Published May 31 (EP); May 25 (WO); May 31 (GB)

Aberdeen Univ. GB 2 344 106

Cell toxin detection

Aberdeen, UK

Yeast cells having an inserted luciferase gene; for use as a biosensor for eukaryotic cell toxins.

Akron, Univ. of WO 00/29604

Biological material production

Akron, Ohio

Production of biological materials by microorgansims that simultaneously respire aerobically or anaerobically.

Albert Ludwigs Univ. WO 00/29442

Transcription factor antibodies

Freiburg, Germany

Production of antibodies that bind a protein that binds with its coding sequence.

Anticancer WO 00/29589

Methionase tumor therapy

San Diego

Methionase, encoding gene sequences, expression vectors; for tumor treatment.

Arcaris WO 00/29565

Phenotype-associated proteins

Salt Lake City

Identifying proteins associated with a particular phenotype by screening for interactions using a two-hybrid assay.

Asahi EP 1 004 669

Differentiation inhibition

Osaka, Japan

Human delta 2 protein, encoding gene; for differentiation inhibition and growth of undifferentiated blood cells.

AstraZeneca WO 00/29590

IPC synthase inhibitors


Identifying selective IPC synthase inhibitors by using a sphingolipid synthesis assay.

Biomolec. Engin. Res. Inst. EP 1 004 672

Thermostable deoxyribonuclease

Osaka, Japan

Thermostable protein with deoxyribonuclease activity, encoding gene; for resolving intermediates in recombination.

California Inst. Technol. WO 00/29549

Low oxygen cell culture

Pasadena, Calif.

Promotion of proliferation and reduction of apoptosis in cell culture using lower oxygen concentrations.

California Inst. Technol. WO 00/29550

CNS progenitor cell culture

Pasadena, Calif.

Low oxygen culture of central nervous system (CNS) progenitor cells; for inducing enhanced differentiation.

California, Univ. of WO 00/29424

Insulin resistance diagnostics

Oakland, Calif.

Polymorphic human PC-1 sequences associated with insulin resistance, encoded proteins, antibodies, diagnostics.

Cambridge Molec. Technol. WO 00/29563

Plasmid DNA isolation

Cambridge, UK

Isolating plasmid DNA using organic solvents and denaturization of contaminating genomic DNA.

Canji WO 00/29573

p53 adenoviral vector

San Diego

Replication competent adenoviral vectors that can deliver highly effective therapeutic levels of p53.

Canji WO 00/29599

Cancer gene therapy

San Diego

Recombinant viral vectors having a therapeutic transgene linked to a late regulatory element; for cancer therapy.

Cedars-Sinai Med. Ctr. WO 00/29601 & 29602

Transgenic generation

Los Angeles

Methods for depopulating vertebrate testes and inserting transfected male germ cells; for generating transgenics.

Cell Genesys WO 00/29421

Lentiviral vector packaging

Foster City, Calif.

Methods for selecting and generating efficient packaging cells for lentiviral vectors.

Cell Genesys WO 00/29557

Envelope-defective virus

Foster City, Calif.

Indicator cell line that transcomplements envelope-defective recombinant virus; for amplifying the virus.

Children's Hosp. WO 00/29588

Respiratory infection therapeutic


Fusions of lysozyme with the carboxy terminal propeptide of surfactant protein B; for bacterial respiratory infections.

Chugai EP 1 004 313

Wasting syndrome therapeutics


Inhibitors that prevent binding of parathyroid hormone-related peptide to its receptor; for treating wasting.

Chugai EP 1 004 667

Cell cycle regulation


Cell cycle-regulating serine-threonine kinases, encoding genes; for identifying modulators.

Chugai Res. Inst. Molec. Med. EP 1 004 666

PDZ domain protein

Ibaraki, Japan

Protein with a PDZ domain whose expression is enhanced by TNFa, encoding gene; for protein-protein interactions.

Clausen, H. WO 00/29558

Glycoprotein production

Holte, Germany

Galactosyltransferase, soluble derivatives, fusion, encoding gene sequences; for recombinant production of glycoproteins.

