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Pharma Co. (Country/Symbol)


Amount (M)

Terms/Details (Date)**

Access Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTC BB: AXCS)

Mipharm SpA (Italy)

Various formulations of amlexenox for treating several diseases, including mucositis, oral lichenplanus and atopic dermatitis


Mipharm gains marketing rights for Italy, Switzerland, Turkey and Lebanon; Access has granted Mipharm manufacturing rights for Europe for the products; Mipharm will make an equity investment in Access, and pay up-front licensing fees and milestones; Access also will receive a percentage of product sales in covered territories; Mipharm receives an option to license other Access products in dermatology and gynecology (3/00)

Angstrom Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Calbiochem-Novabio Corp.*

Catalogue of reagents based on the urokinase plasminochem gene activator and its receptor


Calbiochem will distribute the reagents worldwide (1/00)

Cell Pathways Inc. (CLPA)

Innovex; Livingston Healthcare Services Inc.; and Lash Group Inc.

Aptosyn (exisulind; orally active drug designed to induce apoptosis in precancerous cells; inhibits a cyclic GMP phosphodiesterase); under consideration at FDA for familial adenomatosus polyposis


Cell Pathways signed three agreements for U.S. sales and distribution of Aptosyn; Innovex will hire and train a dedicated sales force for Cell Pathways to launch and promote Aptosyn in the U.S.; Livingston will be responsible for customer service and other administrative tasks; Lash Group will develop and implement support services for Aptosyn (1/00)

ChemBlock International* (Russia)

ChemDiv Inc.*

Compound libraries


ChemDiv gains exclusive worldwide distribution rights to ChemBlock's collection for use with its Lead Generation and Rapid Analog Delivery programs (2/00)

Commonwealth Biotechnologies Inc. (CBTE)

CosmoBio Co. Ltd. and KN International LLC (both of Japan)

Commonwealth's AccuTrac DNA sequencing aid


CosmoBio and KN gain non-exclusive licenses to market the product (2/00)

Genomic Solutions Inc.*

PerkinElmer Inc. (NYSE:PKI)

Biochips and proteomic systems


PerkinElmer will have exclusive distribution rights worldwide with the exception of the U.S., UK and Japan; in those countries PerkinElmer and Genomic Solutions will sell co-branded products; companies also will collaborate to leverage intellectual property and technologies; PerkinElmer receives an equity stake in Genomic Solutions, with an option to acquire control (1/00)

Genzyme General (GENZ)

Biobras SA (Brazil)

Thyrogen (hormone for follow-up screening of patients treated for thyroid cancer)


Biobras will exclusively distribute and market Thyrogen in Brazil; Genzyme will receive a series of payments (2/00)

Hemispherx Biopharma Inc. (AMEX:HEB)

Biovail Corp. International (Canada)

Ampligen, for treatment of chronic fatigue immune deficiency syndrome (CFIDS), also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis


Biovail gains exclusive rights to market Ampligen in Canada in return for purchasing $2M in Hemispherx common shares (2/00)

Kreatech Biotechnology B.V.* (the Netherlands)

NEN Life Science Products*

ULS, a chemical labeling technique, for use with microarrays


NEN is the exclusive worldwide marketing partner, with rights to develop and sell products for both the research and diagnostic markets (2/00)

LifeCell Corp. (LIFC)

Obagi Medical Products*

Cymetra, which consists of small particles of processed acellular human tissue matrix for non-surgical soft-tissue replacement


Obagi gains rights to co-promote product to office-based dermatologists and plastic surgeons in exchange for a $1M up-front fee; Obagi will receive a co-promotion fee based on a percentage of net sales; the companies jointly will oversee the development and implementation of marketing programs; LifeCell will market Cymetra directly to hospitals and a subset of private office accounts through its own sales force (2/00)

Medarex Inc. (MEDX)

Scil Biomedicals GmbH (Germany)

Mederax's MDX-RA for prevention of secondary cataracts, and MDX-210 for the treatment of HER2 overexpressing tumors


Scil licensed development and marketing rights in Europe and the Near East for $4M up front plus royalties on sales; Scill also committed up to $25M to support further development in its territories and in North America, but is entitled to receive milestones from Medarex; Scil will pay 100% of remaining development costs for MDX-RA; for MDX-210, Scil received commercial rights other than for cellular therapy; Medarex can opt to pay a portion of development costs for MDX-210 and retain all commercial rights in its territory, or it can elect for Scil to pay all costs up to $17M and give Scil co-marketing rights in the U.S.; excess costs would be shared equally (1/00)

Myriad Genetics Inc. (MYGN)

Falco Biosystems Ltd. (Japan)

Myriad's BRACAnalysis test for breast and ovarian cancer risk and its CardiaRisk test for hypertension and cardiovascular disease


