Published Jan. 31 & Feb. 7 (EPO); Jan. 25 & Feb. 1 (WO); Jan. 31(GB)

Alabama, Univ. of Protective EPO 695 803

Birmingham, Ala. pneumococcal antigens

Epitopes of pneumococcal surface protein A, oligonucleotides codingfor these epitopes; for vaccination.

American Cyanamid Pasteurella EPO 694 560

Wayne, N.J. antigens

Purified Pasteurella antigens from culture supernatants; for diagnosisand vaccination.

American Cyanamid Influenza pili WO 96/02648

Wayne, N.J. protein

Gene for influenza pili protein, particularly the tip adhesin protein,encoded protein; for diagnosis and vaccine.

Amicon Mobile priming WO 96/02673

Beverly, Mass. site sequencing

Method of DNA gene sequencing that uses mobile priming sites forDNA polymerases during sequencing.

Axis Genetics Plant virus WO 96/02649

Babraham, U.K. vaccines

Modified plant viruses containing heterologous genes, virus particleproduction; for vaccines.

Baxter Intl. Implantable tumor WO 96/01611

Deerfield, Ill. treatment

Tumor cells in an implantable device containing a barrier allowingtransfer of subcellular antigenic materials.

Belgian Red Cross Factor VIII WO 96/02572

Brussels, Belgium fragments

Antigenic polypeptide sequence of Factor VIII, fragments, andepitopes.

Beth Israel Hosp. Altered CD4 WO 96/02647

Boston antibodies

Antibodies that bind to a conformationally altered CD4 moleculeinduced by HIV binding to the cell.

Bristol-Myers Squibb p53 response WO 96/01907

New York genes

Genes for p53 response proteins, encoded proteins, expressionvectors, host cells.

British Biotech Pharma Varicella WO 96/01900

Oxford, U.K. immunodominant epitopes

Identification and utilization of polypeptides with immunodominantepitopes of the Varicella Zoster virus gE protein.

Cancer Res. Camp. Tech. Synovial sarcoma WO 96/02641

London diagnosis

Distinctive synovial sarcoma molecules that bind to assay ligands; fordiagnosis.

Cangene RNA polymerase WO 96/02668

Mississauga, Ont. amplification

Use of RNA polymerase to improve the nucleic acid amplificationprocess.

Cephalon Calpain WO 96/02634

W. Chester, Penn. production

Recombinant, enzymatically active calpain expressed in insect cellsusing a baculovirus vector.

Children's Hosp. Neurotrophic factor WO 96/01837

Philadelphia receptor

Gene for human neurotrophic factor receptor, encoded protein,antibodies to the protein.

Chugai Humanized IL-8 WO 96/02576

Tokyo antibody

Reconstituted, humanized antibody against human interleukin (IL)-8;for therapy.

City of Hope Ribozyme reduced WO 96/02256

Duarte, Calif. dihydrotestosterone

Ribozyme targeted to 5-reductase mRNA; for local reduction ofdihydrotestosterone.

Cold Spr. Harbor Lab RNA teleomerase WO 96/01614

Cold Spr. Harbor, N.Y. portion

Nucleic acids that make up the RNA portion of mammalianteleomerase.

Cornell Univ. EBV nuclear WO 96/02563

Ithaca, N.Y. antigen

Gene for Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) nuclear antigen 1 protein,encoded protein, purification method.

Cytoclonal Pharma Lung cancer cell WO 96/02552

Dallas protein

Gene for lung cell cancer protein, encoded protein, mutant andtruncated forms, assay system for detection.

Cytotherapeutics Bioartificial organ WO 96/02646

Providence, R.I. control

Compositions and methods of controlling cell distribution within abioartificial organ.

Dundee, Univ. of p53/MDM2 binding WO 96/02642

Dundee, U.K. inhibitors

Compounds that interfere with the binding between p53 and MDM2;for tumor diagnosis and treatment.

Gen-Probe Anti-HIV oligos WO 96/02557

San Diego

Oligonucleotides that inhibit the propagation of HIV; for treatinginfected patients.

Genentech Htk ligands WO 96/02645

S. San Francisco

Genes for hepatoma transmembrane kinase receptor (Htk) ligand,encoded proteins, antibodies, fusions.

