Gilead Sciences Inc. has given American Cyanamid Co. worldwidemarketing rights to Gilead's antiviral compound, GS 504, for topicaltreatment of eye infections, such as adenovirus.Financial terms of the agreement were not released. Wayne, N.J.-basedAmerican Cyanamid's subsidiary, Storz Instrument Co., of St. Louis,will be responsible for clinical trials of the compound as well asmarketing. Gilead Sciences, of Foster City, Calif., will manufacture theproduct and receive license fees, milestone payments and royalties.GS 504 is a mononucleotide analogue designed to selectively inhibitenzymes responsible for viral replication.As an antiviral eye-drop, the company said the product has potentialapplications for treatment of herpes-related infections and adenovirus.Herpes keratitis can lead to blindness. Adenovirus causes viralconjunctivitis.Lana Lauher, Gilead's corporate communications manager, said PhaseI clinical trials of the drug for eye infections could begin within thenext 12 months.Gilead also is developing GS 504 for treatment of other infections. Thedrug is in Phase II/III clinical trials for cytomegalovirus (CMV)retinitis; Phase I/II trials for pneumonitis (CMV lung infection); andPhase I/II trials for genital herpes and genital warts, which are causedby papillomavirus. _ Charles Craig

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