Published September 25 & October 2 (EPO & GB); September 19 &26 (WO)

Astra GB 2 299 085

Yeast production system

Sodertalje, Sweden

Transfection vector with a yeast signal peptide sequence; forproduction and secretion in yeast.

Bavarian Nordic Res. Inst. WO 96/28563

Therapeutic antimicrobial vectors

Glostrup, Denmark

Vectors expressing antimicrobial peptides with tumor or viralspecific regulatory elements; for therapy.

Bavarian Nordic Res. Inst. WO 96/28564

Viral infection gene therapy

Glostrup, Denmark

Recombinant vectors useful for gene therapy of viral infections anddiseases associated with B and T cells.

Baylor Coll. Med. WO 96/28189

HIV expression inhibition

Houston, Tex.

Double transdominant fusion gene that simultaneously inhibits twofunctions essential for HIV expression.

Baylor Coll. Med. WO 96/29423

Retrovirus host expansion

Houston, Tex.

Methods for increasing the host range of retroviral vectors bycoadministration of adenoviruses.

Becton Dickinson WO 96/28550


Franklin Lakes, N.J.

Gene for human restrictin, encoded protein, antibodies; for detectionin human brain.

Bio Merieux WO 96/28552

Rheumatoid arthritis-associated retrovirus

Marcy-l'Etoile, France

Rheumatoid arthritis-associated retrovirus, antibodies to encodedproteins; for diagnosis and treatment.

Boehringer Ingelheim WO 96/29093

Tumor cell vaccine

Ingelheim, Germany

Tumor cells transfected with a gene encoding an antigen alreadyrecognized by antibodies from the patient.

British Columbia, Univ. of WO 96/28559

Antimicrobial peptide production

Vancouver, B.C.

Method for microbial production of antimicrobial cationic peptidesthat bind lipopolysaccharides.

California, Univ. of WO 96/29338

Adrenal hyperplasia genes

Oakland, Calif.

Genomic DNA and cDNA sequences and variants that are associatedwith congenital lipoid adrenal hyperplasia.

Chugai WO 96/28554

Protein kinase


Gene for a protein kinase, encoded protein, variants, plasmid forproducing the protein kinase.

Genentech WO 96/28548

Receptor kinase activator

S. San Francisco

Activator of Rse and Mer receptor protein tyrosine kinases, encodinggene; for enhancing cell growth and survival.

Genzyme EPO 735 139

High expression of hormones

Framingham, Mass.

Transfection with genomic DNA sequences coding for dimericglycoprotein hormones; for higher levels of expression.

Greenstein, R.J. WO 96/29398

Tissue-specific gene expression.

Tenafly, N.J.

DNA vectors with effective upstream enhancer regions for tissue- andorgan-specific expression of genes.

Hirano, T. EPO 733 643

Pre-B lymphocyte growth

Osaka, Japan

Gene for a membrane protein that supports pre-B lymphocyte growth,encoded protein, production methods.

Hisamitsu Pharma WO 96/28560

Adeno-associated virus helper

Tosu, Japan

Production of adeno-associated virus using cells infected with a virushelper plasmid.

Hisamitsu Pharma WO 96/28565

HIV gene therapy vector

Tosu, Japan

Recombinant HIV vector having genes encoding cytotoxins; for genetherapy.

Hisamitsu Pharma WO 96/29096

Gene transfer preparation

Tosu, Japan

Gene transfer preparation using freeze drying and various additives;for increased transfection efficiency.

Hisamitsu Pharma WO 96/29349

Adeno-associated virus antibodies

Tosu, Japan

Monoclonal antibodies that recognize adeno-associated virus CAPprotein; for detection and purification.

Hisamitsu Pharma WO 96/29393

Cells for HIV vectors

Tosu, Japan

Recombinant HIV-producing cells; for efficient and stablepreparation of HIV vectors.

