Published Dec. 9 (EPO); Dec. 3 (WO)

Acacia BiosciencesWO 98/54333

CAAX processing enzymes

Richmond, Calif.

Mammalian CAAX processing enzymes, encoding gene sequences, antibodies; for modulator assays.

AmgenWO 98/54213


Thousand Oaks, Calif.

Glia cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF), encoding gene sequences; for treating neuronal disorders.

AnticancerWO 98/54310

DNA methylation alteration

San Diego

Use of methioninase to alter methylation of DNA; for altering tissue development and designing therapeutics.

Axys PharmaWO 98/54300

Alzheimer's-associated genes

S. San Francisco

Nematode worms having deletions in genes associated with Alzheimer's, deletion construction; for therapeutics.

Babraham Inst.WO 98/54312

Ribosome complex display

Cambridge, U.K.

Ribosome complexes used for in vitro display and selection of proteins; for efficient isolation of encoding genes.

Babraham Inst.WO 98/54348

Chromosome fragmentation

Cambridge, U.K.

Synthetic telomeric DNA constructs; for chromosomal region targeting and deletion in embryonic stem cells.

Baxter Intl.WO 98/54345

Mini-adenoviral vectors

Deerfield, Ill.

Mini-adenoviral vectors having a minimal cis-element and genome; for expressing Factor VIII.

Biotica Technol.WO 98/54308

Polyketide variants

Cambridge, U.K.

Mutants with disrupted rapamycin synthesis genes; for producing polyketide variants.

Bystryn, J.-C.WO 98/54343

Cancer vaccines

New York

Recovering shed antigens from cancer cells grown in serum-free medium; for preparing cancer vaccines.

Canadian Natl. Res. Counc.WO 98/54331

Mutant glycosyltransferases


Mutant glycosyltransferases lacking proteolytic enzyme sites, enzyme-deficient cells; for increased expression.

Cell TherapeuticsWO 98/54303

Lysophosphatidic acid acyltransferase


Lysophosphatidic acid acyltransferase, encoding gene sequences.

Creative BiomoleculesWO 98/54344

Bone morphogen modulators

Hopkinton, Mass.

Modulators of bone morphogen OP-1, encoding gene sequences, modulator assays.

Dana-Farber Cancer Inst.WO 98/54220

Adipocyte thermogenesis activator

Boston, Mass.

Adipocyte thermogenesis activator PGC-1, encoded proteins, fusions, antigenic peptides, antisense, transgenics.

Dana-Farber Cancer Inst.WO 98/54323

CD27-mediated apoptosis genes


Siva genes which are involved in CD27-mediated apoptosis, encoded proteins, antisense, antibodies, transgenics.

DaniscoWO 98/54334

UDP-galactose epimerase

Copenhagen, Denmark

UDP-galactose epimerase, encoding gene sequences, cloning methods.

DaniscoWO 98/54335

Modified galactomannans

Copenhagen, Denmark

Modification of galactomannans in guar by using UDP-galactose epimerase antisense.

GenvecWO 98/54346

Adenoviral fiber mutants

Rockville, Md.

Reduced affinity adenoviral fiber trimer; for expression and virus inactivation by competitive binding.

Hanil Synthetic FiberWO 98/54339

Recombinant protein production

Masan, S. Korea

High level production of human G-CSF and growth hormone using yeast-derived promoters.

Harvard Univ.WO 98/53830

TGF-beta signalling modulators

Cambridge, Mass.

Interacting domains of FAST-1 and Smad2 complexes; for modulating TGF-beta signalling pathways.

Human Genome SciencesWO 98/54199

tPA-like protease

Rockville, Md.

Tissue plasminogen activator (tPA)-like protease, encoding gene sequences; for modulator screens and therapeutics.

Human Genome SciencesWO 98/54201

TNF receptor-like protein 8

Rockville, Md.

Human tumor necrosis factor (TNF) receptor-like protein 8, encoded protein; for modulator screen and therapeutics.

Human Genome SciencesWO 98/54202

TNF receptor 8

Rockville, Md.

Human tumor necrosis factor (TNF) receptor 8, encoded protein; for modulator screen and therapeutics.

Human Genome SciencesWO 98/54206

32 human secreted proteins

Rockville, Md.

32 human secreted proteins, encoding gene sequences, antibodies, production methods; for diagnostics.

Hunig, T.WO 98/54225

Human CD28 antibodies

Wurzburg, Germany

Monoclonal antibodies against human CD28; for non-specific activation of T cells.

IcosWO 98/54302

Lysophosphatidic acid acyltransferase

Bothell, Wash.

Lysophosphatidic acid acyltransferase, encoding gene sequences, fragments, antibodies, analogs, modulators.

Incyte PharmaWO 98/54319

Metal response element binding protein

Palo Alto, Calif.

Metal response element binding protein, encoding gene sequences, antibodies, modulators; for therapy.

Incyte PharmaWO 98/54320

Human metaxin protein

Palo Alto, Calif.

Human metaxin protein, encoding gene sequences, antibodies, modulators; for therapy.

Incyte PharmaWO 98/54321

Human DP1 homolog

Palo Alto, Calif.

Human DP1 homolog, encoding gene sequences, antibodies, modulators; for therapy.

Incyte PharmaWO 98/54324

Multiple endocrine neoplasia protein

Palo Alto, Calif.

Human multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 protein, encoding gene sequences, antibodies, modulators; for therapy.

Inst. Child Hlth.WO 98/54347

Integrin-targeting vectors


Integrin-targeting vectors having binding, polycation, and lipid moieties and gene sequences to be transfected.

