Published June 5 & 12 (EPO); May 30 & June 6 (WO)

Ajinomoto Antithrombotic WO 96/17078

Tokyo antibody

Antibody to human Von Willebrand factor; for use in antithrombotictherapy.

Akzo Nobel Terminal repeat WO 96/17079

Arnhem, the Netherlands amplification

Amplification method using terminal repeats, relatively constanttemperature, and no serial reagent additions.

Astra PBP ligand WO 96/16082

Sodertlje, Sweden assay

Gene for variants of penicillin binding proteins (PBP), encodedproteins; for assaying PBP ligands.

Biotech. Biol. Sci. Res. Coun. Nisin variants WO 96/16180

Colney, U.K.

Genes for nisin variants, encoded proteins, transformed cells, nisinproduction methods.

Byk Gulden Helicobacter WO 96/17066

Konstanz, Germany inhibitor screen

Cells expressing Helicobacter P-type ATPase; for screening ulcertherapeutics.

California, Univ. of Cryptidin WO 96/16075

Oakland, Calif.

Genes for cryptidin, encoded proteins; for use in detecting andtreating inflammation.

Cayla Hybrid suicide WO 96/16183

Toulouse, France genes

Hybrid suicide genes coding for activators of nucleotide baseanalogues; for cell destruction.

Chiron Viagene Alphavirus EPO 716 148 &

Emeryville, Calif. vectors WO 96/17072

Recombinant alphavirus vectors, methods of use; for gene therapy.

Cohen-Haguenauer, O. Retroviral WO 96/17071

Paris integration vector

Expression vector allowing genomic integration of retroviral vectors,cells, DNA sequences causing integration.

Columbia Univ. KS-specific WO 96/15779

New York herpesvirus

DNA from a Kaposi's sarcoma (KS)-specific herpesvirus, encodedproteins, antibodies; for vaccination.

CRC Biopharmaceutical Res. Cytotoxic WO 96/16176

Darlinghurst, Australia erbB3 binding protein

Fusion protein with erbB3 binding and toxin regions; for cytotoxicaction against cells overexpressing erbB3.

Du Pont Compound WO 96/17082

Wilmington, Del. microsatellites

Compound microsatellites used to screen genomes forpolymorphisms.

Duke Univ. Hemorrhagic WO 96/16975

Durham, N.C. telangiectasia diagnosis

Probes for gene mutations in the TGF receptor family; for diagnosinghereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia.

Eisai Cell adhesion WO 96/16170

Tokyo proteins

Proteins involved in the regulation of cell-cell adhesion; formodifying cell adhesion.

French Assoc. Myopathy Calcium- WO 96/16175

Paris dependent protease

Gene for calcium-dependent protease, mutations by deletion orsubstitution, encoded proteins.

Genetic Therapy Tissue-specific WO 96/16676 &

Gaithersburg, Md. adenoviral vectors 17053

Adenoviral vector systems that are replication-deficient butspecifically replicate in tumor cells.

Glaxo Cepaholsporin WO 96/16174

Greenford, U.K. conversion

Bacterial amidohydrolases; for one-step conversion of cephalosporinC and derivatives to 7-aminocephalosporin.

Grunenthal Fibrinolytic EPO 714 982

Aachen, Germany hybrid proteins

Hybrid proteins with fibrinolytic and thrombin inhibiting activity (inGerman).

Human Genome Sciences Choline WO 96/15806

Rockville, Md. acetyltransferase

Gene for human choline acetyltransferase polypeptide, encodedpolypeptide; for treating neurodegeneration.

Human Genome Sciences G-coupled WO 96/16087

Rockville, Md. receptor

Gene for a human G-coupled receptor polypeptide, encodedpolypeptide; for identifying agonists/antagonists.

Icos Calneurin WO 96/16172

Bothell, Wash.

Isolation of calneurin and calneurin inhibitors; for modulatinganchoring protein function.

Imperial Coll. Polycationic gene WO 96/15811

London delivery

Polycationic peptides linked to integrin receptor ligands; for use as agene therapy delivery vehicle.

Incyte Pharma Liver expressed WO 96/16979

Palo Alto, Calif. chemokines

Genes for chemokines expressed in livers and pituitaries, encodedproteins, antibodies; for treating inflammation.

Indiana Univ. Phenylalanine-free WO 96/17064

Bloomington, Ind. proteins

Natural proteins modified to remove phenylalanine residues,encoding genes; for treating phenylketonuria.

Inst. Plant Genetics Embryonal cardiac WO 96/16163

Gaitersieben, Germany muscle cells

Embryonal cardiac muscle cells transfected with marker genes; forcell-mediated gene transplants.

Inst. Psychiatry Assessing clozapine WO 96/17081

London treatment

Gene for serotonin 5-HT2A receptor with a specific polymorphism;for assessing responsiveness to neuroleptic agents.

Japanese Cancer Inst. Chromosome EPO 714 981

Tokyo 8 cancer gene

Chromosome 8 gene in deletion region common to lung, liver, andcolorectal cancers, encoded protein.

Johns Hopkins Univ. Hedgehog WO 96/16668

Baltimore cleavage polypeptides

Polypeptides derived from hedgehog gene from specific cleavage bythe autoproteolytic domain of the protein.

Krebs Res. Inst. Yeast secretion WO 96/16181

Heidelberg, Germany vector

Yeast expression plasmid coding for fusion peptides with signalpeptide; for secretion.

