Biotech Co (Country/ Symbol) Pharma Co (Country/ Symbol) Type/ Product Area Amount (M) Terms/Details (Month)
3-Dimensional Pharmaceuticals Inc. (DDDP) Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. (NYSE:BMY) Increase in Bristol-Myers commitment to purchase ThermoFluor high-throughput screening workstations from three to seven, as well as the removal of a nonexclusive licensed to 3DP s protein expression/refolding technology and a nonexclusive licence to 3DP s GPCR structural genomics database $4.5 The modification will result in the return of $4.5M to Bristol-Myers of the $23.5M in up-front fees (12/00)
Abgenix Inc. (ABGX) Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE) Expansion and extension of 12/97 antibody collaboration using Abgenix s XenoMouse technology to generate therapeutic antibodies ND Companies extended agreement two years and agreed to include up to two additional antigen targets, raising the total number of possible product candidates to five; Pfizer will be responsible for development, manufacturing and marketing; Abgenix will receive a fee to extend the agreement and could receive research, license and milestone fees, plus royalties (2/00)
Advanced Tissue Sciences Inc. (ATIS) Smith & Nephew (UK; NYSE:SSN) Restructuring of 4/96 joint venture (JV) agreement for Dermagraft, ATS tissue-engineered skin replacement product ND Companies agreed to restructure JV as a result of delays in U.S. commercialization of Dermagraft; except for $10M in regulatory approval and reimbursement milestones related to Dermagraft in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers, ATS has agreed to make all other milestones subject to, and payable from, JV earnings exceeding certain minimum levels; in return, the JV will pay ATS royalties on sales; other than these changes, revenues and expenses will continue to be shared; in addition, ATS will sell its Dermgraft manufacturing assets to a company its raw material inventories to the JV; some of those revenues will be used to pay off a loan from S&N (2/00)
Affymetrix Inc. (AFFX) Merck & Co. Inc. (NYSE:MRK) Upgrade to 10/96 technology access agreement for Affymetrix's GeneChip array technology ND Under EasyAccess Silver agreement, Merck gains access to standard and custom GeneChip arrays, instrumentation and software for monitoring gene expression; Merck also obtained a license to produce and use nucleic acid arrays for gene-expression monitoring as part of internal research efforts (6/00)
Alizyme plc (UK; LSE:AZM) SmithKline Beecham plc (UK; NYSE:SBH) Elimination of royalty payments in return for a one-time payment 3 (US$4.4) Alizyme renegotiated its license with SmithKline for ATL-1251, removing any royalty payments in return for 3M to be paid following market approval (11/00**)
Amersham Pharmacia Biotech (owned by Nycomed Amersham plc; UK; NYSE:NYE; and Pharmacia Corp.; NYSE:PHA) Beckman. Coulter Inc. (NYSE:BEC) Extension of collaboration to develop capillary coatings and matrices to meet requirements of CE in DNA sequencing and fragment analysis applications ND Extension of ongoing relationship that has been established through efforts on several projects (3/00)
Anesta Corp. (NSTA) Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT) Renegotiation of U.S. marketing rights under 12/89 agreement cover ing oral transmucosal products including Actiq, an FDA-approved product for breakthrough cancer pain ND Anesta will have primary responsibility for the sales and marketing of Actiq in the U.S; Abbott will continue to manufacture and distribute the product (3/00)
Aradigm Corp. (ARDM) SmithKline Beecham plc (UK; NYSE:SBH) Renegotiation of rights to the AERx Pain Management System ND Aradigm will assume full control and responsibility for conducting Phase IIb and later trials (12/00)
ARIAD Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ARIA) Aventis Pharmaceuticals Inc. (unit of Aventis SA; France; NYSE:AVE) Sale to Aventis of joint venture established 3/97 to identify human target genes for drug discovery $42 ARIAD sold the Hoechst-ARIAD Genomics Center LLC to Aventis for $40M in cash, the return of 3M shares of Series B convertible preferred stock, forgiveness of approximately $2M of long-term debt, drug candidates and related technologies resulting from a four-year osteoporosis collaboration, and the right to use certain technologies developed by the Genomics Center (1/00)
Array BioPharma Inc. (ARRY) ICOS Corp. (ICOS) Expansion of their existing drug discovery collaboration to include process research and manufacturing ND ICOS has exclusive worldwide rights to develop and market any products resulting from the collaboration; since the collaboration began in 1999, scientists identified an inhibitor of PDE4 (8/00)
Array BioPharma Inc. (ARRY) Merck & Co. Inc. (NYSE:MRK) Expansion of existing collaboration ND The companies will collaborate to design and synthesize small-molecule libraries exclusively for Merck s drug discovery activities; Array will develop processes for the synthesis of each library in colaboration with Merck scientists and utilize its high-speed synthesis and parallel purification platforms; financial terms were ND (9/00)