Hoechst Schering Agrevo WO 96/28562

Virus replication inhibition

Berlin, Germany

Inhibition of virus replication by expression of chromosomallyencoded dominantly negative mutations.

Human Genome Sciences WO 96/28546

Tumor necrosis factor receptor

Rockville, Md.

Gene for human tumor necrosis factor receptor, encoded protein,production method; for therapy.

Human Genome Sciences WO 96/29401

B lymphocyte translocation genes

Rockville, Md.

Human B lymphocyte translocation genes 2 and 3, encoded proteins;for treating abnormal cell growth.

IAF Bio Vac WO 96/29412

Neisseria treatments

Laval, Que.

Gene for a proteinase K resistant surface protein of Neisseriameningitidis, encoded protein, antibodies; for therapy.

Illinois, Univ. of WO 96/29403

BCL2-derived suppressor elements

Urbana, Ill.

Genetic suppressor elements derived from the apoptosis-related geneBCL2; for sensitization to chemotherapy.

Immunol. & Molec. Genetics Inst. WO 96/28547

Dermatomyositis-specific auto-antigen

Karlsruhe, Germany

Dermatomyositis-specific auto-antigen, gene encoding it, productionmethods.

Incyte Pharma WO 96/28549

Hyaluronan receptor

Palo Alto, Calif.

Gene for hyaluronan receptor expressed in human umbilical veinendothelial cells, encoded protein, antisense.

Indiana Univ. WO 96/29348

T cell receptor antibodies

Bloomington, Ind.

Monoclonal antibodies against a T cell receptor; for affecting T cellactivation and growth during transplantation.

INRA (Natl. Inst. Agron. Res.) WO 96/29400

Regulatable baculovirus vector


Recombinant baculovirus-based vector that includes a retinoic acidreceptor binding site; for regulating expression.

Koike, C. WO 96/28966 & 28967

Xenograft organs

Nagoya, Japan

Gene transfection for modifying surface antigens on the organs oftransgenic animals; for transplantation.

Ligand Pharma WO 96/29405

Human ob gene control regions

San Diego, Calif.

Isolation and cloning of the promoter and other control regions of thehuman ob gene; for treating obesity.

Ludwig Inst. Cancer Res. WO 96/28461

X chromosome MAGE family

New York

Nucleic acids that are members of the MAGE family found on the Xchromosome.

Ludwig Inst. Cancer Res. WO 96/29409

Tumor rejection antigens

New York

RAGE tumor rejection antigens, encoding genes; for detection andtreatment of cancer.

Medenica, R.D. WO 96/28473

Lung carcinoma antibodies

Hilton Head Isl., S.C.

Human monoclonal antibody against lung tumor antigens; forimmunotherapy.

Merck GB 2 299 336

Recombination after transfection

Rahway, N.J.

Selection of a favorable site in the mouse genome for insertion andexpression of a recombinant gene.

Merck WO 96/29413

Human papillomavirus type 18

Rahway, N.J.

DNA sequences encoding human papillomavirus type 18 and itsderivatives

Michigan, Univ. of WO 96/28568

CD40 binding protein

Ann Arbor, Mich.

CD40 cytoplasmic domain binding protein, encoding gene,antibodies to the protein.

Mitsui Toatsu EPO 735 140

Increased E. coli production


Coexpression of glutathione reductase in E. coli; for increasedproduction of recombinant proteins.

NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.) WO 96/29417

IL-13 receptor specific chimeras

Bethesda, Md.

Chimeric molecules with an effector attached to a domain that targetsthe IL-13 receptor; for treating cancer.

New York, St. Univ. WO 96/29433

Neural expression inhibition

Stony Brook, N.Y.

Gene for protein that inhibits the expression of neural proteins innon-neural tissues, encoded protein.

Novo Nordisk WO 96/29391

Cell production strains

Bagsvaerd, Denmark

Host cells expressing reduced levels of metalloprotease; forrecombinant protein production.

