Published Sept. 14 & 21 (EPO); Sept. 15 (WO); Sept. 14 & 21 (GB)Abbott Labs Recombinant WO 94/20636Abbott Park, Ill. diagnosticGenetically engineered enzyme containing foreign binding moietyepitope; for quantitative assay of ligand binding.

Akzo Nobel Hog cholera EPO 614 979Arnhem, Netherlands vaccineHog cholera virus polypeptide and vector expressing codingsequence; for diagnosis and vaccine production.

Akzo Nobel FIV vaccine WO 94/20622Arnhem, NetherlandsFeline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) surface protein and antibodyagainst it; for inducing immunity/making vaccine.

American Cyanamid Diphtheria EPO 616 034Wayne, N.J. toxin expressionBacterial expression vector for producing abundant quantities ofcross-reacting material, diphtheria toxin, related proteins.

Astra BSSL transgenics WO 94/20610Sodertalje, SwedenBile salt stimulated lipase (BSSL) variants, DNA sequences,production process; for producing transgenic animals.

Baylor Coll. Med. Therapeutic cDNAs WO 94/20113HoustonCoding sequence for CCAAT/enhancer binding protein (C/EBP),expression vectors; for gene therapy and cancer treatment.

Behringwerke In vitro HIV EPO 614 969Marburg, Germany replicationUse of herpes saimiri transformed lymphocytes for the replicationand production of HIV-type viruses. [In German]

Behringwerke Virus expansion EPO 616 031Marburg, GermanyBovine ovary cells for virus multiplication. [In German]

Bio-Polymer Res. Acetobacter WO 94/20626Kanagawa, Japan recombinationEndogenous Acetobacter plasmid and shuttle vector constructedfrom plasmid; for recombination of Acetobacter strains.

British Bio-Technology Viral protein WO 94/20621Oxford, U.K. particlesVector with promoter/viral gag and rev-like element sequences; forexpressing gag/rev and making protein particles.

Canadian NRC Transgenic cereals WO 94/19930(Natl. Res. Coun.)Ottawa, Ont.Whole scutella isolated to produce somatic embryos, thenplantelets; for producing transgenic regenerated plants.

Cedars-Sinai Med. Ctr. Conserved EPO 614 985Los Angeles gp120 antibodiesMonoclonal antibodies to conserved epitope of HIV-1 gp120; forneutralizing and treating HIV infection.

Celex Labs. Cultured taxol WO 94/20606Vancouver, B.C.Hairy root culture of Taxus by embryo transformation usingAgrobacterium, for tissue culture production of taxol.

Celltech Humanized CEA GB 2 276 169Slough, U.K. antibodiesHumanized antibodies for carcinoembryonic (CEA), in which onemouse-derived, complementarity determining region is fordiagnosis/therapy.

Chemoserother. Res. Inst. Humanized WO 94/20632Kumamoto, Japan HIV antibodyMonoclonal antibody and humanized versions reacting againstconserved region of gp120; for HIV treatment.

Children's Hosp., Oligodendroglial WO 94/20522Philadelphia growthOligodendroglial trophic factor and monoclonal antibodies to it; forspecific oligodendroglial proliferation.

Cleveland Clinic Fdn. Interferon-induced WO 94/20605Cleveland RNasesCoding sequences of interferon-induced RNases that are implicatedin interferon action and RNA stability.

Columbia Univ. Serum taxol-like WO 94/20134New York agentAntibodies to taxol/taxol-like substances and taxol anti-idiotypeantibodies; to screen for taxol-like activity.

Creighton Univ. Retrotransposon WO 94/20608Omaha, Nebr. gene therapyTruncated retrotransposon vectors that reduce homologousrecombination; especially for primary cell gene therapy.

Crop Genetics Intl. Crop chemical WO 94/20604Columbia, Maryland endosymbiontsHybrid agricultural chemical-producing microorganisms that do notcreate disease in, and are symbiotic with, plants.