Aurora Biosciences Corp. (ABSC) Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE) Expansion of 6/99 technology access agreement for Aurora's genomics platform ND Agreement will include additional functionality for the Automated Master Compound Store; Pfizer also exercised option to license GenomeScreen technology for assay development, specifically Aurora's retroviral vectors (3/00)
Aurora Biosciences Corp. (ABSC) Merck & Co. Inc. (NYSE:MRK) Expansion of 12/97 agree ment providing access to Aurora's fluorescent assay technologies, ultra-high throughput screening system (UHTSS and screen development and screening services ND Companies added two amendments to agreement; the first provides for additional assay development and screening by Aurora of a group of G protein-coupled receptors isolated by Merck; the second entails modifications of UHTSS (4/00)
Axonyx Inc. (AXYX) Ares-Serono (Switzerland) Exercise of licensing option under 5/99 agreement covering Axonyx's platform anti-amyloid peptide technology $22.50 Ares exercised licensing option for the technology, triggering final negotiation for a worldwide exclusive licensing agreement under which Axonyx will receive up to $22.5M, milestones and royalties (5/00)
Axys Pharmaceuticals Inc. (AXPH) Merck & Co. Inc. (NYSE:MRK) Extension of collaboration for a fifth year ND The companies extended their osteoporosis drug discovery collaboration until November 2001 (11/00)
CeNeS Pharmaceuticals plc (UK; LSE:CEN) Bioglan Pharma plc (UK) Expansion of 1/00 col laboration on pain control and drug delivery $13.74 Bioglan obtains rights to market and distribbute Moraxen, a new formulation of morphine, in Europe (excluding the UK and Ireland) plus exclusive rights to develop and market selected compounds using CeNeS DepoCore drug delivery system; CeNeS will obtain an exclusive license from Bioglan to develop a selected compound using one of Bioglan's drug delivery technologies; CeNeS rights to an opioid product will be extended to include Japan, Australasia and Asia; Bioglan will invest 9M (US$13.74M) in CeNeS equity (4/00)
Chromagen Inc. Merck & Co. Inc. (NYSE:MRK) Expansion of 1999 collaboration ND Chromagen will use its High Performance Signal Amplification platform technologies and StarBright fluorophores to develop assays for evaluating cell signaling pathways and genes as targets for Merck s drug dis covery program (3/00)
Chromagen Inc. DuPont Pharmaceuticals Co. (NYSE: DD) Second extension of 5/98 assay development and drug screening agreement ND Chromogen will develop assays and screen compounds generated in DuPont's internal drug discovery program (4/00)
CollaGenex Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CGPI) Isdin SA (Spain) Extension of marketing rights ND Companies extended marketing rights for Periostat, CollaGenex s periodontal disease therapeutic, to include Greece (10/00)
Corixa Corp. (CRXA) Wyeth Lederle Vaccines Expansion of 3/94 agreement originally signed with Ribi ImmunoChem Research (acquired 10/99 by Corixa) for access to adjuvants ND Wyeth gains access to an oil-based formulation of Corixa's MPL adjuvant and adds several infectious disease fields, including HIV, to original supply and license agreements (3/00)
Coulter Pharmaceutical Inc. (CLTR) SmithKline Beecham plc (UK; NYSE:SBH) Companies amended 12/98 agreement to jointly develop Bexxar, a radiolabeled monoclonal antibody to treat non-Hodgkin's lymphoma ND Coulter reacquired rights to Bexxar outside the U.S.; companies also signed co-promotion agreement that will temporarily use Coulter's sales force for the U.S. promotion of two SmithKline oncology products, Hycamtin and Kytril (4/00)
Chrysalin BioTechnology Inc. OrthoLogic Corp. (OLGC) Expansion of 1/99 agreement covering fracture healing indications for Chrysalin (synthetic 23amino-acid peptide) in the U.S. $2 OrthoLogic will pay Chrysalin a one-time fee of $2M, plus milestones and possible royalties to expand license to include all orthopedic indications and extend agreement worldwide (7/00)
Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CBST) Novartis Pharma AG (Switzerland; NYSE:NVS) Extended collaboration ND Companies extended the collaboration begun in February 1999 in which Cubist recently achieved a milestone for the delivery of a novel anti-infective target and drug discovery assay; the alliance is extended for one year (11/00)
DGI BioTechnologies LLC Novo Nordisk A/S (Denmark; NYSE:NVO) Expansion of 6/99 collaboration using DGI s Diogenesis drug lead discovery platform ND Updated agreement provides supplemental funding to support accelerated pace of research (3/00)
Discovery Therapeutics Inc. Schwarz Pharma AG (Germany) Expansion of 1998 agreement for Parkinson Patch SPM-962 (which delivers a novel dopamine agonist) to include Japan $5M Discovery received a $5M equity investment for the expansion; as with other territories, Schwarz is handling clinical development and marketing (9/00)