Genetics Inst. Mlk receptor WO 96/02644

Cambridge, Mass. tyrosine kinase

Genes for the receptor tyrosine kinase mlk, encoded proteins; foridentifying ligands.

Georgetown Univ. Pleiotrophin WO 96/02257

Washington antisense oligos

Antisense oligonucleotides that hybridize to pleiotrophin mRNA; forinhibition of synthesis.

German Hlth. &. Epstein-Barr EPO 694 613

Welfare Res. Ctr immortalization

Oberschleissheim, Germany

Epstein-Barr virus-based plasmid with specific sequences thatimmortalize cells, transfected cells (in German).

Geron RNA teleomerase WO 96/01835

Menlo Park, Calif. portion

Nucleic acids that make up the RNA portion of mammalianteleomerase.

Green Cross Pichia secretion WO 96/02661

Osaka, Japan host

Process for producing a pro-protein that is converted by enzymes ofthe yeast Pichia.

Hoffmann-La Roche Lung cancer EPO 695 760

Basel, Switzerland antigen antibody

Glycoprotein lung cancer tumor marker, antibody against thisantigen; for diagnostic kits.

Human Genome Sciences Connective WO 96/01896

Rockville, Md. tissue growth factor-2

Gene for connective tissue growth factor-2, encoded protein,antibodies; for connective tissue repair.

Louis Pasteur Univ. Kappa opioid WO 96/01898

Strasbourg, France receptor

Gene for human kappa opioid receptor, encoded protein, vectors,host cells.

Ibex Technologies Chondroitinase WO 96/01894

Montreal AC and B

Genes for chrondroitinase AC and B, encoded proteins; fordegradation of chondroitin sulfate polysaccharides.

Immunex LERK-5 cytokine WO 96/01839


Gene for the cytokine, LERK-5, encoded protein, vectors, host cells.

Immunex GM-CSF/antigen WO 96/01903

Seattle fusions

Fusion proteins containing GM-CSF and antigens of interest, genesfor these fusions, expression in yeast cells.

INSERM (Natl. Inst. MHC-associated WO 96/01891

Hlth. Med. Res.) cells


Method of generating cell populations having a high surface densityof MHC molecule-associated exogenous peptides.

Johns Hopkins Growth WO 96/01845 & 02559

Univ. Sch. Med. differentiation factor-11/12


Genes for growth differentiation factor-11 and 12, encoded proteins,therapeutic methods.

La Jolla Cancer Res. Fdn. Decorin WO 96/01842

La Jolla, Calif. purification

Process for the purification of human recombinant decorin using ahydrophobic interaction column.

Eli Lilly Extracellular WO 96/02637

Indianapolis secretion system

DNA sequences from Xanthobacter phthalyl amidase gene; forextracellular secretion in Streptomyces expression system.

Ludwig Inst. Cancer Res. Tumor rejection WO 96/01557

New York antigen precursor

Oligonucleotides coding for tumor rejection antigen precursorspresented by HLA-A2 molecules.

Maryland, Univ. of Kynurenine WO 96/01893

Baltimore aminotransferase

Gene for kynurenine aminotransferase, encoded protein, vectors, hostcells, oligonucleotide probes.

Melbourne, Univ. of Cartilage WO 96/01847

Parkville, Australia degeneration diagnosis

Antibody that recognizes cartilage peptides generated by aggregen;for diagnosing cartilage degenerative conditions.

Merck Plasmid WO 96/02658

Rahway, N.J. therapeutics

Method for isolation of highly purified plasmid DNA; for inclusion intherapeutics.

Merck Sharp & Dohme NMDA receptor GB 2 291 647

Hoddesdon, U.K. subunit expression

Cell line that expresses N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor andis transfected with one of its subunit genes.

NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.) Attenuated WO 96/01651

Bethesda, Md. rotavirus vaccines

Attenuated human rotavirus strains that are cold-adapted andtemperature-sensitive; for vaccine production.

New England Med. Ctr. Hosp. E6 binding WO 96/02000

Boston proteins

Genes for E6 binding proteins, encoded proteins; for use astherapeutics.