Novo Nordisk WO 96/29418

Recombinant Bacillus by conjugation

Bagsvaerd, Denmark

Bacillus strains encoding recombinant proteins by introducing genesvia conjugation with a donor cell.

Procter & Gamble WO 96/28556

Proteinase K variants

Cincinnati, Ohio

Proteinase K variants, encoding genes; for decreased adsorption onand increased hydrolysis in cleaning surfaces.

Procter & Gamble WO 96/28557

Subtilisin DY variants

Cincinnati, Ohio

Subtilisin DY variants, encoding genes; for decreased adsorption onand increased hydrolysis in cleaning surfaces.

Procter & Gamble WO 96/28558


Cincinnati, Ohio

Thermitase variants, encoding genes; for decreased adsorption on andincreased hydrolysis in cleaning surfaces.

Rhone-Poulenc Rorer WO 96/28553

Dyslipoproteinemia treatment

Antony, France

Recombinant viruses with gene encoding lecithin-cholesterolacyltransferase and variants; for dyslipoproteinemia.

St. Louis Univ. EPO 733 706

Apoptosis regulating proteins

St. Louis, Mo.

Genes for proteins that interact with an adenovirus protein thatprotects against cell death; for apoptosis regulation.

Salk Inst. EPO 733 705

Thyroid hormone analogs

La Jolla, Calif.

Gene for proteins having hormone binding and/or transcriptionactivating characteristics of thyroid hormone.

Sibia Neurosciences WO 96/29404

Glutamate receptor

La Jolla, Calif.

Genes encoding a human metabotropic glutamate receptor subtype,encoded protein; for identifying antagonists.

Sloan-Kettering Inst. WO 96/28190

Gene transfer imaging

New York

Marker gene that can be transfected and then detected by a non-invasive, clinically applicable method of imaging.

Stichting EPO 733 369

Gelatinase B

Leuven, Belgium

Gene for the metalloprotease, gelatinase B, encoded protein; fortreating tissue destructive diseases.

Sumitomo Electric WO 96/29350

Fas ligand antibodies

Osaka, Japan

Monoclonal antibodies against Fas ligands and active fragments; fordetection.

Terumo WO 96/28569

Pulmonary adenocarcinoma antibodies


Monoclonal antibodies against human pulmonary adenocarcinomacell antigens; for cancer diagnosis.

Texas, Univ. of WO 96/29402

Tumor marker protein

Austin, Tex.

Tumor marker protein, its encoding gene, hybridization probes,antibodies; for cancer diagnosis.

Thomas Jefferson Univ. WO 96/28555

Cyclin-dependent kinase-like proteins

Philadelphia, Penn.

Human cyclin-dependent kinase-like proteins, encoding genes,expression vectors, antibodies.

Toyota EPO 733 709

Mutated farnesyldiphosphate synthetase

Aichi, Japan

Mutated farnesyldiphosphate synthetase, gene encoding this mutein;for modified synthesis.

Transkaryotic Therapies WO 96/29411

Targeting transfection

Cambridge, Mass.

Targeting DNA constructs used for homologous recombination incells and during gene therapy.

Tularik WO 96/29341

Transcription activator protein

S. San Francisco

Gene for human signal transducer and activator of transcription,encoded protein; for drug screens.

Utah, Univ. of WO 96/28573

Cardiac arrhthymia channel

Salt Lake City, Utah

Gene for a major subunit of a potassium channel involved in acquiredlong QT syndrome, a cardiac arrhthymia.

Wisconsin, Univ. of WO 96/29429

Protein-RNA interaction detection

Madison, Wisc.

Method and system to detect protein-RNA interactions usingchimeric genes and a reporter gene.

Zeneca GB 2 299 084 & WO 96/29410

Antibodies from MEL cells


Transfection of murine erythroleukemia (MEL) cells, introductioninto host, antibodies against transfected antigens.

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