Published June 22 & 29 (EPO); June 23 (WO); June 29 (GB)

Akzo Nobel NV Hepatitis WO 94/13699, 700Arnhem, Netherlands detectionPeptides reacting with antibodies against specific epitope of non-structural-3 protein of hepatitis C; for detection.Apollon Inc. Leukemia therapy WO 94/13793Malvern, Penn.Ribozymes and oligonucleotides directed against mRNAs fromleukemia translocations and c-myc; for leukemia therapy.Bergmann et al. Alzheimer's WO 94/13798Hamburg, Germany proteinaseProteinase/esterase implicated in Alzheimer's, analogs, codingsequences; for diagnosis and therapy.Biogen Inc. Tumor/ WO 94/13808Cambridge, Mass. inflammation inhibitionLymphotoxin-a and complexes, especially with lymphotoxin-a; forregulating inflammation and inhibiting tumor growth.Boehringer Ingelheim Intl. Common cold EPO 602 687Ingelheim, Germany treatmentModified VP1 region of rhinovirus P2A protease, codingoligonucleotide; for treating the common cold [in German].Brigham & Women's Hosp. Thrombospondin-4 WO94/13794Boston transgeneThrombospondin-4 coding sequence, vectors, polypeptide sequences;transgenic animals with thrombospondin-4 gene.Cambridge Antibody Multispecific WO 94/13804Tech. Ltd. Melbourn, UK binding proteinsBinding regions of immunoglobulin heavy and light chain variableregions linked together, display on bacteriophages.Cancer Res. Campaign Nerve damage WO 94/13800Tech. London treatmentCulturing neuroectodermal cells in the presence of MK protein;treatment of nerve damage with cells or protein.Celltech Ltd. Colorectal cancer WO 94/13805Slough, UK therapyHumanized antibodies to A33 antigen and antibody fragments; fordiagnosis and treatment of colorectal cancer.Chugai Modified EPO 603 393Tokyo interleukin-6Interleukin-6 with valine as the N-terminus which is modified by asaccharide chain; production of interleukin-6.Ciba-Geigy AG Yeast production EPO 603 128Basel, Switzerland strainsYeast strains containing a plasmid coding for protein to be producedand a functional CUP1 gene.Ciba-Geigy AG Transgenic WO 94/13822Basel, Switzerland wheatProduction of fertile transformed wheat plants using vector insertion byhigh velocity microprojectile bombardment.CSIRO (Sci. Ind. Res. Org.) Inducible WO 94/13797Campbell, Australia plant promoterVector coding for inducible soft fruit plant promoter, particularlytomato alcohol dehydrogenase 2 promoter.Compucyte Corp. Optical cytogenetic WO 94/13834Cambridge, Mass. analysisOptical detection of labeled nucleic acid probes applied tochromosomes in cell samples; for cytogenetic analysis.Curie Univ. P. & M. Tumor suicide WO 94/13824Paris vectorsMoloney murine leukemia virus-based vectors carrying a suicide genethat only affects actively dividing cells.Cytomed, Inc. GDP-dissociation WO 94/13802Cambridge, Mass inhibitorD4 gene expressed in hematopoietic cells coding for GDP-dissociationinhibitor, antibodies, gene-targeting vector.Dow Chemical Co. Multivalent WO 94/13806Midland, Mich. antibodiesMultivalent single chain antibodies formed using a peptide to linkvariable heavy and light chain domains.Du Pont Environmental WO 94/13831Wilmington, Delaware stressMicrobe with luminescent gene complex controlled by a stressinducible promoter; for detecting environmental stress.Du Pont Efficient PCR WO 94/13832Wilmington, DelawareHighly specific and efficient nested PCR amplification of target DNAachieved within one reaction vessel.Florida, Univ. of Entomopoxvirus WO 94/13812Gainesville, Fla. genesEntomopoxvirus polynucleotide sequences free from naturallyassociated viral sequences, expression vectors, host cells.Gene Shears Ltd. DNA-armed WO 94/13688Leonards, Australia ribozymesCleavage of nucleic acid polymers with nucleic acid-based catalyticcompounds, especially DNA-armed ribozymes.Genta, Inc. Triple helix WO 94/13326San Diego complexesAlteration of target sequence