Published June 10 (EPO); June 4 (WO)

Abbott Labs WO 98/23762 Phosphorylated ß-casein Abbott Park, Ill. Methods of processing and producing recombinant phosphorylated ß-casein.

Akzo Nobel WO 98/23740 BMP osteoporosis vector Arnhem, Netherlands Bone morphogenetic protein-4 (BMP-4) promoter region, vector with reporter; for screening osteoporosis therapeutics.

Amersham Life Science WO 98/23776 Tandem repeat assay Little Chalfont, U.K. Generation of tandem repeat sequence arrays having varying numbers of repeats; for detecting repeat length.

Amsterdam Univ. WO 98/23737 Antibody fragment immunotherapy Amsterdam, Netherlands Single chain antibodies with an attached label produced from a cellular expression system; for immunotherapy.

Applied Res. Sys. WO 98/23748 Graft rejection protein Curacao, Netherlands Antilles Cells engineered to express LAG-3 protein which prevents immune destruction of the cell; for transplant rejection.

Baylor Coll. Med. WO 98/23759 Telomerase-associated proteins Houston, Texas Telomerase-associated proteins, encoding genes; for finding inhibitors of telomerase access to chromosomal terminus.

Baylor Coll. Med. WO 98/23777 Apoptotic cell detection Houston, Texas In situ apoptotic cell detection using ligation of DNA fragments, co-detection of specific biomolecules.

Bian, X. WO 98/23736 Phenotypic mutant isolation Liaoning, China Isolation of phenotypic mutants using two-dimensional electrophoresis; for screening therapeutics.

Bio Merieux WO 98/23755 Multiple sclerosis virus Marcy l'Etoile, France Viral material and nucleotide fragments associated with multiple sclerosis; for diagnosis and therapy.

Boston Heart Fdn. WO 98/23282 LDL binding proteins Cambridge, Mass. Genes for low density lipoprotein (LDL) binding proteins, encoded proteins; for atherosclerosis diagnosis.

Brigham & Women's Hosp. WO 98/23773 Pure mast cells Boston High purity populations of mast cells and basophils obtained by culturing progenitor cells with extracellular matrix.

California, Univ. of WO 98/23782 Breast cancer gene Oakland, Calif. Identification of an ETS-related gene that is overexpressed in human breast and epithelial cancers.

Catholic Univ. WO 98/23731 Ligand binding detection Louvain, Belgium Chimeric ligand target molecules; for the detection and measurement of analyte binding.

Cornell Univ. WO 98/23633 Human developmental genes Ithaca, N.Y. Identification of human developmental genes using a promoterless reporter gene expressed from homologs.

Florida, Univ. of WO 98/23639 Sea anemone immunotoxin Gainesville, Fla. ShK toxin from the sea anemone Stichodactyla hellanthus, encoding gene; for immunotherapy.

Fuso Pharma EPO 846 701 Conglutinin Osaka, Japan Recombinant conglutinin with a collagen region; for antiviral therapeutics.

Gen. Engin. & Biotech. Ctr. WO 98/23754 Dengue vaccines Havana, Cuba Dengue virus genes and encoded proteins, expression vectors, yeast production system; for vaccines.

Gene/Networks WO 98/23145 Transgenic libraries Beverly Hills, Calif. Indexed libraries of genetically tagged recombinant congenic transgenics; for animal model systems.

Genentech WO 98/23746 Mutant species-dependent antibodies S. San Francisco Species-dependent antibodies with hypervariable region mutations causing altered binding affinity.

Genentech WO 98/23761 Humanized anti-CD11 antibodies S. San Francisco Humanized anti-CD11 antibodies preventing Jurkat cell adhesion to keratinocytes expressing cell adhesion molecules.

German Health Ministry WO 98/23751 Altered IL-16 Bonn, Germany Altered interleukin (IL)-16 molecules that retain activity, encoding genes, production processes.

Gustave Roussy Inst. WO 98/23741 Soluble graft rejection mutein Villejuif, France Mutated soluble graft rejection protein LAG-3 or an extracellular domain fragment.