Coastside Bio Resources WO 00/29009

Anticancer peptides

Stonington, Maine

Pentipeptides from sea cucumbers that have anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory activity.

Cortecs WO 00/29432

Ulcer therapeutics

Deeside, UK

Helicobacter pylori antigen, encoding gene sequences; for ulcer diagnostics and therapeutics.

Curagen WO 00/29622 & 29623

Single-nucleotide polymorphisms

New Haven, Conn.

Nucleic acid sequences containing single-nucleotide polymorphisms for identified transcribed human sequences.

Curagen WO 00/29846

Peroxisomal proliferator pathway

New Haven, Conn.

Proteins associated with the peroxisomal proliferator activator receptor-a mediated pathway, encoding genes.

Cyclacel WO 00/29427

Modified membrane transporter

Dundee, UK

Modified and truncated forms of the membrane transport protein penetratin.

Darwin Molecular EP 1 004 675

Progressive HIV mutation

Bothell, Wash.

Screening for nucleoside analogs causing incorrect base pairing when incorporated by HIV reverse transcriptase.

Davies, A. WO 00/29551

Autologous transplantation

Tythegston, UK

Obtaining a host cell population from a non-diseased individual; for autologous transplantation therapy.

Eiken WO 00/29571

Periodic psychosis protein


7-transmembrane protein homologous to a calcium channel protein; for diagnosing periodic psychosis.

Euro-Celtique WO 00/29443

Contraceptive antibody vaccines


Antibodies having a complementarity determining region that recognizes a reproductive function-related antigen.

Eurona Medical WO 00/29614

Prostaglandin receptor polymorphisms

Uppsala, Sweden

Human prostaglandin receptors, encoding gene sequences, polymorphic variations, antibodies.

Genentech WO 00/29584

Higher binding affinity antibodies

S. San Francisco

Antibody variants having extra amino acid residues inserted in the hypervariable region; for increased binding affinity.

Georgetown Univ. WO 00/29600

Systemic gene therapy


Viral gene therapy vector mixed with cell targeting agents; for systemic gene therapy delivery.

Gliatech WO 00/29564

Glycine transporter

Cleveland, Ohio

Human glycine transporter type 2, encoding gene sequences; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Helix Res. Inst. WO 00/29568

Inhibiting DNA label hybridization

Chiba, Japan

Nucleotide spacers having weaker bonding than normal; for inhibition of label hybridization.

Hisamitsu Pharma WO 00/29031

Nucleic acid delivery

Saga, Japan

Diaminobutyric acid residue-containing proteins for nucleic acid transport with less antigenicity; for gene therapy.

HSP Res. Inst. WO 00/29429

Stress transcription factor

Osaka, Japan

Endoplasmic reticulum stress transcription factor, encoding gene sequences; for regulating chaperone gene expression.

Human Genome Sciences WO 00/29422

31 secreted proteins

Rockville, Md.

31 human secreted proteins, encoding genes, antibodies, production methods; for diagnostic and therapeutics.

Human Genome Sciences WO 00/29435

12 secreted proteins

Rockville, Md.

12 human secreted proteins, encoding genes, antibodies, production methods; for diagnostic and therapeutics.

Icos WO 00/29446

Inhibiting macrophage infiltration

Bothell, Wash.

Macrophage infiltration inhibition following spinal chord injury with alpha-D antibodies that prevent TNF-a release.

Immunex WO 00/29581

Human TSLP polypeptides


Human TSLP polypeptides, encoding gene sequences, recombinant production methods, fragments, antibodies.

Incyte Genomics WO 00/29574

Inflammation-associated genes

Palo Alto, Calif.

Inflammation-associated genes, encoded proteins, antibodies, modulators; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Incyte Genomics WO 00/29580

Calcium binding protein

Palo Alto, Calif.

Calcium binding protein, encoding gene, antibodies, modulators; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Incyte Genomics WO 00/29583

Immunoglobulin superfamily proteins

Palo Alto, Calif.