La Jolla Cancer Res. Fdn. CD40- WO 96/16665

La Jolla, Calif. associated protein

Gene for CD40-associated protein, encoded protein; for identifyingantagonists and agonists.

Lebens M.R. Stimulating WO 96/16178

Goteborg, Sweden mucosal immunity

Immunogens having mucosal membrane binding and mucosalimmunity stimulating domains.

Leeds, Univ. of Modified WO 96/16173

Leeds, U.K. cystatins

Cystatins modified by site-directed methods or hybrid production; forinhibiting proteinases.

NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.) AAV vector WO 96/15777

Bethesda, Md. delivery

Adeno-associated viral (AAV) vector with coding sequences for repprotein in lipid vesicles; for gene therapy.

New England In vitro WO 96/16674

Deaconess Hosp. T-lymphopoiesis


In vitro T-lymphopoiesis system in which T cells are produced fromprecursors expressing CD34.

Nippon Chemiphar Denatured LDL WO 96/17058

Tokyo receptors

Gene for the denatured low-density lipoprotein (LDL) receptors ofendothelial cells, encoded protein.

Novo Nordisk Less allergenic WO 96/16177

Bagsvaerd, Denmark proteins

Production of polypeptides with reduced allergenicity by usingZipper domains.

Oravax Immunoglobulin WO 96/16974

Cambridge, Mass. variable region antibodies

Genes for immunoglobulin variable regions, production hybridomas;for making chimeric antibodies.

Pasteur Inst. Hypermuta- EPO 714 980 &

Paris genesis WO 96/17056

Using biased concentrations of deoxynucleoside triphosphates tocause hypermutagenesis in reaction mixtures.

Queensland, Univ. of Bone disease WO 96/17057

St. Lucia, Australia marker

Chromosome 17 Sox-9 gene encoded protein; for diagnosingCampomelic Dysplasia and treatment of bone disease.

Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Calcium sensor WO 96/15801

Antony, France protein

Human calcium sensor protein, fragments, gene encoding the protein;for controlling calcium regulation.

Rhone-Poulenc Rorer GAP protein WO 96/16169

Antony, France ligands

Peptides capable of binding to the GAP protein SH3 domain, genesencoding these peptides.

Rockefeller Univ. SH3 kinase WO 96/17061

New York associated protein

SH3 kinase domain associated protein, signaling domain of thisprotein, encoding genes; for cell process control.

Salk Inst. Modified hormone EPO 716 145

La Jolla, Calif. receptor genes

Genes for hormone receptors with modified transcription activationdomain position and/or copy number.

Schering T cell surface WO 96/17060

Kenilworth, N.J. antigens

Genes for T cell surface antigens, purified proteins, specificantibodies; for diagnostic kits.

Scofield, V.L. Contraceptive WO 96/15807

Pasadena, Calif. vaccine

Vaccines, contraceptives, and gene therapy delivery vectors in whichsperm cells or components act as immunogens.

Scripps Res. Inst. Enzymatic DNA WO 96/17086

La Jolla, Calif. molecules

Catalytic or enzymatic DNA molecules capable of site-specificcleavage of nucleic acids.

Synaptic Pharma Antagonists for WO 96/16542

Paramus, N.J. eating disorders

Antagonists of neuropeptide Y/peptide YY receptor; for treatingeating disorders.

Systemix Stem cell EPO 716 146

Palo Alto, Calif. marker protein

Gene for stem cell marker protein, encoded protein, antibodies,purification methods.

Takara Shuzo Transfection WO 96/17073

Kyoto, Japan by injection

Transfection by injection of foreign genes into cells in the presenceof cell adhesion-active substances.

Takeda Tripeptide EPO 716 150

Osaka, Japan primers

DNA primers coding for specific tripeptides; for screening proteinsfor these tripeptide sequences.

Thomas Jefferson Univ. EGF receptor WO 96/16988

Philadelphia muteins

Overexpression of mutant Type III EGF receptor, encoding genes,antibodies to muteins; for tumor inhibition.

Transgene Vectors by WO 96/17070

Strasbourg, France recombination

Preparation of viral vectors within microorganisms by intermolecularhomologous recombination; for gene therapy.

Vical IL-2 expression WO 96/17063

San Diego vector

Expression vectors with cytomegalovirus promoters; for expressinginterleukin (IL)-2.

Washington Univ. Thrombospondin WO 96/17059

St. Louis domain receptor

Receptor for the cell-binding peptide sequences of the cell-bindingdomain of thrombospondins.

Wellcome Fdn. Extracellular WO 96/16179

Greenford, U.K. prodrug activation

Vector for expressing and secreting enzymes that activate prodrugs;for killing neighboring cells.

Wistar Inst. Mutated p53 WO 96/16989

Philadelphia proteins

Genes for mutated p53 proteins with altered tetramerization domainsbut unaltered activity; for modifying cell growth.

Yale Univ. Localizing WO 96/17074

New Haven, Conn. transcription sites

Peptides derived from the largest subunit of RNA polymerase II; forlocalizing sites of transcription for gene therapy.

Zymogenetics Low molecular WO 96/17062 &

Seattle weight thrombopoietin 17067

Genes for low molecular weight thrombopoietin, encoded proteins,vectors, cells, production/secretion methods.

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