Falco paid $3M up front, and will pay royalties on sales; additional products may be added, at Falco's option; Falco will hold exclusive license in Japan for six years, provided performance milestones are met; agreement is renewable after initial six-year term (2/00)

Myriad Genetics Inc. (MYGN)

Rosgen Ltd. (UK)

Myriad's BRACAnalysis genetic test for breast and ovarian cancer risk


Five-year, renewable agreement includes up-front fee, milestones and royalties on sales in the UK and Ireland (3/00)

NeoRx Corp. (NERX)

International Isotopes (INIS)

NeoRx's Skeletal Targeted Radiotherapy product for treatment of multiple myeloma


International Isotopes will manufacture the product for Phase III clinical trials; NeoRx will provide $1.3M for pilot plant development; International Isotopes will be responsible for all aspects of manufacturing, including process qualification, quality control, packaging and shipping (2/00)

PathoGenesis Corp. (PGNS)

Dompe (Italy)

TOBI (tobramycin solution for inhalation) for treating infections in patients with cystic fibrosis


Dompe will promote and distribute TOBI in Italy (2/00)

PowderJect Pharmaceuticals plc (UK; LSE: PJP)

The BOC Group (UK; LSE:BOC)

Helium micro-cylinder that acts as the PowderJect drug delivery device's internal power source


PowderJect worked with BOC on development and pilot manufacturing of the device; under new agreement, BOC will be responsible for construction, management and funding of commercial-scale micro-cylinder production facility, expected to start production in 2002 (1/00)

Procyon Biopharma Inc.* (Canada)

Biovail Corp. (Canada)

Fibrostat, a topical cream for treatment of scars resulting from surgery or burns

C$1.5 (US$1)

Agreement commits Biovail to a financing of C$1.5M (US$1M)for completion of development in Canada; upon approval, Procyon will receive an additional C$1M (US$0.7M) milestone, as well as a double-digit percentage royalty on sales; Fibrostat will be developed in collaboration with, and will by marketed by Crystaal, Biovail's Canadian marketing division (2/00)

Protein Polymer Technologies Inc. (PPTI)

Femcare Ltd.* (UK)

Urethral bulking agent for female stress incontinence based on a biomaterial created by combining features of natural silk and human human elastin into a recombinant protein formulation


Femcare will market product in Europe and Australia; Protein Polymer will provide technical assistance and product supplies for Femcare's clinical and regulatory activities for approvals in Europe and Australia; Femcare will pay a $1M licensing fee and royalties on sales; Protein Polymer will provide the product supplies for sales (1/00)

Ribozyme Pharmaceuticals Inc. (RZYM)

Avecia LifeScience Molecules (UK)

Ribozyme manufacturing processes and intellectual property


RPI will transfer manufacturing processes and significant intellectual property to Avecia, whose Advanced Medicines manufacturing facilities at Grangemouth, Scotland, will enable both clinical trials and cost-effective commercial manufacture of ribozymes (2/00)

SkyePharma plc (Canada; SYBB)

Bioglan Pharma plc (UK)

Solarase, a topical gel for actinic keratosis that is approved in five member states of the European Union


Bioglan will pay a licensing fee and royalties on sales (3/00)

Synsorb Biotech Inc.

Tramedico International BV* (the Netherlands)

Synsorb Pk, designed to prevent serious complications associated with verotoxigenic E. coli infections


Tramedico will market and distribute the product in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg; Synsorb will supply the product and receive an up-front payment, milestones and a share of sales revenue; Tramedico will be responsible >for all costs associated with distribution, marketing and sales (2/00)

United Therapeutics Corp. (UTHR)

Paladin Labs Inc. (Canada; TSE:PLB)

Uniprost, a synthetic variation of the prostacyclin molecule, for treatment of pulmonary hypertension


Paladin gains exclusive Canadian distribution rights (2/00)


Gilead Sciences Inc. (GILD)

Virco's HIV resistance monitoring tests and services


Gilead will promote the Virco portfolio of tests and services to HIV-treating physicians in the U.S.; companies expect to extend collaboration to Europe and Australia (3/00)


Baxter Healthcare Corp. (unit of Baxter International; NYSE:BAX)

Neuprex, XOMA's Phase III recombinant bactericidal/permeability-increasing protein for treatment of meningococcemia and all future antibacterial and anti-endotoxin indications


Baxter will make up-front and other payments related to the meningococcemia indication totaling $35M; additional payments will be made upon the achievement of development milestones for future indications; Baxter will pay all future clinical development costs, as well as royalties; under separate supply agreement, a XOMA affiliate will manufacture the product; Baxter has future manufacturing rights (1/00)


# This chart does not include any marketing and/or distribution agreements that involve agricultural product development. The information in the chart covers the time period between 1/1/00 and 3/15/00.

ND = Not disclosed, reported and/or available

* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.

** The dates listed are the dates of press releases. They are not necessarily the dates on which transactions took place.

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