expression by a stable triple helixcomplex that inhibits RNA translation.Gist-Brocades NV Fungi production WO 94/13820Delft, Netherlands Heterologous protein production in filamentous fungi variants in whichcreA binding sites are functionally disrupted.Health Research, Inc. Leukemia/ EPO 603 735Buffalo, N.Y. Lymphoma therapyMonoclonal antibodies to glycoprotein antigen complex on normal andcancerous B-cells; for leukemia/lymphoma therapy.Immune Response Corp. HIV antibody EPO 602 761La Jolla, Calif. purgeExtracorporeal removal of antibodies to gp160/120 from the blood ofHIV-positive individuals; for AIDS therapy.Innogenetics Protein tau WO 94/13795Ghent, Belgium antibodiesMonoclonal antibodies against microtubule-associated protein tau; fordetecting abnormally phosphorylated tau in brain.Innogenetics Preventing bacterial WO 94/13811Ghent, Belgium adhesionPolypeptides from fimbriae of F107 bacteria and muteins; forpreventing bacterial adhesion to intestinal wall.Innovir Labs Ribozyme WO 94/13791, 833New York target inactivationRibozyme gene expression controlled by ligand-binding sequence; fordetection and inactivation of target sequence.Inst. Molec. Biol. & Biotech. Chitin deacetylase WO94/13815Heraklion, Greece geneDNA sequence encoding chitin deacetylase, which converts chitin tochitosan.Inst. Rec. Jouveinal Lipase insufficiency WO 94/13816Fresnes, France DNA sequence encoding gastric lipase, production of recombinantlipase; for treating lipase secretion insufficiency.Kabi Pharmacia AB Microbial WO 94/13819Uppsala, Sweden apolipoproteinExpression system resulting in high extracellular production ofapolipoprotein AI-M in E. coli.Kyowa Hakko Kogyo Recombinant EPO 604 060Tokyo riboflavinRiboflavin synthesis genes inserted into microbe requiring riboflavin,allows medium accumulation of the vitamin.Eli Lilly & Co. GRF receptor EPO 604 224Indianapolis proteinGonadotrophin releasing factor (GRF) receptor protein, genes encodingGRF, expression vectors, host cells.LVMH Research Plant cell WO 94/13787Colombes, France differentiationEnhancing plant cell differentiation in culture with medium containinglipid transfer protein (LTP), DNA encoding LTPs.Max-Planck Inst. G-CSF from EPO 602 688Gottingen, Germany prokaryotesProduction of methionine-free granulocyte colony-stimulating factorfrom prokaryotes using an immunoglobulin A-protease fusion protein[in German].Medical Enzymes AG Glutaminase WO 94/13817Gallen, Switzerland antiviralDNA encoding glutaminase, allowing production of endotoxin-freeenzyme; for use as antiviral and antitumor agent.Meiji Milk Products Chromosomal EPO 603 416Tokyo DNAIntegration plasmid with desired gene that is transferred toLactobacillus chromosomal DNA by homologous recombination.Melbourne, Univ. of Male sterility WO 94/13809Parkville, Australia controlDevelopmental regulation of nuclear male sterility in plant anther tissueby specific genomic sequence clones.Melbourne, Univ. of Plant enzyme WO 94/13810Parkville, Australia inhibitorDNA encoding plant serine proteinase inhibitor and precursor with atleast one chymotrypsin- and trypsin-specific site.MRC (Med. Res. Coun.) HIV immunity GB 2 273 709, 710London HIV peptide fragments that interact with human leukocyte antigen; forstimulating cytotoxic T cell immunityMerck Sharpe & Transfected WO 94/13799Dohme Ltd. GABA receptorsHoddesdon, UKTransfected eukaryotic cells expressing GABA receptors; fordeveloping GABA receptor subtype selective therapeutics.Miller, Jeffrey In vivo cDNA WO 94/13689La Costa, Calif. synthesisSynthetic polynucleotide primer annealing to RNA template in vivo;for cDNA synthesis via reverse transcriptase.NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.) Neuroendocrine WO 94/13701Bethesda, Maryland tumorsDelta-like gene expressed in neuroendocrine tumors, poly-peptide,antibodies; for