Company Product Type/ Date Of 1996 Sales 1997 Sales 1998 YTD
Indication* 1st FDA (M) (M) Sales (M)**
Agouron Pharmaceu- Viracept Small molecule HIV 3/97 $196 $238***
ticals Inc./Japan protease inhibitor/
Tobacco Inc./Hoff- AIDS in adults and
mann-La Roche Inc. children
Amgen Inc. Epogen Erythropoietin/ 6/89 $1,071 $1,161 $641
anemia in kidney
Amgen Inc. Neupogen Granulocyte col- 2/91 $1,017 $1,056 $532
ony stimulating
factor/ chemother-
BioChem Pharma Inc./ Epivir Nucleoside 11/95 C$429 C$973 C$570#
Glaxo Wellcome plc (a.k.a. 3TC) analogue/ AIDS
Biogen Inc. Avonex Interferon-beta/ 5/96 $77 $240 $270
multiple sclerosis
Centocor Inc./ ReoPro Chimeric monoclonal 12/94 $149 $254 $171##
Eli Lilly and Co. antibody to GPIIb/IIIa
platelet receptor/
prevention of blood
clots in high-risk
Genentech Inc. Activase Tissue plasminogen 11/87 $284 $261 $155
activator/ acute myo-
cardial infarction
Protropin/ Human growth hor- 10/85 $218 $224 $166
Nutropin/ mone/growth hormone
Nutropin AQ inadequacy in children
Pulmozyme Human DNase/ 12/93 $76 $92 $68
cystic fibrosis
Genzyme Corp. Ceredase/ Glucocerebrosidase/ 4/91 $265 $333 $192
Cerezyme Gaucher's disease
Idec Pharmaceuticals Rituxan Chimeric pan-B mono- 11/97 $5.5 $112@
Corp./Genentech Inc./ clonal antibody to CD20
F. Hoffmann-La Roche antigen on B cells/ non-
Ltd. Hodgkin's lymphoma
Immunex Corp. Leukine Granulocyte macro- 3/91 $43 $53 $48
phage colony stimu-
lating factor/ autologous
bone marrow trans-
* The indication cited in the table corresponds to that for which the product received its first FDA approval. Some of these products have since then been approved for other indications, as well. If there is a family of products listed (i.e., Ceredase/Cerezyme or Protropin/Nutropin/Nutropin AQ), the approval date is for the first product of that group.
** For most products in the table, 1998 sales figures are current as of the quarter ended 6/30. Several (Biogen Inc., Genentech Inc., and Immunex Corp.), are current as of the quarter ended 9/30/98.
*** Agouron Pharmaceuticals Inc.'s fiscal year ends 6/30/98.
# Sales figures for Epivir are quoted in Canadian dollars and represent worldwide sales by Glaxo Wellcome plc. BioChem Pharma got C$57.1M in royalties in fiscal 1996, C$124.1M in royalties in fiscal 1997 and C$72.2M for the 6 months ended 6/30/98.
## Sales figures for ReoPro are end sales to customers as reported by marketing partner Eli Lilly and Co. In fiscal 1996, Centocor sold $88.7M of product to Lilly; in fiscal 1997, it sold $158.4M to Lilly; and for the 6 months ended 6/30/98, it sold $93.2M to Lilly.
@ Genentech Inc. reported Rituxan sales of $5.5M to year-end 1997 and a total of $111.9M ($103.3M in U.S. and $8.6M elsewhere) for the 9 months ended 9/30/98. Idec Pharmaceuticals Corp. sells bulk drug to Genentech and gets royalties from F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.'s sales outside the U.S.