Du Pont Methionine-rich WO 94/20628Wilmington, Del. seedsChimeric gene for transgenic rapeseed and soybean plants thatoverexpress methionine-rich maize seed storage protein.

Du Pont Yeast glycolate WO 94/20631Wilmington, Dela. oxidaseMethylotrophic yeast transformed with heterologous glycolateoxidase gene; for metabolizing glycolate to glyoxylate.

Edible Vaccines Oral viral vaccines WO 94/20135Conroe, TexasSurface antigen antiviral vaccine produced in edible portion oftransgenic plants; for oral vaccine administration.

Eli Lilly Peptide influx EPO 614 976IndianapolisCoding sequence for mammalian influx peptide transporter activity;for identifying transported compounds.

Eniricerche Exocellular EPO 614 982Milan, Italy antibodiesProtease promoter/secretion sequence/single chain antibody codingsequence vector; soluble form expression in bacteria.

Fujisawa Pharma Recombinant WO 94/20609Osaka, Japan ascorbic acidL-sorbose dehydrogenase/L-sorbosone dehyrogenase, DNAsequences, production process; for producing L-ascorbic acid.

Genentech Glycoprotein hormone EPO 614 975S. San Francisco receptorsCloning of receptors for luteinizing hormone, choriogonadotropin,and follicle and thyroid stimulating hormones.

Genentech Prohormone WO 94/20624S. San Francisco conversionMammalian cells expressing prohormone convertase; for synthesisof properly processed protein hormones.

Genentech Bispecific tumor WO 94/20625S. San Francisco deathBispecific agents that bind both TNF receptor and Fas antigen; forkilling tumor cells expressing both proteins.

Gist-Brocades Beverage WO 94/20620Delft, Netherlands preservationDNA coding sequence for zymocin; for inhibiting yeast growth inbeverages.

GSF Forschungszentrum EBV kinase WO 94/20630Oberschleiaheim, Germany inhibitorsReporter gene controlled by protein kinase C-activated EBV genepromoter; for finding protein kinase C inhibitors.

Hoechst Japan Bone formation EPO 614 974Tokyo, Japan controlBone-associated proteins involved in transcriptional control andbone formation; for treating bone metabolic diseases.

Hoffmann-La Roche Interferon receptor EPO 614 981Basel, Switzerland chimerasDNA sequences for chimeric human gamma-interferon receptorimmunoglobulin polypeptides and protein production methods.

Holland Sweetener Neutral protease EPO 616 033Maastricht, Netherlands muteinsAmino acid sequences of muteins of a thermostable neutral proteasefrom Bacillus.

Illinois, Univ. of Drug-resistance WO 94/20618Urbana, Ill. elementsGenetic suppressor elements conferring chemotherapeuticresistance, associated genes; for identifying such elements.

Imperial Cancer Res. Tech. Targeted antisense GB 2 275 928London therapeuticsAntisense oligonucleotide tagged with radioactive moiety andtargeting antibody; for delivery to desired cell type.

Inst. Child Hlth. Res. Dust mite WO 94/20614Subiaco, Australia allergensDNA coding sequences for house dust mite allergens; for detectionprobes or recombinant production.

Mass. Gen. Hosp. Huntington's EPO 614 977Boston disease geneDNA and amino acid sequences of huntingtin gene; for diagnosisand treatment of Huntington's disease.

Max-Planck Inst. Transgenic pathogen EPO 616 035G¿ttingen, Germany resistanceTransgenes coding for chitinase, protein synthesis inhibitors, orantifungal protein; for pathogen resistance.

Miles Inc. TNFa autoantibodies EPO 614 984PittsburghIgM and IgG human monoclonal autoantibodies to TNFa; forneutralizing TNFa or preventing its secretion.

Mitsubishi Kasei Neuronal death EPO 616 032Tokyo inhibitionSubstance showing tau-protein kinase inhibitory action; forinhibiting neuronal cell death and treating Alzheimer's.