N. Carolina, Univ. of Hepatitis A deletion WO 96/01615

Chapel Hill, N.C. mutants

Hepatitis A deletion mutants that make attenuated strains thatproduce antibodies useful for diagnosis and therapy.

N. Carolina, Univ. of Tumor inhibition WO 96/02560

Chapel Hill, N.C. oligos

Oligos that inhibit expression of focal adhesion kinase protein; forinhibition of tumor growth and metastasis.

Novo Nordisk Biotech Thermophilic fungi WO 96/02653

Davis, Calif. expression

Thermophilic fungal host cells for increased production ofheterologous proteins.

Ono Pharma Bone marrow protein WO 96/01843

Osaka, Japan

Gene for a bone marrow stromal cell protein, encoded protein; fortreating abnormal growth of hematopoietic cells.

Pfizer CRH receptor- EPO 695 802

New York related receptor

Gene for human CRH receptor-related G protein-coupled receptor,encoded protein.

PPL Therapeutics a-Lactalbumin gene WO 96/02640

Edinburgh, U.K. constructs

Recombinant a-lactalbumin gene constructs and vectors; forexpression in bovine cells.

Q-One Biotech Horse gamma- GB 2 291 645

Glasgow, U.K. interferon

Gene for horse gamma-interferon, encoded protein, recombinantvector, host cell.

Regeneron Pharma Denervated muscle WO 96/02643

Tarrytown, N.Y. kinase receptor

Gene for tyrosine kinase receptor expressed in denervated muscle; forligand identification.

Res. Develop. Fdn. TNF receptor- WO 96/01642

Carson City, Nev. associated kinase & 01844

Protein kinase that associates with the cytoplasmic domain of thetumor necrosis factor (TNF) receptor.

Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Streptogramines WO 96/01901

Antony, France

Group B streptogramine compounds, mutant strains producing them,genes involved, purification methods.

Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Nitric oxide WO 96/01902

Antony, France synthase

Recombinant adenovirus vector containing the gene for nitric oxidesynthase; for treating restenosis.

Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Gene therapy WO 96/02655

Antony, France vehicles

Compositions with nucleic acids and cationic polymers; for use ingene therapy.

Ribozyme Pharma Ligation WO 96/02651

Boulder, Colo. hammerhead ribozymes

Ligation of a hammerhead nucleic acid motif to another nucleic acidmolecule.

Schering c-fos promoter WO 96/01899

Kenilworth, N.J. activators

Gene for signal transducing molecules that activate c-fos proto-oncogene promoter, encoded protein.

Scripps Res. Inst. HIV neutralizing WO 96/02273

La Jolla, Calif. antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies that immunoreact with and neutralize HIV,cell lines producing these antibodies.

Sidney Kimmel Cancer Ctr. Tumor WO 96/02143

San Diego immunity induction

Induction of immunity to tumors by administering cancer cells thatlack immunosuppressive elements.

Sloan-Kettering Inst. p27 protein WO 96/02140

New York

Gene for p27 protein, encoded protein; for inhibiting the action of acyclin E-Cdk2 complex.

Temple Univ. JAK3 protein WO 96/01838

Philadelphia tyrosine kinase

Gene for JAK3 protein tyrosine kinase, encoded protein; for inducinghematopoietic cell differentiation.

Transgene Toxoplasma P30 WO 96/02654

Strasbourg, France protein

Expression cassette for production and secretion of Toxoplasmagondii P30 protein; for diagnosis and treatment.

Victor Chang Constitutive WO 96/02639

Cardiac Res. Inst. adrenergic receptors

Darlinghurst, Australia

Genes for adrenergic receptors whose amino acid sequence ismodified so that they are expressed constitutively.

Visible Genetics Retinoblastoma WO 96/01908

Toronto diagnosis

Screening for and diagnosis of retinoblastoma by amplification ofmutant and normal genes.

Visible Genetics p53 mutation WO 96/01909

Toronto detection

Screening for mutations in p53 gene by amplification of genefragments from patient samples.

Wakunaga Pharma Malarial variant EPO 694 612

Osaka, Japan detection

Mixed collection of nucleotide primers that allow detection of allmalarial variants.

_Compiled by Chester A. Bisbee

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