Immunoglobulin superfamily proteins, encoding genes, antibodies, modulators; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Innogenetics EP 1 004 670

Hepatitis C genotypes

Ghent, Belgium

Hepatitis C virus genotypes, encoded proteins, antibodies; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

INSERM (Natl. Inst. Hlth. & Med. Res.) EP 1 004 664

CTL response regulation


Lacadherin or variants, encoding gene sequences; for regulating cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) responses.

Japan Sci. & Technol. WO 00/29436

Cytokine transducer modulator

Saitama, Japan

Protein that interacts with the SH3 domain of the cytokine transducer STAM, encoding gene sequences, antibodies.

Japan Sci. & Technol. WO 00/29572

Postsynaptic structure protein

Saitama, Japan

Protein that to binds S-SCAM and forms part of postsynaptic structures, encoding gene sequences, antibodies.

Japan Tobacco EP 1 004 665

Macrophage scavenger receptor homologs


Macrophage scavenger receptor-like genes from human fetal brain, encoded proteins; for cell death inhibition.

Kieff, E.D., et al. WO 00/29626

Episomal persistence

Brookline, Mass.

Rhadino virus LANA that allows episomal persistence in mammalian cells; for finding modulators.

Kramer, M. EP 1 004 668

Keratinocyte regulator

Pfungstadt, Germany

Regulatory protein pKe 83 derived from human keratinocytes, encoding gene; for diagnostics and therapeutics [in German].

Kureha Chemical EP 1 004 674

Erythrocyte elevating protein


Protein that lowers leukocytes and thrombocytes while elevating erythrocytes, encoding gene, immunological assay.

LG Chemical WO 00/29445

Autoimmune disease therapeutics

Seoul, S. Korea

Humanized antibodies that bind human 4-IBB proteins; for treating autoimmune disease and suppressing immunoresponse.

Life Technologies WO 00/29000

Recombinatorial cloning

Rockville, Md.

Enhancing recombinatorial cloning using E. coli ribosomal proteins, cloning vectors.

Long Isl. Jewish Res, Inst. WO 00/29625

Multiple drug resistance polymorphisms

Manhasset, N.Y.

Identification of differentially expressed hypermethylated gene sequences at multiple drug resistance loci.

Mass. Gen. Hosp. WO 00/29033

Gene therapy immunosuppression


Immunosuppression during gene therapy by administering a complement inhibitor with the gene.

MRC (Med. Res. Counc.) GB 2 344 107

Obesity gene


Gene that can induce obesity and/or infertility in transgenics; for therapeutics.

Merck WO 00/29423

Leukotriene B4 receptor homolog

Rahway, N.J.

G protein-coupled receptor resembling the leukotriene B4 receptor, encoding gene; for finding modulators.

Merck WO 00/29562

Plasmid DNA isolation

Darmstadt, Germany

Isolation of plasmid DNA by immobilizing microorganisms on solid phase bodies followed by subsequent lysis.

Millennium Pharma WO 00/29438

EGF-like proteins

Cambridge, Mass.

Epidermal growth factor (EGF)-like proteins, encoding genes, antibodies, transgenics; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Millennium Pharma WO 00/29577

Capsaicin receptor homologs

Cambridge, Mass.

Capsaicin/vanilloid receptor homologs, encoding gene sequences, fusions, antigenic peptides, antibodies.

Mira Diagnostica WO 00/29612

Thermostable polymerase inhibitor

Leverkusen, Germany

Oligonucleotide inhibitor of the 5'-3' exonuclease activity of thermostable polymerases.

NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.) WO 00/29556

AIDS therapeutics

Bethesda, Md.

Identification of glycospingolipids that promote HIV-1 entry into cells; for developing diagnostics and therapeutics.

NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.) WO 00/29578

mRNA transcription coactivators

Bethesda, Md.

Coactivators of mRNA transcription, encoding genes, binding agents; for treating breast adenocarcinomas.

Neose Technol. WO 00/29603

Oligosaccharide manufacture

Horsham, Penn.

Recombinant cells transfected with a gene encoding a glycosyltransferase; for oligosaccharide manufacture.