Hoechst EPO 846 772 Targeted gene transfer Frankfurt, Germany Nonimmunogenic fusion ligand with cell and gene targeting subunits; for making therapeutics and vaccines.

Human Genome Sciences WO 98/23749 FGF-13 Rockville, Md. Fibroblast growth factor (FGF)-13, encoding gene; for screening modulators and prolonging neuron survival.

Icos EPO 846 762 V31 seven transmembrane receptors Bothell, Wash. V31 seven transmembrane receptors, encoding genes, antibodies, production methods; for ligand assays.

Icos WO 98/23760 Phosphatidylinositol subunit Bothell, Wash. Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase P110 delta catalytic subunit, encoding gene, antibodies; for identifying inhibitors.

Incyte Pharma WO 98/23744 Human RNA-binding protein Palo Alto, Calif. Human RNA-binding protein, encoding gene, antisense, antibodies, antagonists; for therapeutics.

Incyte Pharma WO 98/23745 Human SQM2 cell adhesion protein Palo Alto, Calif. Human SQM2 cell adhesion protein, encoding gene, antisense, antibodies, antagonists; for therapeutics.

Incyte Pharma WO 98/23758 Glutathione S-transferase Palo Alto, Calif. Human glutathione S-transferase, encoding gene, antibodies, modulators; for diagnosis and therapy.

Introgene EPO 846 761 Cycling cell transcription factor Rijswijk, Netherlands Transcription factor expressed in cycling cells, encoding gene, monoclonal antibodies; for treating cancer.

Isprobi WO 98/23286 Immunoconjugates Rome, Italy Immunoconjugates containing antibodies or fragments linked to a therapeutic compound.

Japan Tobacco EPO 846 770 Increased vector expression Tokyo Recombinant expression vector having intron-originating enhancer elements; for increased expression.

Japanese Natl. Inst. Hlth. Sci. EPO 846 765 Cell growth inhibitor Tokyo Protein with cell growth inhibiting activity, encoded gene, production method; for treating tumors.

Krebs Res. Inst. WO 98/23752 & 23753 Papillomavirus proteins Heidelberg, Germany Papillomavirus proteins, encoding genes, assay for identifying cell regulator protein ligands; for therapeutics.

Krebs Res. Inst. WO 98/23775 Cervical lesion diagnosis Heidelberg, Germany Genes and encoded proteins from early and late passage human papillomavirus-infected cells, antibodies; for diagnosis.

Leicester, Univ. of WO 98/23638 Complement activation regulation Leicester, U.K. Regulation of the fluid phase of complement activation using protein modules 1 through 4 of complement factor H.

Lilly EPO 846 769 Streptococcus biosynthetic inhibitors Indianapolis, Ind. Streptococcus pneumoniae stem peptide biosynthetic murl gene, encoded protein; for identifying inhibitors.

Ludwig Inst. Cancer Res. WO 98/23728 Dendritic cell adjuvant Parkville, Australia Method of maturing dendritic cells in vitro in a serum-free medium; for making a cellular adjuvant.

Mass. Gen. Hosp. WO 98/23763 Cholera fusion toxins Boston Vibrio cholerae strains expressing fusion proteins with heterologous antigen and cholera toxin domains.

Max Planck Inst. WO 98/23734 Reaction polymer membranes Munich, Germany Polymer membranes with enzymes localized in them; for biosynthesis and reactant preparation.

Medarex WO 98/23646 IgA tumor targeting Annandale, N.J. Antibodies and fragments specific for human IgA receptor; for targeting macrophages to tumor cells.

MRC (Med. Res. Counc.) WO 98/23743 Guanine exchange factor London Murine guanine nucleotide exchange factor gene, human homolog, probes, antibodies.

Merck EPO 846 702 Adhesion receptor Darmstadt, Germany Recombinant (5ß3 adhesion receptor, soluble receptor forms, baculovirus production system.

