Company Product Type/Indication 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997*
Sales(M) Sales(M) Sales(M) Sales(M) Sales (M)
Amgen Inc. Epogen Erythropoietin/anemia in $586 $721 $883 $1,071 $1,161
kidney failure
Amgen Inc. Neupogen Granulocyte colony stimu- $719 $829 $936 $1,017 $1,056
lating factor/neutropenia
in chemotherapy
BioChem Pharma 3TC Epivir; nucleoside analogue/ 11/95 C$429 C$973#
Inc. (and Glaxo combination therapy with (FDA-
Wellcome plc) AZT for treating AIDS approved)
Biogen Inc. Avonex Interferon-beta/ $77 $240
multiple sclerosis (5/96 FDA-
Centocor Inc. ReoPro Chimeric monoclonal 12/94 $23 $149 $254@
(and Eli Lilly & Co.) antibody to GPIIb/IIIa platelet (FDA-
receptor/reduction of acute approved)
cardiac events in angina,
angioplasty patients
Genentech Inc. Activase Tissue plasminogen $236 $281 $301 $284 $261
infarct; pulmonary embolism
Genentech Inc. Protropin/ Human growth hormone/ $217 $225 $219 $218 $224
Neutropin/ growth hormone inade-
Neutropin quacy in children; chronic
AQ renal insufficiency
Genentech Inc. Pulmozyme Human DNase/ 12/93 $88 $111 $76 $92
cystic fibrosis (FDA-
Genzyme Corp. Ceredase/ Glucocerebrosidase/ $125 $172 $215 $265 $333
Cerezyme Gaucher's disease
Immunex Corp. Leukine Granulocyte macro- $43 $46 $41 $43 $53
phage colony stim-
ulating factor/bone
marrow engraftment
* All sales figures were derived from company earnings reports or from analysts' reports. In general, these figures represent total sales in all territories. In some instances, as noted separately, they represent revenues to the company rather than total sales.
# Sales figures for 3TC are quoted in Canadian dollars and represent worldwide sales by Glaxo Wellcome plc (of which BioChem Pharma Inc. gets about 14 percent in royalties on U.S. sales and slightly less elsewhere). BioChem Pharma got C$124.1M in royalties in fiscal 1997 and C$57.1M in royalties in fiscal 1996 .
@ Sales figures for ReoPro are end sales to customers as reported by Centocor Inc.'s marketing partner, Eli Lilly & Co. , with whom Centocor is to split proceeds 50/50. In fiscal 1997, Centocor sold $158.4M of ReoPro to Lilly; for fiscal 1996, Centocor sold $88.7M to Lilly and for fiscal 1995, Centocor sold $15.5M of ReoPro to Lilly.