Diversa Corp. (DVSA) Novartis Agribusiness Biotechnology Research Inc. (unit of Novartis AG; Switzerland; NYSE:NVS) Expanded collaboration to use Diversa s evolution technologies to develop and optimize synthesis routes to crop protection chemicals ND Diversa will receive research payments, milestones and product royalties (10/00)
Emisphere Technologies Inc. (EMIS) Novartis Pharma AG (Switzerland; NYSE:NVS) Execution of option under 12/97 agreement to acquire an exclusive license to develop oral calcitonin for osteoporosis ND Emisphere will receive royalties on sales, an up-front fee and potential milestones; Novartis receives exclusive worldwide rights to develop and commercialize, in conjunction with Emisphere, oral salmon calcitonin; Novartis will be responsible for clinical development, marketing and commercialization (2/00)
Emisphere Technologies Inc. (EMIS) Novartis Pharma AG (Switzerland; NYSE:NVS) Extension and expansion of 12/97 collaboration for oral delivery of calcitonin to include second compound ND Emisphere will receive a cash payment as a result of the expansion; companies will select a second drug candidate and Novartis will have nine months to exercise an option to acquire an exclusive worldwide option to develop and commercialize the compound; Novartis will pay milestones and royalties on any sales, and will make equity investments at Emisphere s option (3/00)
Emisphere Technologies Inc. (EMIS) Eli Lilly and Co. (NYSE:LLY) Expansion of 2/97 development and research collaboration for oral formulations of Forteo and Humatrop utilizing Emisphere's proprietary drug delivery technology $2 The new agreement provides for supplemental research and development funding; Emisphere will immediately receive a $2M milestone payment under the terms in the previous agreement (6/00)
Exelixis Inc. (EXEL) Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. (NYSE:BMY) Expansion of 9/99 technology access and research agreement under which Exelixis identifies the mechanism of action for pharmaceutical compounds received from Bristol-Myers ND Bristol-Myers will double its committed research funding for the remainder of the agreement (6/00)
Gene Logic Inc. (GLGC) Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals Expanded collaboration giving Gene Logic access to human heart tissue samples ND Agreement is focused on heart failure and osteoporosis; Gene Logic will include the samples in its GeneExpress Suite and P&G will become a CustomSuite subscriber (12/00)
Genome Therapeutics Corp. (GENE) Schering-Plough Corp. (NYSE:SGP) Extension of 12/96 human genomics alliance to discover asthma therapeutics ND Companies extended $76M agreement through at least 12/01 (5/00)
Genome Therapeutics Corp. (GENE) Schering-Plough Corp. (NYSE:SGP) Extension through 9/01 of a 1995 genomics re search collaboration to develop anti-infectives for drug-resistant bacteria $43.50 Genome Therapeutics has utilized its bioinformatics to identify and validate genes and associated proteins as drug discovery targets for Schering; announced in 1995 as a potential $43.5M alliance, excluding royalties, the collaboration has achieved five milestones peutics delivering multiple assays for validated targets and the commencement of highthroughput screening for drug candidates by Schering (7/00)
Genome Therapeutics Corp. (GENE) Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. (NYSE:BMY) Extended licensing agreement for the PathoGenome database ND Bristol-Myers researchers will continue to use the database to identify new gene targets to discover therapies for bacterial and fungal infections; Bristol-Myers will continue to have nonexclusive access to the database and will pay annual subscription fees, milestone payments and royalties (12/00)
Geron Corp. (GERN) Pharmacia Corp. (NYSE:PHA) Exercise of option to extend 3/97 collaboration to discover and develop telomerase inhibitors ND Companies extended the research term and compound selection period one additional year to 3/02; Geron will receive additional research funding as part of extension (1/00)
Geron Corp. (GERN) Kyowa Hakko Kogyo Co. (Japan) Extension of 4/95 collaboration to discover and develop a telomerse inhibitor for treatment of cancer (Asian markets) ND Companies extended the research term and compound selection period one additional year to 3/02; Geron will receive additional research funding as part of extension (2/00)
GLYCODesign Inc. (Canada) Seikagaku Corp. (Japan) Expansion of 11/99 research and development collaboration to identify small-molecule, orally active Core 2 transferase inhibitors displaying antiinflammatory activity, providing Seikagaku with the options to develop and license one of the compounds for treatment of inflammation C$25 (US$16.9) Seikagaku gains additional drug development and licensing options in three additional disease areas: cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes; GLYCODesign will receive an undisclosed up-front equity invest ment, milestone and success payments in each new disease area, and royalties on future sales; the value is estimated to be C$25M if Seikagaku exercises all the available options (9/00)
