Published April 27 & May 4 (EPO); April 28 (WO)

Agro-Tech Institute Plastic-yielding WO 94/ 9146Wageningen, Neth. microbeAn Alcaligenes eutropus sp. that yields PHB (polyhydroxybutyrate) inmedium, with glycerol as sole carbon source.

Ajinomoto Co. Recombinant EPO 593 792Tokyo L-threonineE. coli strain that produces more than 70 g/l of recombinant L-threonine in low-cost molasses-based medium.

Alabama, Univ. of Retroviral WO 94/ 8454Birmingham, Ala. autoimmunity linkInsertion of a retroviral transposon into apoptosis gene suggeststherapeutic strategies for autoimmune diseases.

Algatech AB Sweetener from alga WO 94/ 9122Uppsala, SwedenAlga-derived glucan lyase produces 1,5-anhydrofructose, for use asoxygen scavenger, anti-oxidant, sugar substitute.

Amoco Corp. Hydridization assays WO 94/ 9159ChicagoInsertion elements, recombinant molecules, amplifiable nucleic acids,for hydridization assays.

Amrad Corp. GM-CSF receptor WO 94/ 9149Kew, Vic., Australia inhibitor Monoclonal antibodies that inhibit human granulocyte-macrophagecolony stimulating factor receptor bioactivity.

Bayer AG AIDS antisense EPO 594 881Leverkusen, Germany antiviralBlocking HIV mRNA to prevent viral replication in hematopoietic cellswith antisense expression system [In German]

Bayer AG Fungal infection EPO 595 167Leverkusen, Germany diagnosis Specific genomic probe to diagnose Candida albicans in a clinicalsetting. [In German]

Boehringer Ingelheim Malic enzyme in EPO 595 241Ingelheim, Germany tumorsInhibiting growth and replication of tumor cells by blocking a specificgene expressing malic enzyme. [In German]

Cangene Corp. Large-scale WO 94/ 9145Mississauga, Ont. transfectionDirect mass transfection of eukaryotic, prokaryotic or plant cells, byagitating fixed cells with DNA plus "particules."

Cetus Oncology Corp. IL-6 inhibitor WO 94/ 9138Emeryville, Calif.Multi-mutated interleukin-6 muteins act as IL-6 receptor antagonists;for treating, e.g., sepsis, multiple myeloma.

Cold Spring Harbor Lab. Cyclin complex WO 94/ 9135Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y.Detection of cyclin complex rearrangement; to diagnose celltransformation, inhibit cell proliferation.

Colorado, Univ. of. Nucleic acid selection WO 94/ 9158Boulder, Colo.Selecting nucleic acids by physical structure; to detect single- ordouble-stranded DNA or RNA; e.g., to regulate gene expression.Columbia University Retroviral producer WO 94/ 9120New York City cellMammalian retroviral producer cell constructed by tranfectingpackaging cell with human multiple drug resistance gene.

Dana-Farber Cancer Inst. CD26 binding WO 94/ 9132BostonHuman CD26 polypeptide or fragment that can disrupt bindingbetween CD26 and CD45.

Dartmouth College Recombinant ACAT WO 94/ 9126Hanover, N. H.Nucleic acid encoding bioactive acyl coenzyme A:cholesterolacyltransferase (ACAT).

Eli Lilly & Co. Dipeptide removal EPO 595 476IndianapolisA dipeptidylaminopeptidase from Dictostelium discodeum slime mold;removes dipeptides from precursor proteins.

Genentech, Inc. TNF receptor mimic WO 94/ 9137S. San FranciscoMonoclonal antibodies against type 2 tumor necrosis factor receptor; tostimulate human T-cell proliferation.

Green Cross Corp. High-activity EPO 595 334Osaka, Japan promoterMutant AOX2 promoter "is highly useful in an expression vectorallowing heterologous protein expression."

Guelph, Univ. of Self-incompatible rape WO 94/ 9139Guelph, Ont.S-locus receptor kinase gene in a self-incompatible rape plant (Brassicanapus) line; to render a plant self-incompatible.

Hayashibara SKK Metastasis inhibition EPO 594 311Okayama, JapanProtein with cancer-metastasis-inhibiting activity, cultured in host cellswith inducer, e.g. BCG and lipopolysaccharides.

Idemitsu Kosan Co. Human procathepsin EPO 594 879TokyoMonoclonal antibody reactive with human procathepsin L, or five of itsconstituent peptides; for diagnosis, therapy.

INSERM (Hlth/Med. Res.) Serotoninergic WO 94/ 9130Paris receptorRecombinant polypeptides, known as 5HT2C, having a serotoninergicreceptor activity.

Inst. Belka Akad. Nauk Cell-free polypeptides EPO 593 757Puschino, RussiaPolypeptides obtained in a cell-free system containing exogenousRNA-polymerase, nucleic acids, ATP, GTP, amino acids.

Kettock Lodge Cytomegalovirus WO 94/ 9136Aberdeen, U.K. monoclonalA humanized monoclonal antibody that binds to and neutralizescytomegalovirus. Its CDRs are non-human; FRs human.

Kikkoman Corp. Mink growth hormone EPO 593 794Chiba, JapanRecombinant mink growth hormone gene; its expression product.