detecting neuroendocrine malignancies.NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.) Function WO 94/13796Bethesda, Maryland gene selectionHuman phosphatase coding sequences identified by function-basedselection of its released gene product.New England Biolabs Target protein EPO 602 899Beverly, Mass. inactivationProteins modified by intervening sequences whose excision can becontrolled; for target protein inactivation.Nickerson Biochem. Ltd. Acyltransferase WO 94/13814Cambridge, UK transgenesDNA sequence encoding plant 2-acyltransferase; for making transgenicplants whose oil composition can be controlled.Novo Nordisk Entotech Moth WO 94/13785Davis, Calif. bioinsecticidePure strains of B. thuringiensis, delta-endotoxins, and codingsequences; moth, beetle, and butterfly insecticide.Pennsylvania, Univ. of Position-free WO 94/13273Philadelphia expressionVectors with control regions having DNase1 hypersensitive sites; forposition- and copy number-independent expression.Pioneer Hy-Bred Intl. Disease resistant WO 94/13825Des Moines, Iowa maizeMaize disease resistance HM1 gene alleles; for use as an identificationprobe and selectable marker.Pittsburgh, Univ. of Gene therapy WO 94/13788Pittsburgh vectorAdenovirus associated viral capsid protein particles containing desiredDNA sequences; vector for gene therapy.Quest Intl. BV Yeast expression WO 94/13821Naarden, Netherlands vectorYeast inulinase gene promoter as yeast vector control region; forproduction of heterologous proteins.Rhone-Poulenc Altered WO 94/13813Antony, France betaine catabolismCells with altered betaine catabolism; for producing metabolites, suchas sarcosine and glycine, or catabolic enzymes.Ribonetics GmbH RNA cleavage WO 94/13789G¿ttingen, Germany oligosRibozyme oligonucleotides with RNA cleavage activity recognizingspecific RNA sequences.Elf Sanofi Oxalic acid WO 94/13790Paris selectionOxalic acid degrading protein sequence vector with desired gene; forselecting plants or cells on oxalic acid medium.Schering AG Clotting WO 94/13807Berlin inhibitor proteinNatural or synthetic clotting inhibitor protein from insect saliva; fortreating cardiovascular disease.Schering Corp. Interleukin-10 WO 94/13801Kenilworth, N.J. receptorInterleukin-10 receptor subunits and genes encoding them; foridentifying agonists and producing diagnostic kits.Stanford Univ. Mucosal WO 94/13312Stanford, Calif. addressinsDNA sequences encoding mucosal addressins, proteins, antibodies tothem; for modulating mucosal tissue interactions.Synbiotics Corp. Feline virus test WO 94/13836San DiegoMonoclonal antibodies specific to feline infectious peritonitis virus(FIPV) antigen; for FIPV diagnostic test.Texas, Univ. of Conjugated WO 94/13316Austin, Tex. immunotoxinChemically conjugated immunotoxin using Pseudomonas exotoxinwith cell binding attenuated by domain I peptide insertion.Tularik, Inc. Transcription WO 94/13315So. San Francisco modulationHost cell factor and gene sequences; for treatment of viral infections bymodulating viral gene transcription.Yamasa Corp. Lung disease EPO 602 248Chiba, Japan diagnosisMonoclonal antibody against human lung surfactant apoprotein D; fordiagnosing respiratory system disease.Yeda Res. & Develop. Ltd. Neural plasticity WO 94/13803Rehovot, Israel geneDNA sequence encoding CPG-1 neural polypeptide believed to befunctionally involved in neuronal plasticity.

Z Company SA Parvovirus WO 94/13823Brussels, Belgium vectorEffector sequence incorporated in an autonomous parvovirus-basedvector; for treating cancerous and infected cells.Zeneca Ltd. Protein/cell GB 2 273 708London, UK interactions and WO 94/13818Reporter system using sequences for a chimeric protein that detectschanges in protein/cell membrane interactions._Compiled By Chester Bisbee

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