Human Genome Sciences Inc. (HGSI) SmithKline Beecham Corp. (NYSE:SBH) Expercise of option in joint collaboration for development and commercialization of repifermin for wound care ND SKB exercised its first co-right option to jointly develop and commercialize repifermin; the option was part of the June 1996 agreement (10/00)
Hyseq Inc. (HYSQ) Kirin Brewery Co. Ltd. (Japan) Expansion and extension of 10/98 agreement to use Hyseq's Gene Discovery platform to target novel genes involved in cell growth regulation from specific cell lines provided by Kirin ND Based on favorable results thus far, companies expanded agreement to include potential drug candidates outside the field of cell growth factors; agreement has been extended through 11/00 to allow additional time to finalize product candidates for further development (5/00)
ICOS Corp. (ICOS) Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT) Change in 1995 agreement covering LFA-1 for inflammation ND ICOS acquired marketing rights for all compounds in all indications worldwide; Abbott will receive royalties on any marketed products (6/00)
Incyte Genomics Inc. (INCY) Eli Lilly and Co. (NYSE:LLY) Expansion of 12/96 database subscription agreement ND Lilly signed on as the first subscriber to Incyte s single nucleotide polymorphism database and extended its subscription to Incyte s LifeSeq Gold sequence and expression database (1/00)
Incyte Genomics Inc. (INCY) Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT) Expansion of 12/95 database subscription agreement ND Abbott gains access to Incyte s singlenucleotide polymorphism platform (2/00)
Incyte Genomics Inc. (INCY) Aventis Research & Technologies GmbH & Co. KG (unit of Aventis SA; France; NYSE:AVE) Expansion of collabora tion; Incyte has had agreements with Rhone Poulenc SA and Hoechst AG (since merged to form Aventis) ND Incyte expanded its agreement with Aventis to include access to Incyte's custom SNP program and will focus on identifying individual single nucleotide polymorphisms that affect drug metabolism (6/00)
Incyte Genomics Inc. (INCY) Eli Lilly and Co. (NYSE:LLY) Expansion of 12/96 database subscription agreement; companies will collaborate on the development of therapeutic proteins ND Eli Lilly will obtain options to license multiple therapeutic protein patents from Incyte (6/00)
Karo Bio AB (unit of Karo Bio AB; Sweden; SSE:KARO) Merck & Co. Inc. (NYSE:MRK) Two-year extension to drug discovery collaboration on estrogen receptors ND The collaboration has been successful in design and synthesis of selective compounds (10/00)
Karo Bio AB (unit of Karo Bio AB; Sweden; SSE:KARO) Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. (NYSE:BMY) Extension of 10/97 delveopment agreement focused on the development of substances acting selectively on thyroid hormone receptor as a way to regulate dysmetabolic syndromes while sparing cardiovascular side effects ND The two companies have created first-generation drugs and will now focus on developing second-generation lead compounds (7/00)
LION Bioscience AG (Germany; LEON) Bayer AG (Germany) Expansion of existing bioinformatics IT partnership into the field of pharmacophore informatics $25 Bayer will make a US$25M up-front payment,which includes a licensing fee, research and development funding, and milestone payments between now and March 2003; LION and Tripos Inc. (TRPS) will retain all rights for the immediate resale of the software systems and solutions developed during the collaboration (10/00)
Maxygen Inc. (MAXY) Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE) Expansion of research and commercialization agreement in the area of biochemical manufacturing ND In a May 1998 agreement, Maxygen used its MolecularBreeding technology to improve the selectivity of a biosynthetic pathway essential to the manufacture of a pharmaceutical product sold by Pfizer; exppanded collaboration includes commercial terms for the process improved by Maxygen; Maxygen will earn research and commercial milestones and a percentage of all manufacturing cost savings; Pfizer also will fund Maxygen to further improve the pathway (9/00)
MediChem Research Inc. (MCLS) AstraZeneca (UK; NYSE:AZN) Renewal of drug discovery collaboration ND The 12-month renewal integrates MediChem s medicinal chemistry and parallel synthesis teams to provide the AstraZeneca R&D Charnwood site with high-quality synthetic libraries to advance its drug discovery programs; financial terms were ND (8/00)
Metabasis Therapeutics Inc. Sankyo Co. Ltd. (Japan) Extension of 12/97 collaboration on inhibitors of the gluconeogenesis pathway, which is responsible for the overproduction of glucose in the liver of patients with Type II diabetes ND Metabasis will receive an additional year of research funding, which extends the sponsored research portion of the agreement to 5/01 (2/00)
