OTC BB:BIOP)

Bridge financing



BioPulse completed a $3M bridge financing; terms were not disclosed (2/7)

Columbia Laboratories Inc. (AMEX:COB)

Equity financing



Columbia entered an equity financing agreement with Acqua Wellington North American Equities Fund Ltd. for up to $20M over a 24-month period (2/8)

Heska Corp. (HSKA)

Private placement of common shares



Heska raised $5.7M in a private placement in which Wells Fargo Van Kaspar acted as financial adviser (2/7)

Igen International Inc. (IGEN)

Equity financing



Igen entered into a $60M, 28-month equity financing facility with Acqua Wellington North American Equities Fund Ltd. that called for an initial equity financing of $3M (2/12)

La Jolla Pharmaceutical Co. (LJPC)

Private placement of common stock



J.P. Morgan Partners (formerly Chase Capital Partners) was the lead investor; La Jolla has about 35M shares outstanding after the placement; Pacific Growth Equities Inc. served as placement agent (2/6)

NeoTherapeutics Inc. (NEOT)

Private placement of common stock



NeoTherapeutics sold 1.6M shares to Amro International at a 15% discount to the market price, raising $3.5M (2/15)

NexMed Inc. (NEXM)

Line of credit



NexMed entered into an agreement with a U.S. financial institution for a $5M line of credit (2/21)

Pheromone Sciences Corp. (Canada; CDNX:PHS)

Special warrant private placement


C$2 US$1.31

Pheromone raised US$1.31M in the placement of 2M special warrants, each exercisable into one common share and half of a warrant (2/26)

Samaritan Pharmaceuticals (OTC BB:SPHC)

Equity financing



Samaritan gained access to $20M in funding through Fusion Capital Fund II LLC; Fusion will buy $400,000 worth of Samaritan stock per month until the $20M is exhausted; this is an amended deal to one made in November for $10M in funding (2/7)


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