Kyowa Hakko KogyoEPO 882 794

Humanized ganglioside antibody


Human complementary determining region (CDR)-grafted antibody to ganglioside GM2.

Kyowa Hakko KogyoEPO 882 799

VEGF antibodies


Monoclonal antibodies against vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) receptor flt-1; for treating metastases.

Leiden, State Univ. ofWO 98/54314

Ubiquicidine fragments

Leiden, Netherlands

Peptide fragments and modified variants of ubiquicidine; for use as antimicrobials.

Marie Curie Res. Inst.WO 98/54318

Bladder cancer-associated gene

Oxted, U.K.

Tumor suppressor gene on chromosome 9 that is deleted in bladder cancer; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Mass. Inst. Technol.WO 98/54299

Tumor suppressor genes

Cambridge, Mass.

Tumor suppressor genes that control cell fate and proliferation in C. elegans and other species.

Mass. Inst. Technol.WO 98/54363

Polymorphism detection

Cambridge, Mass.

Detection of DNA mutations, mismatches, and polymorphisms using helix-random chain thermodynamics.

McGill Univ.WO 98/54313

DNA methyltransferase

Montreal, Que.

DNA methyltransferase genomic nucleic acid sequences, antisense oligos; for developing gene therapy methods.

Medical Analysis SystemsWO 98/54218

Cardiac troponin I fragments

Camarillo, Calif.

Human cardiac troponin I fragments having greater immunologic reactivity than the intact protein.

MRC (Med. Res. Counc.)WO 98/54338

Promoter identification


Promoter identification by determining the effect of sequence motifs on RNA polymerase transcription.

Mondiale Res. Fdn.WO 98/54317

CCR5 HIV-1 co-receptor variants


Variants of CCR5 HIV-1 co-receptor associated with infection resistance, probes; for diagnostics.

NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.)WO 98/54325

Human frizzled-related proteins

Bethesda, Md.

Human frizzled-related proteins, fragments; for antagonizing wnt family cytokine signalling.

New York, State Univ. ofWO 98/53854

Immune response stimulation

Albany, N.Y.

Chimeric proteins having Salmonella antigen domains; for stimulating class I-restricted immune response.

Ohio Sate Univ.WO 98/54353

Nucleotide integrase particles

Columbus, Ohio

Methods for making a ribonucleoprotein particle having nucleotide integrase activity.

Peptide TherapeuticsWO 98/54209

Human MAFA

Cambridge, U.K.

Human MAFA, encoding gene sequences, antibodies, fragments, ligands; for affecting cell activation in vivo.

Pharmacia & UpjohnWO 98/54216

FREAC transcription factor

Stockholm, Sweden

Transcription factor FREAC 11 of the forkhead family, encoding gene sequences; for regulating lipid metabolism.

Res. Corp. Technol.WO 98/54315

Cell growth-control oligos

Tucson, Ariz.

Partial cDNA that encodes PKR, antisense, oligo fragments; for controlling cell growth.

Samyang GenexWO 98/54336

Antimicrobial fusion production

Seoul, S. Korea

Fusions having acidic peptides linked to antimicrobial peptides; for production without toxicity to the host.

ScheringWO 98/54307

Hepsin serine protease knockouts


Knockout mice, and their progeny, with disrupted hepsin serine protease gene.

Scripps Inst.WO 98/54311

Transcriptional control

La Jolla, Calif.

Derivatives and fusions of three zinc finger domain proteins; for controlling genome transcription processes.

ShionogiWO 98/54309

TNF-alpha gene mutations

Osaka, Japan

Changes in the 5'-flanking region of the TNF-alpha gene are measured for diagnosing juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

Sloan-Kettering Inst.WO 98/54200


New York

Bcl-8 gene sequences, probe oligos, agents blocking expression; for treating diffuse large cell lymphoma.

SmithKline BeechamEPO 882 791

Wnt-11 polypeptides

Brentford, U.K.

Wnt-11 polypeptides, encoding gene sequences, production method; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

SmithKline BeechamEPO 882 792

GEF family peptides

Nanterre, France

Guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) family peptides, encoding gene sequences; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

SmithKline BeechamEPO 882 793

Frizzled gene homolog


Human 7-transmembrane receptor gene similar to mouse frizzled-6 gene; encoded peptides; for therapeutics.

SmithKline BeechamEPO 882 795

Staphylococcus antibacterials


Recombinant secA1 polypeptides from Staphylococcus aureus, encoding gene sequences; for antibacterial screen.

SmithKline BeechamEPO 882 796

Streptococcus antibacterials


Streptococcus pneumoniae rnc polypeptides, encoding gene sequences, production method; for antibacterial screen.

Subsidiary No. 3WO 98/54366

HIV infection replication

Wilmington, N.C.

Identification of cellular genes necessary for HIV replication and their inhibitors; for down-regulation.

Sumitomo ElectricEPO 882 790

TRAF family protein

Osaka, Japan

TRAF family member protein, encoding gene sequences, antibodies; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

SynthelaboWO 98/54316

Sodium channel receptor

Le Plessie Robinson, France

Sodium channel receptor, encoding gene sequences, production methods; for therapeutics.

Texas, Univ. ofWO 98/54322

Osteoblast specific factor-2

Austin, Texas

Osteoblast specific factor-2, encoding gene sequences, splice variants, transgenics; for therapeutics.

Zurich Inst. Biotechnol.WO 98/54329

Mutant E. coli alkanoates

Zurich, Switzerland

Production of medium chain length poly-3-hydroxy alkanoates in mutant E. coli strains.

ZymogeneticsWO 98/54326

Beta subfamily chemokine


Human chemokine that is a member of the beta subfamily, encoding gene sequences; for regulating inflammation.