Metabolex Inc. Parke-Davis (unit of WarnerLambert Co.; now Pfizer Inc.; NYSE:PFE) Addition of second collaboration to 1/99 diabetes deal, initially focused on insulin secretion $50 New collaboration will focus on the use of genomics to discover and develop therapeutics that treat Type II diabetes by counteracting insulin resistance; Metabolex will receiveup to $50M through an up-front license fee, an equity investment and milestones; Metabolex will also receive royalties on sales of resulting products; Parke-Davis gains exclusive worldwide rights to products (5/00)
Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc. (MLNM) Kyowa Hakko Kogyo Co. Ltd. (Japan) Extension of 4/97 agreement originally signed with LeukoSite (acquired by Millennium in 1999) to discover and develop new treatments for inflammatory and autoimmune diseases ND Agreement extended one year; Millennium receives research funding and milestones, and could receive royalties on any resulting products (3/00)
Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc. (MLNM) Eli Lilly and Co. (NYSE:LLY) Extension of 10/95 research collaboration in cardiovascular disease ND The five-year partnership, originally due to expire in 10/00, will continue at least through 10/01 (6/00)
Molecular Biosystems Inc. (OTC BB:MBIO) Mallinckrodt Inc. (NYSE:MKG) Restructuring of 4/96 agreement for Optison ultrasound contrast agent ND Mallinckrodt gains full control of the Optison business, including responsibility for intellectual property disputes, clinical development, manufacturing and real estate; new deal follows settlement of patent dispute involving Nycomed Amersham plc and Sonus Pharmaceuticals Inc.; MBI will receive an ongoing royalty of 5% on sales by Mallinckrodt and Nycomed in the Mallinckrodt territory (worldwide, excluding Japan, South pay $7M to Mallinckrodt as part of intellectual property settlement (5/00)
Myriad Genetics Inc. (MYGN) G.D. Searle & Co. (unit of Monsanto Co.; now Pharmacia Corp.; (NYSE:PHA) Expansion of 11/98 collaboration covering use of Myriad s ProNet technologies for drug target discovery $13 Companies expanded agreement from two to three disease pathways; additional pathway ND; Myriad will receive research funding, license fees and milestone payments of up to $13M, plus royalties (1/00)
Myriad Genetics Inc. (MYGN) Bayer Corp. Extension to the proteomics collaboration through Dec. 31, 2002 ND The research program, using Myriad s ProNet technology, has already discovered six candidate therapeutic targets in dementia for Bayer; the collaboration now will focus on important biological pathways involved in the cause of obesity (12/00)
NaPro Bio Therapeutics Inc. (NPRO) F.H. Faulding & Co. Ltd. (Australia) Expansion of 1/95 development and marketing collaboration for NaPro s paclitaxel ND Companies expanded agreement to provide Faulding exclusive rights in all of Central America, South America, Mexico, South Africa and certain additional territories in Southeast Asia and the Middle East (6/00)
Neose Technologies Inc. (NTEC) Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. (NYSE:BMY) Expansion of 6/98 agreement to develop ganglioside components for two oncologic vaccines at BMS $3.70 Neose will provide additional process development services and received $3.7M to cover the additional services and delivery of GMP materials (5/00)
Neurocrine Biosciences Inc. (NBIX) Taisho Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Expanded collaboration providing Taisho the exclusive rights to develop and commercialize Neurocrine s altered peptide ligand for diabetes in North America and other countries outside of Europe and Asia $100 Original agreement made in July 2000 was for Europe and Asia; the two companies will collaborate in the worldwide clinical development of NBI-6024 and Neurocrine will receive funding; the deal, which includes licensing fees, purchase fees, milestones and development expenses, is valued at up to $100M (12/00)
Oxford BioMedica plc (UK; LSE:OXB) Aventis Pharmaceuticals Inc. (unit of Aventis SA; France; NYSE:AVE) Extension of 12/98 collaboration that gave Aventis rights to use BioMedica s Hypoxia Response Element (HRE) in gene therapy for cardiovascular disease ND Under the new agreement, Aventis will have access to BioMedica's proprietary LentiVector gene delivery vectors in cardiovascular gene therapy product research and development programs (6/00)
OSI Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OSIP) Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE) New licensing agreement for Phase II anticancer compound, CP-358,774 (OSI-774), that emerged from collaboration begun in 8/93 ND OSI gains all development and marketing rights to CP-358,774 (OSI-774); OSI will receive royalty-free license to all rights for the further development and commercialization of the product; Pfizer had to license the compound to OSI because WarnerLambert Co., which Pfizer acquired, was developing a similar product (7/00)