Kitasato Institute Cholesterol control WO 94/ 9147TokyoSubstance FO-1289, produced by culturing Aspergillus sp, inhibitsacylcoenzyme; to prevent, treat cholesterol build-up.La Jolla Cancer Res. Inhibiting cell WO 94/ 9160La Jolla, Calif. replicationConverting a pathologic, hyperproliferative human cell to its non-malignant phenotype by inserting gene encoding adenovirus.

Loma Linda Univ. Solid-tumor antibody WO 94/ 8615Loma Linda, Calif.Monoclonal antibody against a native aminomalonic acid-containingmoiety; for solid-tumor diagnosis, therapy.

Mallinckrodt Medical Restenosis therapy WO 94/ 9128St. LouisAntisense human macrophage chemoattractant protein (MCP-1) toimage, treat, areas of vascular restenosis

Mass. General Hosp. Fruit-ripening WO 94/ 8449BostonDNA encoding an ACC crucifer synthase; ethylene-inducing promoterto express proteins, regulate fruit-ripening.

Mass. General Hosp. Immortal chondrocytes WO 94/ 9118BostonImmortalizing chondrocytes that retain differentiation; for gene therapyof cartilaginous diseases, inhibiting vascularization.

Mass. General Hosp. Heterodimer inhibitors WO 94/ 9133BostonFusion proteins to screen for dimeric protein partners, identifyheterodimer inhibitors, prevent oncogenic activation.

Merck & Co. Endothelin receptor WO 94/ 9116Rahway, N. J.DNA encoding human endothelin receptor subtypes, expressed in CHOcells "are useful pharmacological tools."

Miltenyi Biotec, Inc. Direct cell selection WO 94/ 9117Auburn, Calif.Cells can be labeled with their products by binding to product partner;for selection by presence, absence or amount.

Mogen Intl. Plant transgenes WO 94/ 9143Leiden, Neth.Genetic moderation or restoration of plant phenotypes by twotransgenes; to delete, replace, a specific plant function.

N. Y. Blood Center Blood purification WO 94/ 9121,123New York CityPurification from avian liver of enzyme a-N-acetylgalactosaminidase,which removes A antigens from blood products.

Neurospheres Ltd. Nerve remyelination WO 94/ 9119Calgary, AlbertaRemyelination of neurons by human neural stem cells culturedto grow oligodendrocyte precursors.

NIH (Natl. Insts. Hlth.) Supercoiled DNA WO 94/ 9127Bethesda, Md.Supercoiled "minicircle" DNA containing single promoter, usingintegrative recombination system of lambda phage.

NIH (Natl. Insts. Hlth.) RNA cleavage WO 94/ 9129Bethesda, Md.Chimeric molecule to cleave specific RNA strands combines antisenseoligonucleotide and oligoadenylate molecule.

NIH (Natl. Insts. Hlth.) P. carinii vaccines WO 94/ 9141Bethesda, Md.Genes encoding surface glycoprotein of human Pneumocystiscarinii; to prepare vaccines against this AIDS infection.NIH (Natl. Insts. Hlth.) Prostate-aimed WO 94/ 9150Bethesda, Md. monoclonalsAntibodies to prostate-associated antigen; to aim conjugatedcompounds at cancerous prostate cells; for diagnosis, therapy.

Pasteur Institute Malaria vaccine WO 94/ 9140ParisPlasmodium falciparum antigen induces protective antibodies thatblock erythrocyte phase of malarial parasite; for vaccine.

Pitman-Moore, Inc. Helminth vaccines WO 94/ 9142Mundelein, Ill.Thiol proteases with cathepsin L activity, derived from Fasciolahepatica fluke; for vaccines against helminth parasites.

Pronova Biopolymer Designer alginates WO 94/ 9124Trondheim, NorwayDNA encoding enzymes with mannuronan C-5-epimerase activity; toproduce alginates with definite G/M ratio, block structure.

Regeneron Pharm. Recombinant CNTF WO 94/ 9134Tarrytown, N. Y.Human ciliary neurotrophic factor (CNTF) modified by amino acidsubstitution; for treating nervous-system disorders.

Sagami Chem. Res. Eicosapentaenoic acid EPO 594 868TokyoRecombinant eicosapentaenoic acid, "useful as medicine, pesticide,food, feed and the like."

Scotgen Ltd. Bispecific protein WO 94/ 9131Aberdeen, U. K.A recombinant, humanized, bispecific binding protein, incorporatingspecificities of two antibody binding regions.

Solvay Animal Health. Porcine vaccine EPO 595 436Mendota Hts., Minn.A recombinant vaccine that protects pigs from a virus causingporcine respiratory and reproductive disease.

Sumitomo Metal Inds. Pre-C hepatitis EPO 593 789Osaka, JapanRapidly judging and quantifying, by PCR amplification, pre-Cmutation of hepatitis B virus

Tonen Corp. FK506-binding protein EPO 594 847TokyoMass-producing human FK506-binding protein withpeptidylprolylisomerase activity; to screen immunosuppressants.

Toray Industries MHC antigen WO 94/ 9148TokyoProducing a major histocompatibility antigen class II protein, as foundon antigen-presenting cells; superantigen detection.

Yeda R&D Co. Essence of garlic WO 94/ 8614Rehovot, IsraelRecombinant, bioactive garlic allinase; food products, pharmaceuticalcompositions.

Zeneca Ltd. Improved plant starch WO 94/ 9144LondonTransgenic cereal plants with improved ability to synthesize structure-altered starch at extreme temperatures.

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