New Mexico, Univ. of WO 00/29032

Cell transfection

Albuquerque, N.M.

Heat shock protein-oligonucleotide complex; for transfecting cells during gene therapy.

New York Blood Ctr. WO 00/29559

Endothelin converting protein

New York

Kell proteins having proteolytic activity; for endothelin conversion and vasoactive intestinal peptide cleavage.

New York Univ. WO 00/29608

Protein production in urine

New York

Transgenics with therapeutic genes inserted into their urinary bladder epithelial cells; for protein production.

Nippon Meat Packers EP 1 004 238

Transplant tissues

Osaka, Japan

Transgenics having human complement regulator expressed in vascular endothelial cells; for transplant tissues.

Nitsch, R., et al. WO 00/29569

Neural disease therapy

Zolikon, Switzerland

Degeneration and cell death protection protein, encoding gene; for neurological disease diagnostics and therapeutics.

North Carolina, Univ. of WO 00/28811

Neurological disorder transgenics

Chapel Hill, N.C.

Transgenics with reduced expression of NMDA receptors; for studying neurological disorders such as schizophrenia.

Novartis WO 00/29548

Adhesive glycoprotein coupling

Basel, Switzerland

Process for coupling adhesive glycoproteins to the surface of a bulk material; for making tissue engineering scaffolds.

Novo Nordisk WO 00/29560

Thermostable a-amylase variants

Bagsvaerd, Denmark

a-amylase variants, encoding gene sequences, methods of variant generation; for increased thermostability.

Oregon Hlth. Sci. Univ. WO 00/29609

Adenocarcinoma diagnosis

Portland, Ore.

Detection of an N-terminally truncated HER-2/neu product; for adenocarcinoma prognosis and diagnosis.

Organogenesis WO 00/29553

Cultured tissue constructs

Canton, Mass.

Cultured tissue constructs having endogenously produced extracellular matrix components and lacking scaffolds.

Osiris Therapeutics WO 00/29002

In utero mesenchyme transplant


In utero transplantation of human mesenchymal stem cells; for treating fetuses.

Osiris Therapeutics WO 00/29552

Chondrogenic differentiation


Alginate layer system for chondrogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells in vitro and in vivo.

Oxford Biomedica WO 00/29428

Tumor immunotherapy

Oxford, UK

5T4 tumor-associated antigen, vector containing the encoding gene; for tumor immunotherapy.

Pacific Northwest Res. Inst. WO 00/29582

Surface receptor antigen vaccines


Cell surface receptor antigens, recombinant expression constructs encoding immune response molecules; for vaccines.

Pasteur Merieux EP 1 004 314

Polio vaccine

Lyon, France

Polio vaccine for previously vaccinated or sensitized populations that minimizes allergic reactions [in French].

Peptor WO 00/29004


Rehovot, Israel

Small functional units of antibody heavy chain variable regions; for antigen binding.

Pharmacia & Upjohn WO 00/29437

Hypoxia-inducible factor

Stockholm, Sweden

Hypoxia-inducible factor, variants, modulators; for finding modulators.

Reutter, W. WO 00/29567

Blood differentiation factors


Recombinant human glycoprotein blood differentiation factors, recombinant production methods.

Roche Diagnostics EP 1 004 677

DNA sequencing from mixtures

Mannheim, Germany

Direct, exponential amplification and sequencing of DNA from complex mixtures.

Sagami Chem. Res. Ctr. WO 00/29448

Hydrophobic domain proteins

Kanagawa, Japan

Human proteins with hydrophobic domains, encoding gene sequences, expression vectors, transfected cells.

St. Jude Children's Res. Hosp. WO 00/29434

Pneumococcal infection diagnostics

Memphis, Tenn.

Pneumococcal choline binding proteins, fragments, variants, derivatives; encoding gene sequences; for diagnostics.

Selective Genetics WO 00/29555

Protein binding partners

San Diego

Genetic package display methods for detecting and finding internalizing ligands and other protein binding partners.