Packard BioScience Co. (PBSC) and BioSignal Packard Inc. (unit of Packard BioScience Co.; PBSC) AstraZeneca R&D Montreal (Canada) Expanded screening contract US$5.5 The contract follows on the heels of a three-year contract between AstraZeneca and BioSignal, which ended in September; BioSignal s technologies will be used to test AstraZeneca s combinatorial compound libraries against a defined selection of G protein-coupled receptors (10/00)
Paradigm Genetics Inc. (PDGM) Monsanto Co. (unit of Phar macia Corp.; NYSE:PHA) Expanded 11/99 collaboration in functional genomics, now including Renessen LLC as an affiliate ND Paradigm and Monsanto will work through Renessen LLC (joint venture of Monsanto and Cargill) to perform genetics research aimed at improving the yields of the most valuable components of grains (4/00)
Pharmacopeia Inc. (PCOP) Pharmacia Corp. (NYSE:PHA) Restructuring of 12/98 two-year drug discovery collaboration ND Pharmacia terminated agreement six months early and paid Pharmacopeia a termination fee, which will give Pharmacopeia the same revenue that it would have received under full two-year collaboration; under a new agreement, Pharmacia s rights to all lead compounds have terminated; however, Pharmacia intends to repurchase certain rights to two classes of novel lead compounds identified by Pharmacopeia under the original collaboration (7/00)
Pharmagene plc (UK; LSE:PGN) Kyowa Hakko Kogyo Ltd. (Japan) Renewed agreement for one year ND Pharmagene provides KHK full access to its Phase ZERO preclinical testing service; agreement began in 1997 (11/00)
Phase-1 Molecular Toxicology Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH (Germany) Expansion and extension of agreement for toxicological screening of preclinical drug candidates ND New agreement adds three years for a total term of six years; Phase-1 will provide molecular and cellular toxicology services, technologies and software (1/00)
PowderJect Pharmaceuticals plc and PowderJect Vaccines Inc. (UK; LSE:PJP) Glaxo Wellcome plc (UK; NYSE:GLX) Glaxo purchased additional DNA vaccine license in an undisclosed disease area using PowderJect's delivery technology under 3/98 agreement $1.75 Glaxo paid $1.75M in new license and option fees and has now exercised five options to purchase licenses for infectious disease prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines (3/00)
PPD Discovery (unit of PPD Inc.; PPDI) Aventis SA (France; NYSE:AVE) Expanded functional genomics alliance ND Aventis will fund scientists to develop new therapeutic agents in oncology, inflammation, cardiovascular disease and central nervous system disorders (11/00)
Protein Design Labs Inc. (PDLI) American Home Products Corp. (NYSE:AHP) Exercise of option under 1999 agreement covering humanization of monoclonal antibodies under PDL's patents ND AHP exercised option for nonexclusive license to PDL's antibody humanization patents in order to market Mylotarg (gemtuzumab ozogamicin; FDA-approved cancer drug developed by Celltech Chiroscience plc) in Japan and other Asian countries; AHP obtained nonexclusive license for the same product in 1999 covering the U.S. and Europe; PDL will receive a signing and licensing fee, and will be entitled to annual maintenance fees and royalties on sales (5/00)
Proteome Inc. Merck & Co. Inc. (NYSE:MRK) Expansion of agreement for access to Proteome s BioKnowledge Library of other model organisms ND Merck gains access to Proteome s Human Proteome Survey Database of human, mouse and rat proteins, and also access to the G protein-coupled receptor proteome database (9/00)
QLT PhotoTherapeutics Inc. (Canada; QLTI) CIBA Vision (unit of Novartis AG; Switzerland; NYSE:NVS) Expansion of 2/95 partnership for photodynamic therapies for eye disease that covers Visudyne (verteporfin; FDAapproved) for age-related macular degeneration ND Companies agreed to broaden collaboration to actively develop other compounds used either alone or in combination with photodynamic therapy agents to treat diseases characterized by neovascularization in the eye; research and development will be conducted and managed jointly; companies will share equally in costs and revenues; CIBA retains the main responsibility for sales and marketing (4/00)
Questcor Pharmaceuticals Inc. (AMEX:QSC) Dainippon Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Japan) Restructuring of 1/98 agreement; termination of antibacterials collaboration and license agreement for discovery and development of therapeutics using Questcor s ppGpp degradase and peptide deformylase technology $2 Questcor will receive a $2M up-front payment, milestones and potential royalties; Dainippon gains an exclusive worldwide license for use of the technology to develop pharmaceuticals; Questcor retains the right to co-promote products in Europe and the U.S.; antibacterial research collaboration terminated (2/00)