Merck WO 98/23742 GABAA receptor epsilon subunit Hoddesdon, U.K. Gene sequence encoding the GABAA receptor epsilon subunit, stable cell transfectants; for screening therapeutics.

Mitokor WO 98/23632 Mitochondrial DNA isolation San Diego Optimized procedure for the isolation of mutant mitochondrial DNA; for improved yield.

Ohio St. Univ. WO 98/23756 Nucleotide integrases Columbus, Ohio Transfection of a group II intron DNA sequence; for production and purification of nucleotide integrases.

Pa. St. Univ. WO 98/23730 Cancer gene therapy University Park, Pa. Tranfection of the human wnt-5a gene into tumor cells; for less toxic cancer treatment.

Queensland, Univ. of WO 98/23635 Papillomavirus T cell response St. Lucia, Australia Promiscuous T helper cell epitope, chimeras, immunogenic compositions; for papillomavirus immune response.

Queensland, Univ. of WO 98/23739 Male transplantation antigen St. Lucia, Australia Gene for the H-Y antigen on the Y chromosome, encoded antigen, epitopes; for treating transplantation rejection.

Rohm Enzyme WO 98/23642 Trichoderma parasite therapy Rajamaki, Finland Transcriptional activators of the CBH 1 promoter from Trichoderma reesei, encoding gene; for parasite therapeutics.

Rohm Enzyme WO 98/23764 Truncated Trichoderma promoter Rajamaki, Finland Truncated CBH I promoter from Trichoderma reesei that still can produce sophorose; for recombinant protein expression.

Schering WO 98/23747 Dendritic cell-specific proteins Kenilworth, N.J. Genes encoding dendritic cell-specific proteins, including antibodies, purified proteins; for diagnostics.

Schering WO 98/23750 Chemokines Kenilworth, N.J. Genes for CC chemokines, encoded proteins, antibodies; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

SmithKline Beecham EPO 846 763 Protein phosphatase binding protein Philadelphia Human protein phosphatase 1 binding protein, encoding gene, production methods, mutant alleles; for diabetes.

SmithKline Beecham EPO 846 764 GDNF ( receptors Brentford, U.K. Glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) ( receptors, encoding genes; for neurodegenerative diseases.

SmithKline Beecham EPO 846 766 Streptococcus IgA Fc binding protein Philadelphia Streptococcus pneumoniae IgA Fc binding protein, encoding gene, antagonists; for infection diagnosis and therapy.

SmithKline Beecham EPO 846 767 Streptococcus antibacterial screen Philadelphia Streptococcus pneumoniae membrane-bound FtsL protein, encoding gene, production methods; for antibacterial screens.

SmithKline Beecham WO 98/23631 Streptococcal biosynthesis inhibitors Philadelphia Streptococcal genes and encoded proteins; for inhibiting biosynthesis and use in therapy.

SmithKline Beecham WO 98/23738 Prokaryotic cell inhibition Philadelphia Gene sequences from prokaryotic cells, encoded proteins; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Strathclyde, Univ. of WO 98/23260 DNA delivery system Glasgow, U.K. Injectable, aqueous formulation of non-ionic surfactant vesicles containing nucleic acids.

Stressgen Technol. WO 98/23735 Stress protein immunoresponses Victoria, British Columbia Stress protein-containing compositions; for inducing a cytotoxic lymphocyte response.

Texas, Univ. of WO 98/23771 Early HIV infection detection Austin, Texas Stable cell expression of recombinant HIV antigens; for immunological identification of early HIV antibodies.

Third Wave Technol. WO 98/23774 Fen-1 endonucleases Madison, Wis. Fen-1 endonucleases from thermostable organisms, mixtures; for target-dependent nucleic acid cleavage.

Utah, Univ. of WO 98/23779 BRCA1 polymorphisms Salt Lake City Detection of polymorphisms and mutations in the BRCA1 promoter region, related chromosome 17 duplication.

Washington, Univ. of WO 98/23733 Thermostable polymerase mutants Seattle, Wash. Isolation of thermostable polymerases having altered fidelity using selection on a random population of mutants.