SmithKline Beecham WO 00/28818

7-transmembrane receptor


Mouse 7-transmembrane receptor, encoding gene, recombinant production methods; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

SmithKline Beecham WO 00/28819

Antibacterial screens


YfiL peudouridine synthase, encoding genes, recombinant production methods; for antibacterial screens.

SmithKline Beecham WO 00/28820

Antibacterial screens


DnaB polypeptides, encoding gene sequences, recombinant production methods; for antibacterial screens.

SmithKline Beecham WO 00/29447

Proliferative disease antibodies


Antagonist antibodies to human receptor for hyaluronic acid-mediated motility; for treating proliferative diseases.

SmithKline Beecham WO 00/29547

Antibacterial screens


YfiI peudouridine synthase, encoding genes, recombinant production methods; for antibacterial screens.

Statens Serum Inst. WO 00/29561

HIV genetic vaccine

Copenhagen, Denmark

Production of nucleotide constructs with optimized codons for an HIV genetic vaccine based on early HIV isolates.

Sugiyama, H. EP 1 004 319

Wilm's tumor therapy

Osaka, Japan

Inhibition of expression of the Wilm's tumor gene using antisense, mutant genes, and other modulators.

Sumitomo Electric EP 1 004 596

1(3)mbt gene homolog

Osaka, Japan

1(3)mbt gene homolog, encoded protein, antibodies, antisense; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Sumitomo Pharma WO 00/29598

Adenoviral gene therapy vector

Osaka, Japan

Recombinant adenovirus vector having a recombinase site for inserting coding sequences to be used in gene therapy.

Takara Shuzo EP 1 004 676

DNA amplification methods

Kyoto, Japan

DNA amplification methods using nucleotide analogs; for amplifying without preliminary purification steps.

Takeda Chemical WO 00/29441

Neural therapeutics

Osaka, Japan

G protein-coupled receptor, encoding gene sequences, antibodies; for neural disease therapeutics.

Takeda Chemical WO 00/29570

Brain-expressed protein

Osaka, Japan

Brain-expressed protein with a PDZ domain similar to the activin receptor, fragments; for identifying modulators.

Tanox WO 00/29431

Allergic disease therapy


Bispecific molecules that crosslink ITIM and ITAM receptors; for inhibiting allergic disease symptoms.

Texas, Univ. of WO 00/29008

AIDS diagnostics

Austin, Texas

Diagnostic methods for determining if an HLA-Cw7-restricted cytotoxic T lymphocyte response occurs in AIDS patients.

Thomas Jefferson Univ. WO 00/29554

Tumor cell vaccine storage


Isotonic, buffered aqueous media with optimized human serum albumin; for preserving haptenized tumor cells for vaccines.

Tolin WO 00/29433

Bacterial glycoprotein polymers

Lysaker, Norway

Bacterial glycoprotein polymers; for use as infection vaccines and anti-proliferative agents against tumors.

Virginia, Univ. of WO 00/29618

Ulcer bacteria detection

Charlottesville, Va.

Amplification of DNA sequences from human stool samples; for non-invasive detection of Helicobacter pylori infection.

Wallac WO 00/29849 & 29850

Spongiform encephalopathy diagnostics

Turku, Finland

Immunoassay for the detection of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies in mammals using prion antibodies.

Yoshitomi Pharma 1 004 673

Recombinant protein production

Osaka, Japan

Culturing transfected cells in fatty acids and salts; for producing greater amounts of foreign proteins.

Zymogenetics WO 00/29430

Chromosome abnormality detection


RING finger protein family member, encoding gene sequences; for detecting human chromosomal abnormalities.

Zymogenetics WO 00/29575

Morphological development protein


Human Wnt protein, encoding gene sequences; for controlling morphological development.

Zymogenetics WO 00/29576

Lipocalin homologs


Lipocalin homologs, encoding gene sequences, antibodies; for use as antimicrobials and delivery agents.

Zymogenetics WO 00/29579

Chondromodulin-like protein


Mammalian chondromodulin-like protein, encoding gene sequences; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

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