New Jersey, Single-stranded WO 94/20639 Univ. Med. Dent. synthesisNewark, N.J.Synthesis/PCR-based replication of single-stranded DNAs withstem-loop configuration; for introducing random mutations.

NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.) Liver epithelial WO 94/20607Bethesda, Maryland cellsImmortalized cell lines from adult human livers with phenotypicexpression of normal adult liver epithelial cells.

NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.) Colon mucosa WO 94/20616Bethesda, Maryland geneGene down-regulated in colon adenomas and mapped tochromosome 7; for indicating tissue abnormality.

NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.) XSCID diagnosis WO 94/20641Bethesda, MarylandMutated IL-2Rgamma gene sequence; for diagnosing X-linkedSCID and making transgenic animal model.

Novo Nordisk Aspergillus WO 94/20611Bagsvaerd, Denmark arabinanaseEnzyme exhibiting arabinanase activity from Aspergillus; fordegradation of plant cell walls.

Novo Nordisk Recombinant WO 94/20612Bagsvaerd, Denmark rhamnogalacturonaseDNA/amino acid sequences for rhamnogalacturonase, antibodies toit; for reducing viscosity of plant cell wall materials.

Osteopharm Bone stimulating WO 94/20615Etobicoke, Ont. factorParathyroid hormone-independent bone stimulating factor andsynthesized related peptide that increases bone apposition.

Pittsburgh, Univ. Connective tissue WO 94/20517Pittsburgh gene transferNon-viral insertion of gene into connective tissue; for treatingconnective tissue disease or making animal models.

Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Eye gene therapy WO 94/20146Antony, FranceDefective recombinant adenoviruses with inserted gene; for treatingeye diseases.

Rochester, Univ. Papillomavirus WO 94/20137Rochester, N.Y. particlesExpression system for papillomavirus capsid protein codingsequence; for making capsid protein virus-like particles.

Rockefeller Univ. Venom allergy WO 94/20623New York therapyCoding sequences for vespid venom phospholipase andhyaluronidase; for allergy diagnosis and treatment.

Rousell-Uclaf Soluble Fc-gamma EPO 614 978Paris receptorsAmino acid sequence for soluble human Fc-gamma receptors; fordiagnostic and therapeutic applications.

Salk Inst. Acetylcholine WO 94/20617La Jolla, Calif. receptor chimerasDNA coding sequences for a- and a-subunits of neuronal nicotinicacetylcholine receptor; for producing chimeras.

Sandoz Positive WO 94/20627Basel, Switzerland Mannose selectionRecombinant eukaryotic cells with inserted sequences formannose/xylose metabolic enzymes; for positive selection.

SmithKline Beecham Anti-depressant WO 94/20079King of Prussia, Penn. screenHuman brain frontal cortex cDNAs encoding cAMP-specificphosphodiesterases; for screening anti-depressants.

Synergen Chicken coccidiosis EPO 614 973Boulder, Colo.Chicken immunogenic polypeptides and production methods forthem; for diagnosing coccidiosis in chickens.

Theratech Recombinant EBV WO 94/20138Salt Lake City vaccineRecombinant polypeptides from serine-/threonine-rich portion ofEpstein Barr virus (EBV) gp350/220; for EBV vaccines.

Thrombosis Res. Inst. Myosin promoter WO 94/20629London, U.K. vectorExpression vectors using rabbit smooth muscle myosin heavy chaingene promoter; for high expression in gene therapy.

Transgene TAT transdominant EPO 614 980Strasbourg, France variantsTAT protein coding sequence from transdominant HIV phenotypicvariants; for prevention and treatment of HIV infections. [In French]

Wakunaga Pharma Malaria detection WO 94/20613Osaka, JapanDistinct oligonucleotide primers for malarial variants and stages; forlarge-scale examination/type differentiation.

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