Sangamo BioSciences Inc. (SGMO) Baxter Healthcare Corp. (unit of Baxter International Inc.; NYSE:BAX) Expansion of 1/00 collaboration to develop and commercialize therapeutics for ischemic cardiovascular and peripheral vascular diseases $7.50 Baxter exercised an option to acquire a three-year right of first refusal to Sangamo s future cardiovascular therapeutic candidates based on zinc-finger DNA binding proteins; Baxter made an option payment of $7.5M (3/00)
SciClone Pharmaceuticals Inc. (SCLN) Sigma-Tau SpA (Italy) Expanded 4/99 marketing agreement for Za daxin, SciClone s immune system enhancer; original agreement gave Sigma-Tau semi-exclusive rights in Italy and Spain, and exclusive rights in Switzerland ND Sigma-Tau acquired exclusive development and marketing rights in Europe and will fund the pan-European pivotal Phase III hepatitis C trial of Zadaxin; Sigma-Tau also will fund more than one-third of SciClone s similar U.S. trial; SciClone will receive an up-front equity investment, milestones and revenues from manufacturing Zadaxin (3/00)
Scios Inc. (SCIO) Eli Lilly and Co. (NYSE:LLY) Extension of 4/97 research collaboration focusing on finding potential drugs that will prevent the progression of Alzheimer s disease by inhibiting amyloid buildup ND The collaboration will now run through 2001 (5/00)
Sequitur Inc. Pharmacia Corp. (NYSE:PHA) Expansion of functional genomics license agreement ND Companies expanded the agreement that supplies Sequitur s antisense compounds to Pharmacia for use in target validation studies; Pharmacia will fund collaborative research and will pay antisense material charges and licensing fees (12/00)
SkyePharma plc (UK; SKYE) Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE) Addition to development agreement of 3/00 with Pfizer; SkyePharma is using its proprietary DepoFoam sustained-release injection technology to formulate a Pfizer compound ND ND (5/00)
Sonus Pharmaceuticals Inc. (SNUS) Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT) Modification of agreement for EchoGen (perflenapent emulsion), an ultrasound contrast agent ND Companies modified U.S. marketing agreement to allow the parties to discuss alternative methods of marketing, selling and distributing EchoGen in the U.S. market; Abbott gains option to either market and distribute EchoGen in the U.S. or to terminate existing marketing agreement; option ends 3/31; no payments were made for the modification and none will be made during the period of Abbott s option; if Abbott opts to market EchoGen, the parties have agreed to negotiate an amendment to the existing marketing agreement by 4/30 (2/00)
Sonus Pharmaceuticals Inc. (SNUS) Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT) Restructuring of 5/96 agreement for EchoGen ultrasound contrast agent ND Abbott is returning U.S. marketing rights and materials related to EchoGen, but continues manufacturing EchoGen until mid2002; the move eliminates remaining obligations of Sonus to share net profits or up-front license fees with Abbott under 11/99 restructuring of relationship (4/00)
Therion Biologics Corp. Aventis Pasteur (unit of Aventis SA; France; NYSE:AVE) Expanded agreement in therapeutic cancer vaccines ND Companies agreed to expand length and scope of existing collaboration, permitting the study of additional tumor-associated antigens for use in pox virus-based vaccines to treat melanoma, colorectal and lung cancers; companies expect to enter Phase III trials with ALVAC-CEA/B7.1, a vaccine to treat colorectal cancer; Therion will receive new license fees, additional milestone payments and future royalties; Aventis gains worldwide sublicense to Therion s rights to NY-ESO-1, a tumor associated antigen, as well as the right to use other antigens relevant to these diseases (10/00)
Transkaryotic Therapies Inc. (TKTX) Aventis SA (France; NYSE:AVE) Reacquisition of worldwide commercial rights to GA-II ND TKT expects to initiate a Phase II test of the protein next year; Aventis will continue development of TKT s Gene-Activated protein Dynepo (12/00)
Trega Biosciences Inc. (TRGA) Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH (Germany) Expansion of 1/00 agreement for custom synthesis of exclusive solution phase compound libraries ND Companies entered a second agreement for custom synthesis; libraries will be delivered to Boehringer with associated information (5/00)
Vivus Inc. (VVUS) Paladin Labs Inc. (Canada) Exclusive distribution and marketing rights for Muse ND Paladin gained rights for Muse, a treatment for erectile dysfunction, in Canada (11/00)
Xoma Ltd. (XOMA) Allergan Inc. (NYSE:AGN) Expansion of 6/99 development collaboration for ophthalmic anti-infective product that combines rBPI (recombinant bactericidal permeability-increasing protein) with antibiotics to treat bacterial eye infections ND The amended agreement provides for additional milestone payments; Allergan will continue to pay all future development costs and Xoma will be entitled to royalties on net sales worldwide on all Allergan antiinfective products that incorporate rBPI; a Xoma affiliate will manufacture rBPI for Allergan (5/00)


Biotech Co (Country/ Symbol) Pharma Co (Country/ Symbol) Type/ Product Area Amount (M) Terms/Details (Month)
Active Biotech AB (Sweden; ACTIB) SmithKline Beecham plc (UK; NYSE:SBH) The two companies agreed to terminate the collaboration on traveler s diarrhea vaccines ND Active Biotech has taken back the worldwide rights for the ETEC vaccine project; the ongoing Phase III trials in Mexico and Guatemala are continuing according to plan; all international marketing rights for the SBL cholera vaccine have also been transferred back to Active Biotech; Active will receive a license for Sweden for a second brand of its Havrix vaccine to prevent hepatitis A infections and will be marketed by Active Biotech s Swedish marketing organization, SBL Vaccin (8/00)
Alkermes Inc. (ALKS) Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) J&J terminated 1/98 collaboration to develop sustained-release formulation of erythropoietin using Alkermes ProLease technology ND Original agreement was worth more than $30M; no reason was given for the project's end (6/00)
Anika Therapeutics Inc. (ANIK) Zimmer Inc. (unit of BristolMyers Squibb Co.; NYSE:BMY) Terminated marketing and distribution agreement for Orthovisc ND Anika and Zimmer terminated the marketing and distribution agreement or Anika s hyalurfonic acid-based treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee; Zimmer was exclusive distributor in Canada, parts of Europe and certain other territories; Zimmer has the right to distribute Orthovisc from its existing inventory through the end of 2000; the termination eliminates future milestone payments (11/00)
Axys Pharmaceuticals Inc. (AXPH) Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. (NYSE:BMY) Termination of 12/97 collaboration to develop inhibitors of hepatitis C protease NS-3 ND Axys achieved a milestone 9/98, but parties have determined that further pursuit of the HCV protease target would likely not result in a potential therapeutic (2/00)
Epimmune Inc. (EPMN) Pharmacia Corp. (NYSE:PHA) Terminated development agreement for a cancer vaccine ND Pharmacia agreed to return the patent rights and relevant technology to Epimmune (11/00)
Guilford Pharmaceuticals Inc. (GLFD) Aventis Pharma (unit of Aventis SA; France; NYSE:AVE) Guilford reacquired commercial rights to Gliadel Wafer to treat malignant brain cancer $8 The reacquisition ends the June 1996 agreement that granted Aventis marketing and distribution rights worldwide, except in Scandinavia; Guilford issued 300,000 shares to Aventis, valued at $8M; Aventis will continue marketing and distributing the product through Dec. 31 (10/00)
Hybridon Inc. (OTC BB:HYBN) G.D. Searle & Co. (unit of Monsanto Co.; now Pharmacia Corp.; NYSE:PHA) Termination of 1/96 research and development collaboration for antisense compounds; agreement was modified 7/98 to focus on inhibitors of MDM2 oncogene ND Hybridon will seek a new development partner for the program; Searle will return all licenses and grant Hybridon use of its own patents related to the agreement; Searle will receive royalties if any compounds discovered in the program are marketed (3/00)
Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc. (MLNM) AstraZeneca plc (UK; NYSE:AZN) Termination of 12/95 collaboration on drug discovery for diseases including asthma, allergic rhinitis, chronic bronchitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ND Companies mutually decided to end research phase of collaboration in order to pursue independent research efforts; Millennium received an undisclosed payment and will be entitled to receive milestones and royalties on therapeutic products resulting from targets discovered; Millennium has complete freedom to operate in the category of inflammatory respiratory disorders (1/00)
Sepracor Inc. (SEPR) Eli Lilly & Co. (NYSE:LLY) Terminated licensing and development agreement $90 Lilly terminated the agreement covering fluoxetine and will return the existing scientific data to Sepracor; fluoxetine, at the highest dose tested, demonstrated a small, but statistically significant increase in QTc prolongation, indicating that development of a lower dose would delay the NDA submission by at least two years; Sepracor has decided not to pursue the fluoxetine program at this time (10/00)
Synaptic Pharmaceutical Corp. (SNAP) Merck & Co. Inc. (NYSE:MRK) Termination of 11/93 collaboration on alphaadrenegic technology ND Merck relinquished license to the technology and related patents following Phase IIa trial results involving an a-1a antagonist for benign prostatic hyperplasia; Synaptic is seeking other licensees (3/00)
This chart does not cover agreements between biotech companies or agricultural agreements. It covers the time between 1/1/00 and 12/31/00; stocks trade on NASDAQ unless otherwise noted.
AMEX = American Stock Exchange; LSE = London Stock Exchange; NYSE = New York Stock Exchange; OTC BB = Over The Counter Bulletin Board; TSE = Toronto Stock Exchang; VSE = Vancouver Stock Exchange.
ND = Not disclosed, reported and/or available
** Denotes the date the item ran in BioWorld International.